Saturday, November 9, 2013

Show & Tell November 9, 2013

 During the week before our regular meeting, Mickie ran a fidget quilt workshop.  These are some of the products of that effort.

Suzanne Brown joined the workshop to help teach newbees and make a few of her own.

On to our Saturday Show & Tell---

Becky Chianese - 3 Fidget Quilts - terrific use of shirt cuffs (button and buttonholes built in), jeans pockets (with applique fun stuff peaking out) to add to fun themes of each.

 Carol Riggs - 2 Sprial tablerunners - one black/white/red and one Christmas.  These are made by sewing strip sets together and then using a wedge shape to sub-cut the strips in varying widths.  There is a special wedge ruler available to make rotary cutter easier, but same can be accomplished with freezer paper or cardboard templates.

 Denise Hildebrand - 2 Fidget Quilts - one very pink lady-like completed from clinic and one very USA! patriot-like that Denise did all on her own in red-white-and-blue including a sock!!  Ladies, you had to be there to both see Denise's shy face and hear her adorable laugh as she walked her first two creations down to the display table.  I'm telling you the room chuckled with her.

 Pat Pipa - 6 Fidget Quilts - this lady tirelessly works for others because I know that she is active with other groups like ours.  Pat now holds the honor of "most Fidget Quilts turned in one one day"!  Awesome, Pat!! 

She also showed a lovely Christmas potholder set.

Donna Rissman - shared her completed Sunflower wallhanging from our project last fall.  It was well worth the wait to see Donna's gorgeous one.

 Eileen DiSanto - this is the little E - shared and donated one finished no-sew fleece blanket for forrest children that will be turned into Busy Hands, 1 pillowcase, 1 Fidget Quilt  and a spiral table runner.  Little E sure spreads her time out nicely!!!

Joy Stanton - 1 Fidget Quilt - Ode to Joy never disappoints - it's a cutie one!!

 Diane Clemmons - 5 Fidget Quilts - incredible use of odds and ends, bits and pieces!!  Diane put the items together during our clinic days, picked up pre-made "quilts", and went home and had a lot of fun!! 

Lois Rose - Puffy Christmas Tree (please - we want the pattern!!) It's so cute and even was decorated!  Wine Bag, Microwave Bowls, and 2 Fidget Quilts.  You had to watch the procession of shared items come out of Lois' Mondo Bag she had setting on the floor.  Remember watching a magician keep pulling amazing things out of his "magic hat"... this was like Lois' version only in a Magic Mondo!! 

 Cheryl Minieri - 2 and 1/2 Fidget Quilts - fashioned by Cheryl in her terrific fun ways.  It's very fun to listen as she describes her creative process and how she pulls the comfort quilts together.  Really fun!

 Pat O'Connor - Yea here for couple weeks, then gone for Turkey Day, but back then after that!!  Pat started before going to NY and diligently returned a completed doggie bed.  Helen Lawrie is traveling so thankfully! Pat saved the day - it just would not be a complete meeting week without at least one Doggie Bed turned in.   And as always, we thank Donna Pachy for delivering the completed one to her neighbor who volunteers at the Lake and Sumter Counties No-Kill Shelter. 

 After show and tell, Mickie shared a little of her vast knowledge on how to add interest to sewing projects.


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