Saturday, January 11, 2014

Show & Tell January 11, 2014

  Eileen Navikas ( I kid EN as Big Eileen - not big round - big because taller and big on creativity and sewing crafting abilities!!) Shared another truly great Fidget Quilt with the cutest Yorkie styled after her very own beloved pet Lola the Yorkie - Whatever Lola wants... Eileen's FQ had a lemon tree that came about out of necessity to cover up some fabric boo-boos.  Editor's note: I love boo-boos because I see them as positive opportunity for embellish.  And that's just what Eileen did and when you get a chance, check out the picture in scrapbook.  Eileen was sitting at last table in room, and from my view from front of room, I could see the adorable face and eyes she made on the Yorkie!  So cute!
  Edie Cave - still says she "can't sew" but now no one falling for that anymore!  She put faces on pineapples on a very creative fidget quilt!  Edie gave us update on Carol Planck's battle with pneumonia and oxygen levels.  Let's all keep Carol in our prayers that she'll get over this stronger and sooner!!
 Pat Pipa came in with 2 more fidget quilts this week and a beautiful wall hanging.

  Joyce Snyder - shared the 60 bags from placemats she has made ready to use at Homewood and Mission Oaks crafting visits with the assisted living.  Joyce - big WOW!  Thank you. 
  Sandy P - shared two-sided reversible tablecloth created using the farm moo cows fabrics - it's a fun , pretty table toper for sure!  Sandy came by to drop off Fidget Quilt materials.  Thank, Sandy

Janey Weston - shared pot holders - good way to jump back into sewing!

Eileen DiSanto (I kid this Eileen as Little one Eileen because she's one of the few people I can tower over and maybe I should go with Petite Eileen and Tall Eileen!!)  - she's into pillowcases mass production - I lost count how many she had back there and held up to show - Wow factor alert!

Lois Rose - did take the oohs-aahs award for the day - besides the stack! of doggie beds she did during the week, Lois shared a pattern and prototype of a fabric bread basket that is truly one you've never seen before, and you'll want one for yourself.  Lois, get good sleep one Friday night, and come prepared to demo these bowls.  Maybe I can twist her arm for Feb. 1 Demo Day Saturday!  We'll keep you posted on that. 
Bonnie Meyer - this lady's smile is never-ending!  Bonnie made Plarn crochet bags (plastic yarn=plarn) - not so easy on the wrists but they are nice!  Then she shared an Amazing (Did you see Capital A? Very appropriate) Quilt of hexagons she hand pieced and hand quilted.  She laughed that it took her 28 years to finish, but ladies it is a quilt that deserved 28 years to make.   I'm actually speechless (and that takes some doing) because words are short to tell you this quilt's story.  Bonnie - you made a treasure for sure!

 Patti Cooke - Quiet - Sweet as can be Patty - we really left her standing for a minute in the wings, and no worries, Patty happily showed us then her cute as can be name tag baby doll version of dolls we made back while ago.  We still have a couple kits left to sell - they make awesome "name tags".

Helen Lawrie was not able to stay, but we showed off the doggie bed she made this week and Fidget Quilt - both in Helen''s lovingly created way.


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