Saturday, July 6, 2013

Show & Tell July 6, 2013

Mickie started the meeting off with a few bits of craft news.

The one and only Sandy Pawlowski got us started with show n tell sharing a lov-er-ly quilt made for her church's charity work.    FYI, Sandy loves using fabrics with mo-cows, and recently has expanded her barn-yard creations to include some of the other usual suspects found around a barn, and including the Barn, too!  Some of these will be a pure Hoot! to see I'm sure (giggle-giggle)

 Cheryl Minieri - take a guess - yippers - Fidget Quilts - 3 more cuties this week!

Linda McIntyre - 2 eating vests for Claire Bridge - manly versions.

 Winnie DePastino-quietly shared her zigzag tablerunner - it's perfectly made.

Jill Smithson - shared a great Patriotic Wallhanging and pretty pinafore tote made for her granddaughter

 Delaine Koonce shared 3 eating vests (tk u), her pretty name tag made, and her homework piecing.

Evelyn (oops?) made an eating vest - very thank you.  Your 2nd week with us and you've jumped right in to our club's charity work.  She made a pretty red-white-blue patriotic vest

 Lois Rose - 3 Fidgets - one patriotic with man's tie, and 4 vests. Great+Great=Awesome Greater (I guess, because I'm at a loss for words to say thank you)

Donna Rissman - Yea! pillowcases for Pillowcase For Smiles to send for children undergoing cancer treatments.  Donna also shared a quilt made for a friend designed using tee shirts and emblems special to the man and it is very nicely done!  Then, she shared 2 kitty pincushions and she's giving us the "easy" pattern too - yea!

 Eileen DiSanto - bravely came with Pat O'Connor - More Yea!  I tease Eileen & Pat about being "twins" and they look at me like I've grown another head or something.  If they were twins, they'd be like Arnold Swarz... and the little guy who did the movie 30+ years ago "Twins".  Eileen did double charity duty this week making a fidget quilt and
                                                      pillowcase - dbl tk u!!

 Kathryn Jeter - looking very healthy and we're all so glad  you are back!!  shared a very useful and easy to make wheel cover.  She's making a pattern for us to have too.  This is very timely with the hotter days of summer here in FL!  It's perfect to keep our steering wheels easier to touch getting back in our cars.

Edie Cave - doing better, too, but still needs to get stronger!   Made 2 very pretty pillowcases (her first ones ever!).  I have a funny story that I'll end with.

Norma Swartz - first visit - this lady is short in stature but she's a power-pack energizer bunny on projects - shared a beautiful wallhanging quilt created using machine embroidery designs set I window pane blocks, sashing and border.  The designs are called "Wildflowers" and perfectly placed in the "windows". 

We want to thank Tom Pawlowski for his visit and demo talk about Quilling.  Tom demonstrated beginner quilling and shared some of his very detailed, advanced projects.  This is another craft that can be used in conjunction with fabric projects, scrapbooking and cardmaking.  Attached is the two-page basic instructions hand-out Tom provided.  (Yeah! I'm back in the scanning business again!!)  Tom plans to begin a Quilling Club for all levels which will meet at the Pawlowski's house.  Anyone interested in information about this club, please email me back or speak directly to Sandy Pawlowski at one of Fabric Fun meetings.

tools of the craft.


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