Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekly Update - April 4, 2015

April 4th meeting - well Lu Karatzas sums it up best... "we have no track" - of course, that was her one-liner response when I (out loud) commented to myself almost "gee, I'm getting off-track (again).  Ha Ha but as always, ladies I just say that you all are so creative and make our sewing crafting time together so much fun, that it is just natural to stop and take in all the special moments that happen, especially during Show & Tell.  I just can't do that time on a rigid path, and seriously I come each week with that goal.  It's you all to blame... and here is why:

Lu Karatzas - quilt, pillowcase, Easter eggs-check out that attachment!

Sue Kapellen (newbie her 2nd week) - carrots

Ruth Campbell - WOW'd us with the huge assortment of pillowcases, small quilts and blankets - I honestly lost count because it was a lot of them!!!

Kathy Jones - carrots

JoAnn Colin - potholders and pillowcases - FYI - mention was made of how awesome "faux chenille" potholders are - another reason to learn the technique.

Nancy Cartlidge - pillowcases


Eileen Hein - cat hammocks and fidget quilts - OMG please check out these fidget quilts on the blog - talk about original creativity - and Eileen is sending about 10 or more Fidgets to facility out of state her mother knows of with a need - see, that's what we are talking about!!

Bonnie Meyer - check the picture out that will not due it justice - called "fidget blanket/lap robe" - this is a fidget quilt variation done by crocheting threats together, leaving many, many tails, adding in scraps of fabrics for tails, etc. - it's artwork, ladies, with a purpose - to ease and soothe fidgety hands.  Bonnie, you are a sewing crafter hero in my mind.


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