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Weekly Update - May 9, 2015

Hi Gorgeous Gang of Women, greetings on the eve of our departure for our younger son's wedding.  Our USN Lt Commander son Cory and his fiancé Liz will be married on Sunday at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  Yes, the groom and his groomsmen will all be in their dress whites, including our older son, Scott who is a LT Commander in the USCG.  Our two grandsons Anthony and Reed will be ushers and they are so excited to be putting on their new suits and strut their stuff.   Our daughter-in-law Rachel who is a LT Commander in the USCG will be wearing several hats and handling all the loose ends behind the scenes.  Mac and I have our duds ready, rehearsal dinner all set including speech, so on Sunday, May 17th we plan to relax and take in as much enjoyment as possible.  Put all the stress, ups and downs, and all around in a box and just enjoy this moment in time with our sons and all they've added to our lives with their spouse choices and grandsons.  God is good and we love Him.

I did have a small drama this week... well it started last week after a couple awful tests - the really yucky ones - you know the ones - couple days later I didn't feel better but started feeling worse... then on the weekend, I kind of knew something up, didn't act on my hunch Monday, but after bad night, for sure Tues. (today) morning called to get appointment because I was sure diagnosis of UTI... that got confirmed and with prescription of Cipro in hand... hopefully in couple days this drama will be over.  Whew!  I almost didn't call this morning, but thankfully wasn't that dumb (this time!) because sure enough in couple days somewhere between here and VA and MD, I'd be hunting up an urgent care somewhere.  Good grief, hey! 

But my health wooes are minor compared to a couple of our members and yes, I'm going to name names because I want you to put these ladies in your thoughts and prayers and keep them there.   These two are sweethearts, near and dear, and deserve just the best wishes possible.  So Lois Rose and Audrey Philips, please know that we are going to keep you in prayer for strength and healing until each of you tell us that all is well and all is good again.  Both these ladies have spirits and faith "that can move mountains", and I praise them for all their goodness.

Next two weeks are all set for demos that will be fun - this Saturday is Lois Rose  (Ed. note: you don't need to bring anything except your sewing machines or the willingness to do a bit of hand stitching this weekend.  I will have all necessary supplies for you.) and following week will be Lu Karatzas - so yes, the club is in good hands.  Thanks in advance ladies for stepping up again!!  You are great!!   I know that your sweet personalities alone will make for fun meetings, but I'm sure you'll dazzle everyone with your sewing crafting skills as well.

Show & Tell:  Just like with this weekly update and it's lengthy "opening statement", last week's meeting sort of was "off track" (and as Lu likes to say, "no track") because we started right in with the "Frilly Scarf" demo and making fun.  Thanks to Nancy Cartlidge for getting there really early, helping me sort and put stuff in order, and then sewing up the demo scarf.  And, while doing all that, Nancy even greeted a couple ladies who came in the room to see what we were doing and look at the assortment of fidget quilts that we had out on one of the side wall tables.  One of the ladies picked out on of the fidgets for her mother and also took a few additional ones along to give to the facility in Indiana for the memory care unit where her mother is located.  Pretty nice, Nancy!!  Before meeting got started, another couple came by to pick up fidget quilts for the lady's sister in a memory care unit and they also took along a small assortment of fidget quilts for the memory care facility.  Ladies, you and your caring talents were praised to the hilt by these people picking up fidgets.  It's amazing how valued this charity work is to the recipients - for us the fun is creating and making and receivers consider them gifts of love.  Sew.... after all that prep and before meeting stuff, then demo and making scarves, we finally got to show and tell time!

Mary Ann Emrich - some great pillows and kitty hammocks! - as always - thank you & purr on


Lu Karatzas - Quilts - full and twin - terrific backing choices & labels!!

Lu Karatzas (again) - finished frilly scarf hat embellishment - her village is holding monthly dinner with theme "derby at the race" and Lu made a special hat to wear by placing the frilly scarf beautifully around the brim - very derby vogue!

 (Ed: This label says "PURPLE is the color of CHANGE The EARTH TONES keep you GROUNDED  May this quilt bring you comfort")

Kathy Jones - (1) wine bag - made from sleeve "scrap" leftover from the shirt conversion aprons - perfect for mens gifts - add a necktie/bowtie, (2) a 2nd shirt sleeve made into a gift bag, and (3) hat - nicely made but Kathy warns that hats can be challenges (hint here... one of the reasons you've never seen one demo'd by me during Fabric Fun's past 5 years!!!!!).

 Ellen Hein - baby quilt donation - nicely done!!  Ellen used one of my stash of pieced quilt tops to add batting and backing and quilt it up.  I love this... thank you... and any ladies who want some practice... I did mention a "stash" of pieced tops - ready, willing and able to be handled!!

Ellen also showed off the frilly scarfs she made at the beginning of the meeting.

Carol Riggs - cat hammocks - yea! - thanks!! - purr purr on... oh, and LMOL herself - Little Miss One-Liner had a good one this week zinging in with "we're in the army now" because the cat hammocks were kamo fleece - okay, you had to be there to get the humor in it - but good!!
Patty Cooke - a finished frilly scarf, light & airy - most feminine looking one made.   
Nancy Cartlidge - finished a frilly scarf - actually I think 2!!
Kathy Nichols - made two frilly scarves - her granddaughters are coming and she made one for each - Merin and Ella

Ladies, please remember that we are willing to send/mail fidget quilts to facilities around the country, so when you are away or back "home" and see a need, please don't hesitate to contact me or Lois Rose.  We're happy to put together an assortment, pack a flat rate box, and send it off. 
(Ed. Note:  I received a repeat request for 10 fidgets for the Citrus Rehab in Hernando and delivered them on Tuesday.  Carol McCarthy, head of the Alzheimer's  Family Support Organization for the tri-county area also requested some more fidget quilts to bring to the meetings with her and I gave her 6 more. I am now out of patriotic/military quilts again and very low on masculine ones, so if anyone who wants to make more like this, they would be greatly appreciated.)

On our shelves, we have a supply of sewn up empty doggie beds ready to take home to stuff and bring back, or ready to stuff right there during meetings.  And there is a supply of precut kitty hammocks ready to be sewn with straps in corners.  Easy peasy!!  Cats and Dogs and Dogs and Cats in Marion and Sumter Counties shelters are happy cuddlers!!  (Ed.: I know, lots of editors notes this week, but want to fill you in.  I delivered 10 doggie beds and 16 cat hammocks, a bag of towels, and some newspapers to the Marion County Animal Shelter today (Wednesday).  As usual, they were very happy to receive them.)

For all the men and women who are active duty police and fire personnel, God bless you.  When you are able, please offer a kind word and thank you for their service in our communities.  They are now the front line on fronts from internal and external forces.  We need to cherish them and bring respect back to service.  Remember how we all felt after 9/11/2001... it is not good to watch what is currently going on... these professions need our support and thanks.  God bless America, Amen.

God bless our troops here and everywhere, too.

As always, I'm proud to be this club's leader and appreciate the time and talent you all share in our sewing crafting fun, God bless,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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