Saturday, March 29, 2014

Show & Tell March 29, 2014

Carol Riggs - back and better than ever! starts off the list this week.  Carol made a "Foster Child's Tote bag".   Carol loves making bags so this one is right up her "alley" or my one-liner - will keep her "in stitches!"

Not ever hearing about these items/bags before, I did the whole google search thing this afternoon and found some pretty enlightening things and organizations.    One called "Bags4Kids says, "
Comfort Bags They Can Keep Forever - When children are removed from their unsafe homes, they travel with trash bags in hand if they have anything. Sadly, the majority have nothing at all. When children must face this crisis alone, Bags4Kids is there to comfort and aid in this frightening transition. We assemble donations into comfort bags and deliver them to police stations and social service offices throughout the area where they are given to the children."
How about that.  There's also "Totes 2 Tots" and "" to name a couple more of these type organizations.  Definitely, very worthy causes and probably busier than ever with the deterioration of the family unit promoted in this country for way too many years now. 

Mary Kondrad - shared the (almost) finished quilt top of cars, trucks, trains, and all these that go - going around the top of the quilt she's making for her very handsome little 3 year old grandson.  SEW-beautiful, Mary!!

Lois Rose - has been in the rag-quilting-mode and has her very own systematic method of cranking them out - I've lost count now - but these are great!!  You're inspiring lots of followers, too.
Kathy Jones - shared her OOH so cute cottontailed chenilled bunny.  Kathy used a little less stuffing that turn out some pretty soft versions.  And she used front chenille side and plain cotton back, lovely ribbon around neck.  So she has a matching set for her sofa since she used other side of 4 piece flannel of the monthly project to make a "matching" bunny - they face each other - nose to nose cute.
Kathy also shared a project to do with grandchildren called "Magic Wallet" made out of duck tape.  I have one of these made out of wood from very long ago when my boys were small and their Godmother/Great Aunt gave them one of these trickery wallets.  So yes, I did the google thing again, found a document to cut/paste/edit and thus now it is attached.  Thank goodness because it would be hard to describe without the directions. 

BJ Herter shared her bunny that is pink on one side and blue on the other side - softly so cute for a blue boy or pink girl.   BJ, you always make the cutest things to share!

Jan Courts - we just love all the things you do - you support every charity of this club - thank you for that - and today you shared and donated Fidget Quilts.  Hopefully, with the upcoming press about these inspirational and loving lap quilts we'll be whittling down the little Fidget Quilt Stash we have on hand.


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