Saturday, July 19, 2014

Show & Tell - July 19, 2014

(Editors Note: Sorry, I was away this week and only received a few photos.  My appologies to those whose photo is not included.  If you have a photo and would like to email it to me, I will happily add it to this post.)

BJ Herter - made an awesome wallhanging for her granddaughter - "Otter" is a beautiful piece of fabric, stitch and thread art.  BJ, it's a masterpiece!!  And here's another beautiful masterpiece, BJ honored and memorized her nephew who lost his fight with cancer by making a wonderful T-Shirt quilt made with some of her nephews t-shirts, and BJ is giving the quilt to her his young son's birthday this year.  Is that not an wonderful tribute and way to keep this youngster's dad there with him.  Please check out the pictures on BlogSpot.

Audrey Phillips - Thanks to Audrey for making 1/2 of the "tote" bags for the rag quilts being donated to Lady Lake Infants & Toddlers Pantry!!  Audrey made doggie beds forms ready for stuffing, finished another veterans fidget quilt and shared some pretty tea towels she fashioned with USA embroidered motifs.

Kathy Jones - shared embroidery cards she made using some of the fun hand embroidery stitches we've just spent time on this summer.  Kathy used directions from Martha Stewart's magazine and used her own terrific inspiration and writing techniques to make her card assortment.  These are terrific and made using cardstock!!

Jane Swafford - got our next batch of pillowcases started for ConKerr Pillowcase for Smiles.  Jane made 2 pillowcases - very pretty ones.  When pillowcases are made, please be sure they are turned into Carol Riggs who leads up this charitable effort for the club.  Carol just recently sent off about 50 pillowcases to ConKerr in Tampa.  Thanks ladies!!

Cheryl Minieri - shared a braid quilt project she learned and started.  Cheryl explained the "braid" patchwork piecing and then we had some fun offering suggestions for quilt and quilting ideas as her project progresses. 

Suzanne Brown - shared a book cover made strappy and little pouch, too.  Suzanne shared news of fabulous new fabric in stock at Sharkys Vac & Sew in Wildwood.  These are new Michael Miller, Timeless Treasures and the gorgeous Robert Kaufmann Christmas fabric lines.  Sharkys continues to increase their beautiful batiks assortment from Robert Kaufmann and has the largest selection of wonderful 108" wide quilt backing material - for just $9.99 a yard - that's 50 - 100% less than anywhere else on the planet.    Sharkys assortment of 108" backing is beautiful, wide variety of tones, prints, colors. 

Judy Johnston - glad to see Judy's out and about and walking lots better!!  Judy designed and made a Samba card holder - it's pretty cool for anyone who plays this card game to have.  Please get your design down on paper, Judy, and share with the club!  It's a terrific design. 

Judy also shared a story with us that was very touching yet hard to hear.  None of us like to hear stories about animals in stress or hurt, and for sure the wonderfully trained and selfless dogs of K-9 and Military Corps are even harder to hear about.  Central FL is a main training area for K-9 Dogs.  Judy's story was about an injured K-9 wrapped lovingly in a wounded warrior quilt.  Because of the pain listening to this story, I'm vague on these details.  What to hear is the loving quilt provided for this wounded patriot dog.  We're going to find out how to make some of these up so our club can donate and say we care very much for these services to our country.  I've not got any information yet, but promise to get some together soon.  We have a very nice assortment of fabrics recently donated that is set aside now for the K-9 Service Dog quilt project.   

During August, Pat Pipa will be our club's Sunshine Lady while BJ Herter is on vacation.  If you hear of anyone who could use a little sunshine, please contact us or see Pat Piper at meetings.  She'll have the cards and get one right out.

On Monday, Carol McCarthy picked up 22 more Patriotic/Military Theme fidget quilts and she was thrilled to receive this supply that will be going to the Alzheimer caregiver support groups in Leesburg, Lady Lake and Ocala VFW orgs.  Carol also took 5 recently donated Fidget Quilts that are non-military but just so amazingly done, one theme I remember had a fuzzy fleece owl and another a beautiful, fun barnyard theme.  The work all of you do in this effort is reaching far and wide and doing wonderful good wherever they go. 


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