Saturday, July 13, 2013

Show & Tell July 13, 2013

Club Sunshine Lady & all around sweetheart BJ Herter bought in her block carrier made using "mailing tube" to show.  BJ's is very pretty outside fabric (flowers of course!) and flannel inside which keeps fabric pieces very nicely in order when rolled/unrolled.  These are so useful for crafters, perfect for the Foot Book Sample Blocks!  BJ also shared her pretty zigzag runner completed using an assortment of aqua/teal 5 inch squares, very FL looking!

Karen Cowie - a brave new embroiderer upcycled some guest bath towels by adding pretty stitched out designs to each.  Karen's stitch outs are all terrific, no puckers, and colorful.  Karen's comment resonates with most of us crafters and that is we "always learn best from our mistakes",   So true in sewing and life.

Linda McIntyre - made another manly eating vest and shared a very pretty strip pieced purse.  Linda doesn't waste any of her energy for sure.

Evelyn Emmons - made another vest this week, too.  Evelyn & Linda are both lined up to come to Mission Oaks on Wed.  This was Evelyn's 3rd meeting!
BTW - Linda McIntyre bought her friend Evelyn Emmons to FF and Evelyn turned one good turn into another and bought Sandy Cowden!

Eileen DiSanto - made and turned in another eating vest.   Eileen commented that the vest is not comfortable around the back of collar.  A couple other members agreed with her.  I put one of vests on and wore it for about an hour and did not think it uncomfortable (I have no neck and usually don't wear/life turtle neck collars).  So we'll be checking with Homewood to see if an alteration is needed for the collar/back of neck vest shaping.  These comments/observations are always great feedback and so helpful to our crafting/sewing process and discussion.  Thank you Eileen for sharing this!
Sandy Cowden - shared an "apron" - this was no just any apron.  Sandy has not sewn in 35 years!!  Sew... what was that comment about learning from mistakes... Sandy started out to make one of the eating vests, somehow made a wrong turn with the sewing machine, but that's okay because she turned her "error" into a terrific apron for her husband to wear when grilling/cooking!!

Morals to our show n tell so far 1 learn from mistakes and 2 mistakes are great opportunities too!!  
Lois Rose - made a Fidget Quilt.  She's photographing, organizing, and making this fun, fun, fun!!!  More Kudos, Lois!  You're doing excellent job!

 Kathryn Jeter showed her quilt top.
Ellen Noon - Shared and donated a fidget quilt very nicely made, an eating vest, her sample squares and all kept nicely and bought to meeting in her newly made block carrier!!  That's a hoot!!

Eileen Navikas - out dear member who got the Fidget Quilt Parade started with her first two samples!!  shared and donated two items, a Fidget Quilt and a quilt made to give Infants & Toddler Pantry in Lady Lake.  Eileen always provides a description of her planning and construction process.  This quilt is very pretty and started because of some larger fabric squares in our club's stash very colorful that caught Eileen's artful eye.  She squared them up, sashed and bordered these colorful blocks in leftover black & white fabric pieces and added solid red cornerstone blocks.  Very smashing combination!!   Taking just the right straps, using her sewing machine, some flea market found batting, a sheet backing, and a wonderful quilt is completed!  Eileen makes it real and simple.  I keep telling you ladies, if you want to learn something to be sure to sit near Eileen when you get a chance!!

Carol Riggs - First shared a couple new fashioned purse creations that are available for purchase.  Then Carol shared her Mega Jump Start Sampler quilt completed and ready to give her friend.   Carol's quilt really needs to be called Super Mega, or Mega on Steroids, or Mega Infinity or something extra.  It's a beautifully made quilt but Carol almost didn't know when to stop making blocks because she was having so much fun.  Jump Start Sampler is a 12-beginner block throw-size quilt.  Carol wanted to make a queen-size one and asked me if I would make additional blocks and arrange to make it bigger.  I did that and created 18 additional blocks, making the quilt total of 30 blocks, with sashings and 3 borders and sized for queen size bed.  Energizer-Bunny-Carol created all 30 blocks 3 times!!  Yes, you are reading correctly, this quilt has 90 blocks and
Carol quilted it all by herself!  I'm telling you that it is the biggest quilt you'll ever see, hands down, and good luck finding a box to wrap it in, Carol!!  Beautiful work!!  Sew Sew Nice!!!

Lodema N. Osborne - shared her baby quilt made while homebound with her infection.  Lodema draws out her hand embroidery designs on paper and then transfers to fabric to then hand embroider stitch out.  This is a pretty in pink quilt with beautifully hand embroidered blocks of dear motifs and blocks with hearts in between.  It was lots of fun to help Lodema lay out her top and add batting and backing and pin baste.  Lodema was so happy to have Fabric Fun Ladies help her and happily rolled her basted quilt up to take home and quilt this week.


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