Thursday, May 7, 2015

Weekly Update - May 2, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies:

Finally setting at computer this week to send out our club's weekly email to share the fun meeting last Saturday.  Big News - Audrey Philips is here!!  Yes, our fun club butterfly is now becoming a full-time resident over here in The Villages.  It was absolutely terrific to see Audrey, yes pretty hat on!, come into the room last Saturday with her two beautiful and very nice daughters, Lynn and Vicky!! The two energetic girls immediately got to work helping in any way they could (honestly! we all appreciate you two girls!!) and spent the entire time sorting fabrics and cutting fabrics for doggie beds and kitty cat hammocks - all three hours +.  Audrey is renting (up north Calumet, I think) but they are looking to purchase within 6 months.  Audrey  brings tons of inspiration and experience to our group and just is fabulous social sewing crafter to know and work with.  But, in prep of move over to The Villages, Audrey did over-extend herself and is settling in over here already in doctor's care.  Let's all please pray for Audrey's speedy return to full strength health.  It may be just tweaking meds needed or getting her heart to settle down after a lot of hard work moving... whatever is needed, get well Audrey and please remember... It's always a beautiful day in The Villages!! 

Show & Tell:

Kathy Jones - Fractured Art - two pieces done! One is butterflies wallhanging and the other is adorable cupcakes - might be finished as a pillow.  As usual, Kathy tries out a technique or pattern in different ways and used two different sizes for the strips. 


Lu Karatzas - kitty hammocks - TEN!  Excellent sharing of your talents and time and extremely wonderful caring for the felines who will enjoy them.

(She also showed a sample of the travel case she plans in demo while Micki is away.) ed.

Jane Swafford - placemats - the wedge pattern used - very nicely made

Lois Rose - another scrap bag, another embroidered project-this one a soft book, another quilt nicely quilted using in-the-hoop embroidery quilting, stitch in the ditch and a whole bunch of other options... key word here - another used 3 times because honestly, most of us can't figure out when this gal sleeps, though she says she sleeps every night 10 pm to about 6 am, we can only imagine she's wired her machines so that she hits go or start sequence and they work along thru the night for her.  No joking ha ha!!

Marty Rhyne - wow'd us with another one of her "Tell" sharing - sorry ladies, I was unprepared, did not start writing from the beginning of her talk, realized half way thru - oh darn, I should have been writing all this down - yes, it was like that - bedding stuff, kitchen stuff, fun stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff.  Marty's not afraid to give stuff a try!!  FYI, Marty's pilot son is due to return from Middle East very soon - keep praying for her military son and all our military here, there and everywhere - they are incredibly awesome!

Ellen Hein - dog beds - finished and stuffed and some forms sewn ready to stuff - thank you so much for keeping the "assembly line" going.

Eileen DiSanto - shared one of the 18 sets of "Christmas Tree Napkins" she's in process of making.  These are adorable to make, easy, make just beautiful gifts for any and everyone.  I've attached 3 pdf's for you and there are you tube videos to watch, especially if you have problems understanding the "folding" to make the "tree" from your circle or 1/2 circle depending on what construction process you choose to use.

Thanks, Eileen, for sharing a Christmas inspiration because that sure is where were going for June and July - Sewing Christmas in June/July - quick gifts and fun ideas to make ahead for the holidays.  The club has tried and true ideas we've gathered over the last 5 (almost 6) years, but we can always use more - whether you are here in town or away at your other homes, please don't hesitate to send us your suggestions, ideas, what's fun for you.  It's the "spice of life" for this club's fun and success... that whether it is a simple, easy or harder more advanced item, always we love the inspiration - it's amazing to then hear and see the roomful of ladies run with the sewing crafting ideas to do this, or try that and make it "our own" piece.

We are in the midst of historic times and ISIS is here on American soil, the homeland is at risk.  It is more and more important every day that we the people elect leaders of character to send to our state capitols and our nation's capitol.  Don't wait until election day next November 2016 to get involved and decide which lever to pull and definitely not the automatic D or R, this one is too important and we really need to do it right and not let the main stream media make up our minds for us.  We have too many resources available to us that we can do our own investigation and know in our hearts the right way to vote.  It's not too early to be watching this carefully.  Pray for our military strength and perseverance and our country to remain strong with all our states rights and individual freedoms.

Take care, be good and God bless,

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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