Saturday, May 17, 2014

Show & Tell May 17, 2014

Eileen DiSanto - shared a BeaUtiFul Fidget Quilt she made to send to her cousin who has onset Alzheimers - Lois is away and so it won't be on our BlogSpot yet, but make a note to check it out in the future.  Eileen's cousin was a dancer and enjoyed bowling and couple other highlighted parts of her life.  She crafted the FQ to be like a story of her cousin's life.  Eileen styled fancy fabrics into a beautiful dancer that is just so pretty to see. 

Audrey Philips - in her shiny purple hat - shared her very first Fidget Quilt!  And a very red, white, blue patriotic wreath - which I totally love!!!  She made the wreath from an idea she saw at JoAnn's that is done with toile.

Kathy Jones - made a Fidget Quilt inspired by our late friend Helen Foxx,  Helen saw cupcake fabric and said that would make a cute Fidget Quilt and Kathy made sure that happened.  Kathy  used one of the Facing techniques we looked at the week before to finish the Fidget Quilt with and it sure made a nice edge to the quilt.  Kathy was very happy with the facing finish and rightly so!  Thank you Kathy for putting that technique to such good use! 

Linda Parr - shared a couple pillowcases to add to our ConnKer Case for Smiles.  Then Linda showed us a beautiful sampler knit afghan made by Mom (Helen Foxx) and Daughter (Linda Parr).  I honestly had never seen an afghan made with sampler blocks before, and got to say how pretty and impressive it is to see one.  Linda has donated the afghan to our club's charity effort for Lady Lake Women's, Infants and Toddlers Pantry.  Plus, Linda bought in fabrics and adornments to share for our charity crafting projects.

Kathy Nichols - showed us an unfinished project piece from a curve class made using very small templates.  The piece is beautiful and clearly you see that the cutting/sewing is tedious but rewarding.  And, from the same class, Kathy showed us a spiral binding technique she learned.  It is pretty interesting so I'll be doing the "google" search in hopes of finding more information so we might be putting together a demonstration of that.

Alice Meunier - made yet another fidget quilt with her trademark soft, soft crochet/knit adornment.  This lady's creativity is beautiful to see!!  This one even had blinking lights made from a dollar store item.  I know...amazing!

 Edie Cave - shared 4 fidget quilts she's been working on during her move  the last few weeks - each one unique and thoughtful creative work.

Joyce Yarborough - shared the prayer shawl she is knitting and also a "wash cloth" she knitted.  I had never seen these before, so it was fun to hear about them.  I'm going to be looking into "patterns" for these, too.  Joyce is so nice because she handed me the one she shared, said take this home and use it.  I did just that and gotta say - I love it!!  These are the best wash cloths, so yet another thing to be inspired and enthused about!!

Although not captioned in Micki's weekly recap email, the following pics were captured this week.

Pat Pipa

Carol Planck

Eileen DeSanto and Pat Pipa


Alice Meunier, Audrey Philips

Linda Parr, Kathy Nichols


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