Saturday, April 12, 2014

Show & Tell April 12, 2014

Here's first official weekly show n tell recap that goes on club's BlogSpot - wow!

Micki began the meeting by showing some great Easter egg wall hangings.

Lois Rose got to give us all the fantastic great information about our BlogSpot!  Lois also completed a Fidget Quilt and 2 rag quilts this week, too!

Pat Pipa - shared and turned in a fun Fidget Quilt.  It is so great you all are sharing your creativity and sewing crafting in just the greatest way possible.  And that each and every Fidget Quilt is its very own uniqueness is best of all - And Pat made rag quilt  using the little 4 inch squares we cut  up - talk about faux chenille effect - that little square one has that "in spades".
Little Eileen DiSanto is on a pillowcase pace-setting-mission.  This time turning in two beautiful ones made with the fabric donated last month.  Just a quick word about the fabric that was donated last month - please see Note: below.

 Kathy Jones - turned in the terrific strippy rag quilt she completed.  It is a faster version of the scrappy squares rag quilt.  Very great version, Kathy!  For sure, Kathy is our club's faux chenille expert!!
Suzanne Brown - Made a very impressive sampler fabric doggie bed.  That is a high-class one for sure, Suzanne!  Suzanne also shared some stencil crafting she did several years ago that got "lost" in the move.  Beautiful work!

  Jane Swafford - Actually this week Jane taught me a pretty cool thing with these Rag Quilts.  Our club's been exploring pretty much "every which way but loose" with the faux chenille effect and especially using the technique for constructing baby, toddler and children size quilts.  So Jane used fleece for the backing.  I've seen that as a suggestion often in websites, etc., but never actually did a rag quilt technique/version quilt using fleece.  Jane's finished quilt is pretty darn nice with the fleece.   So the fleece does not "rag up" but it sure is soft and lofty in the "seams", which allows the cotton squares to "rag  up" and sort of in a fluffier way because of the fleece "loftiness".  That's hard to describe, but it is a great option.  And fleece is softer for the backing as well .  I think it's a terrific alternative to flannel for backing squares.  Great job, Jane, and thanks for proving out what I've read in rag quilt instructions.

Carol Riggs shared her rag quilts versions.  Carol is always ready to lend a hand to our charity projects.
Ellen Hein - This lady deserves a standing O - her first week was last week, and she took home squares, and this week came back with her very first rag quilt - it's adorable, too - got these big squares with kitty cats playing around with balls of yarns and all kind of cute poses.  So if you have a piece of fabric that is no pretty or you just don't want to cut is all apart in little squares, keep in mind that you can cut large squares and they will make up a terrific quilt as well. 

Linda Lynch - wow'd us all with one of the completed valences she's making for her house - I think she said master bedroom.  Linda is champ with home d├ęcor ideas and especially this valence project.  Again, something hard to describe but basically Linda puts an interesting way of adding depth and fullness to the valence by using (pool) noodles around the curtain rod and that makes the curtain rod pocket have a rounded effect.  It's quite awesome idea.

Linda Parr - made a charming and adorable rag quilt with one side having a Christmas theme and the other side soft plaid flannels.  First impression when Linda held up the quilt to share... "you just never get tired of red and green".  Very pretty and using this little soft quilt will bring Christmas year round!   FYI, Linda announced that she is now a Great Grandmom for the first time.  Very terrific, Linda, and God's blessings for your new little grandchild.

 She also showed the lovely fringe scarfs she makes.

Marie Bray - Ms Brittish Lady made a beautiful baby baby rag quilt. 

Micki finished the show & tell with a great doggie bed.

Final notes from Micki's email (See actual email or contact Micki for the attachments):
So along with rag quilts - which really should be named "faux chenille blankets" because there is no quilting expertise needed with them.  Just easy fun straight stitching that fluffs/rags up into faux chenille softness - I came across a very basic Tee Shirt Memory Blanket instructions.  I've attached that pattern from

My obsession with Birds continues and I came across another bird project - this one involces wood but I can get around that using some of the heavy duty fusible stay shape bonding materials out for sewing crafting.  I've attached that because it is a cute "holder" for long lost socks.  

3rd attachment - can't remember if I sent out the faux chenille tee shirt quilt pattern to you previously, so I'm putting it here in case I didn't.

Please ladies, should any of you be without printer capabilities and there is a pattern, attachments, etc. you want real copy of, just email me back and we'll make sure you get a printed copy!!  I'm serious about that!!!

Last Saturday's Meeting we looked at the differences between "Fusible Interfacings" and "Fusible Webbings"... to make life easy to remember think of this - the difference is "paper".  Fusible Interfacings do not have paper backing.  Fusible Webs have paper backings and Double sided fusible webs have paper on both sides.  FYI - the paper backing for fusible webbing is known as "release paper" and can be used repeatedly as a "pressing sheet"   While looking at the best isses for interfacings and webs, of course, we looked at applique techniques and uses in our projects.   Thank you to Cheryl Minieri for her very terrific assistance passing around and displaying the project and applique samples.  Vanna White has nothing on our club's own Cheryl!

So it was very unusual to see Rosemary Cantanese sitting back there during show n tell on Saturday.  We were very happy that Roe could come so early and be part of the whole meeting, but we were not happy about how that came to be.  Rosemary injured her left hand, specifically 3 fingers when using the power clipper/hedge trimmer - OUCH TIMES 3!   Roe had a serious accident and needs our warm thoughts and prayers that her hand and fingers heal fast and completely for her.  Roe has a booth at Brownwood every Saturday until 2 pm and that keeps her from being on time to club meetings. 
As always, take care, be good and God bless,


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