Monday, September 8, 2014

Show & Tell - September 6, 2014

Donna was back with us this week to run the meeting.   We had 6 ladies sign up for show and tell, but there were a few other shy ones who we convinced to show their creations at the end as well.

Linda Parr couldn't stay for the full meeting, but she came by before the start to drop off about a dozen pillow cases she and a friend made, as well as some donated fidget quilt supplies.  Thank you Linda.

One of our favorite sewing machine, vacuum cleaner and fabric stores, Sharky's is running an NFL quilt block challenge.  They are asking customers to buy a 1/4 yard of any of the NFL fabrics they have in stock and come back with a quilt block to be displayed in the store.  Customers can come in and vote for their favorite block and the winner will get a prize from Sharky's.
Lois Rose took up the challenge with her husband's favorite team, using a combination of quilting and machine embroidery.

Pauline Nizza was next. She showed off her lovely crocheted scarf.

Kathy Jones was the latest to finish and show her midi bag.  She was one of the ladies who didn't start hers with the group, but did it at home on her own.  She said her biggest problem was the lining. The instructions say to cut the lining the same size as the bag, but this results in a lining that is a little big, so it has to be lined up just right along the seams, eased in or cut back a little.  Despite the challenge, Kathy's bag came out beautiful.

Kathy also showed a beautiful t-shirt quilt she made for her husband, using shirts he had gotten from races he ran over the years.  The design is lovely and she had it quilted by one of the ladies in the quilting guild with a long-arm machine.   We know her husband will be thrilled with this surprise gift.

Linda Lynch showed a lovely Christmas table mat she made. 

Welcome back Becky Chianese!  She showed a great house table runner.   She has promised us the pattern and we are looking forward to it.

Edie Cave brought in a doggie bed and showed a cute fabric owl card she made for her sister. Opened as shown in the picture, it can also be hung up for display.  Nice job Edie.

Joy Stanton came in with a nice big doggie bed.  Donna told me that large ones are needed because the larger dogs don't get adopted as fast. 

BTW, Lois sewed up a bunch of doggie bed envelopes this week and put them on our shelves.  Anyone who would like can take one home and slowly fill it with your sewing scraps.  We always have scraps being donated to us as well, so you may be able to find some in our supplies to supplement what you have..  It doesn't matter how long it takes you to fill it up, there will be a dog who will appreciate it now or later.

Kay Flanagan has been busy working on embroidered cardinals.  She held her work up for all to see her lovely needlework.  Our own centenarian continues to amaze us.

After show & tell, Audrey Philips demonstrated how to make cute floor mops that you wear over your shoes to skate around your kitchen floor dusting or cleaning up spills.  These look like so much fun.  Several of the ladies made their own after the demo and had fun skating around the craft room.  I'm hoping some of these finished "mops" come back for next week's show & tell.


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