Saturday, June 22, 2013

Show & Tell June 22, 2013

Carol Planck - back from Michigan, g'mom duty, and came back with a cold and asthma kicking up - shared crocheted Mr. & Mrs. Claus and specially for hubby - crocheted Snowman - Carol is happy to have a jump on Christmas already this year with ready made projects done - we say - get well Carol, pretty please!!

Thanks to Sue Campbell's terrific skills, she created a pattern and samples for us to use.  There is NO comparison between the vest Claire Bridge Unit gave us to work with and the absolutely perfect new improved vest Sue has worked up.  In her previous life, Sue was a model for Simplicity Patterns and a Tech Writer.  Both skills shout loud and clear in her mock-up pattern and sample vests made.  Thank you so much for your work, Sue.  You are very humble and don't like a lot of "to-do" over this stuff, but please know that you and Jane are so terrific and supportive, and our club appreciates you very, very much!!!   A couple ladies took home fabric and patterns yesterday and will be returning those, and I'll have additional fabric and patterns for other ladies to start using on Sat. and take home to complete.  It's another one of the terrific selfless giving you all do so well!!

 Pat O'Connor - Map of the USA quilt started for granddaughter - this is #2 of these for Pat, and we've been privileged to see both!  And Pat shared pictures of quilt completed and given to her hairdresser who is  undergoing treatment now for stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to many other parts.  Miracles happen all the time, and I hope that Pat's timely quilt brings comfort and miracles for this lady.  Pat very nice of you, too!!    (PS, now, please, can we stop with the moving nonsense talk??)

Suzanne Brown - It's becoming a weekly WOW event with this all -around crafting queen bee - Zen Doodling is very near and dear to her and she made a faux zendoodled wallhanging.  It's awesome project that we'll need to work into our fun very soon - I'm thinking September when some of our ladies start returning from northern areas.  It's done using freezer paper, fabrics, zigzag stitch, and woolaaaalaaa piece of artwork is born.  Now, I've made that sound pretty easy, and Suzanne described her 1st project as easy too.   It's just a matter of jumping right in, no sticking your toesies in to feel the water temp, just jump right in - it's fun, too!  Suzanne will tell you!!  And she's a fun lady!!!

Lois Rose - Mondo Bag - beautifully done in just 2 fabrics - very unique blue and yellow lovely and of course, photo album she started - Yeah!

Cheryl Minieri showed 3 more fidget quilts that she made this week.  She has been going like wildfire on this project, turning out 2-3 of these every week.  Go Cheryl!

Carol Riggs - talk about funny - our resident one-line comic - yes Carol the little voice you hear from the back that comes up with the little zingers every now and then (emphasis on word every) - shared a purse she made, it's beautiful, very well constructed with a good quality pattern and material, hers has wine motif and embellished with a cork, or course, and beautiful embroidered motif of wine and grapes.  Pat and her friend are making these purses - made to order - any motif, embroidery, and guaranteed to be adorned with a one-liner embellishment!  See Carol for details!

Eileen DiSanto - shared and donated an absolutely cutie Fidget Quilt - This one is petite - just like Eileen - and cutie adorned with many little stuffs and colors.  It gets my vote for #1 Cutie!!  It's funny, too - Eileen pointed to one of the embellishments she picked up off table last week.  She> said it's fun to touch made from a bunch of threads just sewn together.  OK> - ladies, this is why I keep saying, "don't throw away your thread trash -> just save it up and in no time you've got a little bundle that can be sewn

Edie Cave - made and donated 3 fidget quilts this week - 1, 2, 3 each special, each one different, each one a gift of love.  Edie, we love it that you are back with us so soon, but we want you to please continue to rest, get stronger, and get well enough to have necessary medical procedures ahead.

Linda McIntyre - back into dollmaking fun - presented little miss "Lindaquilty" complete holding 3 beautiful quilts in her arms.  She's adorable and rightly named, too!!  

And Linda shared and donated her first fidget quilt - it's super one made from a quilt I made and had hanging in my kitchen up in Maryland at one time.  I love what you did with it, Linda - made for comforting hands now.

Joy Stanton - shared and donated what she hopes will be a comforting fidget quilt, but honestly we all are wondering what she's thinking.  Got to check the picture in the book.  It's fantastically made, but honestly the absolute craziest, wildest, brightest, smashing fabric you can imagine.  In fact, it's so crazy, it's got to be calming because it could not get any crazier.   (Remember my words... I said each one is very special and different - Ode to Joy took that to "a whole new level")

Eileen Navikas - shared another quilt beautifully crafted in Eileen's special way of using bits and fabrics together.  Not able to get to her "stash" due to painters in the house, Eileen had to "make due" with just a group of fabrics she had and picked up border fabric from FFAC's stash.  Like I said, Eileen sort of takes pieces with no connection, places, sews, and all of a sudden are connected perfectly.  It's always fun to listen to Eileen's (artistic process) descriptions, too. 

Kathy Jones - shared and donated a fidget quilt she named Pink Elephant.  Nothing crazy here, just beautifully pieced, pretty pink fabrics, with a shiny, silky pink elephant center applique.  And then Kathy showed us a huge, bed-size antique quilt, probably from 1920's - 1930's judging by fabrics - star design block - all hand pieced, all, every single piece by hand cut and sewn.  Kathy is hoping that anyone who has knowledge/experience working with antique pieces/quilts/fabrics will give her information on how to handle these wonderful pieces of history.  This is just the finished top that was never completed with batting, backing and binding.  Kathy will welcome any comments and suggestions at all.  She is hoping to help her friend find out how to restore the quilt.

Joan Galantra - Joan stole the show totally!!  She first shared a 58-carat necklace made for a friend's birthday she was attending birthday party after FFAC.  Yes, she crafted her friend a necklace to wear out of 58 baby carrots sewn together.  Is that not a hoot!?!  Totally!   Next, she shared a Fabric Palm picture crafted using itty bitty little teeny pieces of fabric to form a collage using a picture as her pattern.  It's lovely artwork and yes, Joan's an artist and very skilled.  See Snippets below.   Then to top that - Joan showed us her beautifully painted sandals - gorgeous - painted using acrylic metallic paint and a pair of tennis shoes painted using just acrylic paint.  What started out a pair of plain white tennis shoes became works of art complete with toes showing and pretty polished red toenails.  Joan said she used her own toes as "models" for the shoes.  Sort of takes "don't step on my toes" to a whole other realm of existence.  Definitely, we are going to have a shoe painting week upcoming in our near future one Saturday afternoon.


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