Saturday, May 3, 2014

Show & Tell May 3, 2014

Got to get this done so I can watch 24 Live Another Day 2-hr start tonight at 8 PM.  tick tock...

Hi Everyone, May seems to be blooming up pretty weather now here in FL.  I hope that is the same for around the country.  We miss more and more of our seasonal friends and those beautiful butterflies every week.

Let's start with Calendar items for May:

Next Saturday - May 10th - How to "face" a wall-hanging quilt, Show & Tell and Sit & Sew time

Friday - May 16th - 2:30 - 3:30 PM - Craft visit with assisted living residents at Mission Oaks - details to follow - we'll be needing couple extra hands this month for special project.

Monday - May 19th - 2:00 - 3:00 PM - Craft visit with assisted living residents of Homewood at Freedom Pointe - this is our small group and usually there are more of Us than of Them.  But our 3-4 dear regular residents have been crafting with us each month for some 3+ years.

Saturday, May 24th - Lunch & Learn with Kay Flanagan's Awesome 100th Birthday to Celebrate.  I've got a little learn project that Kay loves to make and I think she'll be happy to share her creating this beautiful "tree skirt" and show some of the beautiful ones she's made herself.  That's the plan, but we know Kay has some big goings on down in Orlando with her sons, family, friends, loved ones for Sat., May 17th so we want to wish Kay all the best of fun and say how much we love her!!
Sat., May 31st - alternative Lunch & Learn - stay tuned.  
Now for Show & Tell 

Lois Rose - You need to see it to know what I'm about to describe... It is an embroidery module carrier that Lois engineered and adorned that fits her machine part and thread boxes to a "T".  Check it out - Great Crafting!

Sue Campbell - 3 beautifully made Christmas ornaments - Wow! how about that for starting early... just kidding as truth be told these are last year's projects finishing up - Way to stick with your to do list, Sue!

Eileen DiSanto - turned in a beautifully made Fidget Q with all of the special touches she could fit on the little comfort lap piece.  And she did show a "fabric box" but if she would have, it would have look suspiciously like ones we demo'd last year, and I think a couple other times as well.  I remember last year's so well because our blessed friend Helen Foxx had lots of fun making these and giving them away as she did so many of her crafting works.  So Eileen, we really look forward to "really" seeing yours in the future.   It's all good sewing crafting creating here 24-7!

Pat Pipa - shared a stunning display of her handwork expertise and projects with samples of the following techniques:  Pulled Thread, Ribbonwork, Hand Embroidery, Brazillian Embroidery.  Lots of OOOHS and AAAHs so yes the enthusiasm and interest in basic and basic plus handwork seems to be continuing.  Pat and I are planning some fun demos and "sit & sew" time to enjoy these techniques.

Carol Riggs - Very impressive wall art she made during Suzanne Brown's ZenDoodling class last month or so.  Carol's choose a red heart to accent her beautiful black and white creation.

Eileen Navikas - Out did herself again with creativity, artful stitching, and just plain putting so much kindness into her Fidget Quilt donations.  This one had so much and Eileen described each and every detail.  Everyone particularly liked the scarf adornment for binding and soft handles.  I'm going to ask Eileen to choose 2 or 3 of these trademark techniques she likes to use and give us a step by step demonstration soon.  This is why she holds a title from the The Villages Art League of Artist of the Month. 

Great Show & Tell as always ladies.  I've said it before and every so often it just needs to be said again... All You All is why this club is so special here, the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon in my own opinion and your social creativity translates to sewing crafting magnificence!!  Kudos!!!

Ladies, please put your hands together and send some sunshine prayers to our Sunshine Lady, BJ Herter - yes, she is hurting... please get better because your smiles are so wonderful every week!
I heard from Carol Planck and docs kept her with good meds to get her thru the Shingles outbreak - thank you!  Carol says she's doing fairly well now, and is still on the Lung Transplant List.   We love you, Carol, please know our prayers and thoughts continue until you are completely well.

We welcomed 5 new ladies on Saturday, well, 1 lady was just returning from a year's absence due to health issues - welcome back Alice!  Two of the ladies didn't get to even sit down before I had them doing some work for us.  We were donated linen bolt of cloth that just might work out as fairly nice tablecloths for our "Lunch & Learn" fun Saturdays.  The two newbies cut the bolt into the table lengths we need.  (More on this another time.)   The two are sisters, both here now as frogs, but one sis likes to travel a lot and is calling herself a butterfly for now even though TV is her residence.   Actually when I recall all five of these ladies from last Saturday, it's as though they've been coming for months already, all so friendly, each one just diving into our club's projects and charity work.  Thank you so much for your interest in Fabric Fun and wow the enthusiasm you are bringing along!!   I always say that all we accomplish together and all the fun we have is because of each and every member, whether here all the time or you are only able to flutter in and out occasionally, it all brings so much to "our party" and enables us to be a very fun and learning social group. 

Heads up on Show & Tell next week - and no pressure Kandie S - but I think we will be seeing two very pretty Sunbonnet Sue quilts - one done and one well on its way to completion.   It's always just joy to see Sunbonnet Sue in quilts and Kandie's really done her justice!!! 

I have a funny Kandie Stedman story to tell - last week she and her hubby went to Biloxi and flew over from Sanford Airport... they were both full body searched at Sanford by TSA... Kandie - sweet Kandie and her still recovering hubby - frisked.  It was "random" however TSA did note that Kandie was carrying "a lot of cash".  DAH - travelling!!  Kandie said TSA agent was a young fellow and she kidded him that "she was going to enjoy it a lot more than he was"... but darn it - she actually got frisked up and down and all over by a female TSA agent.    Kandie girl, you are too funny!

Okay, I think I'm done and 10 minutes to spare... so I better close, have a bathroom break, get a bottle of water, hunker down on my favorite place on my very horrible unfavorite sofa, take control of the remote control and start the count down clock.  It's been 8 years since Jack Bauer has been saving this country, but here he comes and Chloe, too!!  Best show ever!!

Have good week, as always, take care, be good and God bless. Amen.


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