Saturday, June 29, 2013

Show & Tell June 29, 2013

Edie Cave - Fidget quilts - 3 - Wow, Edie can sure "crank" out these cuties!!!  One even had a spot made with wash scrunchies - very cool.  Not having used fusibles before, Edie forgot to take paper backing (release paper) off fused fabric before attaching to quilt.  Congratulations Edie, you have now joined a long, long list of sewers who have all made this error.   It is an elite group and I'm proud to say that my name is on the list a couple times or more!

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 Linda McIntyre - Eating Vest (man's)  Thank you for kicking off this week's show n tell with a wonderful version of this vest pattern, adorned with faux pocket flaps.

Jane Swafford - Sister Jane turned in Protective Eating Vests 5 in all (and all man's) she and her sister Sue Campbell made!!

Evelyn - Welcome to your first meeting of our club.  You impressed us all with your ingenuity to make the cover for cushion you showed us.  Many of us use the same type cushion for sitting to each our spines, and you have made it into a "tote" to carry.

Helen Foxx - Mom shared a fabric bead bracelet given to her by a friend.  She turned around and got how to make these from her friend, and Helen made up 2 lovely versions!  That deserves a big WOWee, too!! 

 Eileen Navikas - shared and donated a gorgeous Fidget art piece with huge, bold, leopard walking behind 2 trees!  WOWee!

Eileen DiSanto - Fidget Quilt made including with button strung using dental floss!   It's another cutie of comfort!!

 Lois Rose - Showed the updated Show n Tell Scrapbook!   And shared two Fidgets - one made using a couple of her hubby's ties - this is an absolutely perfect idea for making the man's version. 

She also handed in 3 dinner vests for Claire Bridge, done with a bright strawberry fabric.


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