Saturday, January 25, 2014

Show & Tell January 25, 2014

 Eileen (Tall) Navikas - wonderfully made Fidget Quilt with an awesome Crazy Patchwork backing.  And yes, it was fun to listen to Eileen's description of the artistry she put into this beauty.

 Becky Chianese - shared first Organza Art of the day.  Beautiful and Becky even managed to "scorch" the edges in the artsy way with her grill starter.

 Lu Karatza - shared her Organza Art that she made entirely by hand and she fancied up her edges with paint.  Very pretty!

 Trudy Muramoto - One of new ladies this week, who says she is not Japanese, and was one of Helen Lawrie's sweatshop table recruits - shared a braiding technique that is Japanese!   Ladies, I don't make this stuff up!!  Trudy shared "Kumihimo" that uses a KumiLoom Braiding Disk and 8 threads with beading.  It is really unique and pretty and could have many uses, even with the organza art we've been doing.  Trudy will be doing a demonstration of this technique on Sat., Feb. 8th for us.  Can't wait.

 Judy Johnston - shared an Organza Art she made in a class a few years ago.  The flamingo design looked pretty familiar to me.  When I got up today, I did a search, and un-earthed a pillow top I made several years back and yes, the same design - Judy, you and I were in the same class!!  What a hoot!  And now, Judy is in my Jump Start Sampler Quilt class at Sharkys.  I tell you this is all kinds of fun living here in The Villages.    Guess now I'll have to bring in my flamingo to show n tell - just never liked the finished pillow top all much - should have left it as a wall hanging.   She also brought a lovely fidget quit.

 Jane Swafford - never ceases to bring us a surprise every so often - For her great neice, Jane crafted up our club's NameArt and made "Clara" in pretty bright fabric lettering.  Good job Jane!!

Kathy Jones - shared a beautiful lap-size prayer quilt she made for her Aunt who is a cancer survivor.  And Kathy shared the two Organza Art wall hangings she is fashioning to depict the "northern lights".  Pretty!!

 Pat Pipa - Made a Fidget Quilt with a pretty row of flowers "blowin in the wind".  And Pat finished the baby quilt with the big blocks (that came from my MD days).  Great!! to see them finally used and finished into something.

 Donna Pachy - Finished February Art Hanging for her parents - early!  This is last year's UFO work and so far for 2014, Donna is finishing ahead of schedule each month - Waa Hoo!!  Feb. even got "bling!"  Can't wait for March!

 Lois Rose - 4 more Fidget Quilts delivered to Ocala this week.  And Lois gave me 4 more FQs requested by Mission Oaks to deliver this week.  It's just all good, ladies, the feedback we continue to get about these useful comforts.  Lois also shared 2 Organza Arts!!   Lois continues to excel leaps & bounds!!

  Helen Lawrie - besides the "stunning" doggie bed, Helen loves making Fidget Quilts and shared a gorgeous "bed of roses" one.  Her work is beautiful and it is so obvious that each stitch is made with love and care. 


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