Saturday, February 8, 2014

Show & Tell February 8, 2014

Lu Karatzas - made a woven ribbon piece and showed how she's turned hers into an earring holder - pretty cool idea!!  Lu showed us her "heart pockets" made with red for heart and black for pockets - great combo.  Lu has several EReader covers/pillows left that are made in the cashmere fabric.  There are just $10, money goes 100% to her choral group to attend competition this year, and they are fantastic - both covers and voices !! 

Pat O'Connor - shared a doggie bed and a quilt made for sister - big and beautifully machined quilted by Pat herself!  Lucky sister!! 

Edie Cave - made and turned in a couple very nice Fidget Quilt creations and the cutest little doggie bed.  Edie loves devoting her talents for others and that's just because she's so nice!!

Eileen D (DiSanto) made a beautiful stack of microwave bowls to share!!  And she made a piano keys themed Fidget Quilt that you could look at an almost "hear" beautiful music playing. 

Pat Pipa - Pat is another lady who devotes her talents for helping others, 2 and 4 legged ones.  Pat made doggie beds this week.  Pat also brought in her beautiful heart wallhanging from 2012 - Seems just like yesterday we made those beauties, doesn't it?!  Thanks for bringing and sharing with newbies.

BJ Herter - I asked, and our sweet Sunshine Lady BJ obliged and she brought in her excellently fashioned and sewn Valentine 3-D Heart Bouquet wallhanging.  BJ made the one in magazine picture with the pattern look 2nd rate because her version turned out stunning.  Thank you for 2nd look!!

Eileen N (Navikas) - shared one of her beautifully crafted Fidget Quilts and this one's theme is "Tea Party" with cups and saucers and teapots - Wow Factor Today!!  And in typical Tall Eileen fashion, a rag quilt made with small squares that turned out terrific.  Rag quilts usually made with 6, 7, 10 - 12, even bigger blocks, so seeing Eileen's about 3 inch, finish 2 inch quilt is pretty unique - opening up some cool ideas, too.  How about a 9-10 inch block rag quilt, sashed with rectangles and small 3 inch cornerstones?  That would be quilty doable!!   Plus a doggie bed.

Suzanne Brown - shared her Zen Doodle Wall Hanging - it's great!  Check out picture in scrapbook.

Should have been 2nd - but due to my "distraction problem" - Donna Pachy shared an oval fabric wrapped rope bowl.  Gotta say that this was quite neat and yes, made by a perfectionist!  I've never known someone to hem the strips of fabric before wrapping the rope.  There's a first time for everything, and so yet again, Donna ingenuity and creativity enabled her to fashion one of these bowls she would like.  You see most of us use batik fabrics and if a little (or lot) fabric fray stringys show on outside, it's not a big deal for us.  Not so in Donna's world of neat and tidy!!  I'm teasing Donna, but I did get a chuckle from this one.  FYI, fabric used is still some of leftover from curtains and valences made in her 1st Villager house.  We've seen that fabric show up in projects over past several years - all terrific, too!!  Donna - Kudos for your over-achiever status to hem the fabric strips - What a hoot!

Lois - shared the customized Fidget Quilt made for a Lutheran minister and she included embroidered "Welcoming Christ", Lutheran insignia, and "fish" signs in a beautifully sewn and styled Fidget Quilt going to private request.

Donna Rissman finished up the show-n-tells this week sharing a Happy New Year Banner wallhanging made for Laurel Manor quilting chapter,   Then Donna shared the fun way she mailed her grandson's Valentine gift using a plastic one liter bottle.  Is that not a Hoot - capital H !!!  Yes, it is!!!  Donna explained how she heard about it at standing in line at Post Office, and then how she went about making her own mailable bottle and getting it mailed.  No kidding, I did not make this up.  It really happened.  So it made me curious, and whenever that happens I do a "google search" of course.  And yes, there are tutorials written on blogs on just this very thing - mailing things in a cleaned and dried plastic bottle.  So I did the copy and paste routine from two of the blog's - one is mailing a bottle of sprinkles (yes, those candy toppings) and one is mailing using a soda size bottle, doing the cleaning, drying, cutting, stuffing, labeling, stamping, process.  It's one of those times that you shake your head, or scratch the top of your head, or just stand with your mouth open wondering if you are really awake or it's a dream.  Just when you think you've seen it all, something like this comes along...

Oh one more show-n-tell by a new member Kathy Norquist who is working on a wool felt project that is stunning and by Contemporary Folk wool felt artist Sue Spargo.  If you ever have time, Sue Spargo has a very interesting website, lots of patterns, lots of beautifully hand dyed felted wool, too.  The pattern Kathy is working thru is panels that will be joined into larger creation and is not one for a beginner to folk art and hand needle work projects.  It is going to be a treasure when done for sure. 


At May 12, 2014 at 7:29 AM , Blogger Joan Lowder, your Stampin Up creative coach said...

I got to visit twice last fall but didn't have my sewing machine. WOW you gals have done a lot. Love the zentangle piece. Looks like you are having fun. Hope we'll be back down this fall, 12 years. now. I'll bring my sewing machine this time. Loved seeing what everyone is working on. Great club.


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