Saturday, July 26, 2014

Show & Tell - July 26, 2014

4th Saturday Lunch & Learn Luau Fare was beautiful fun.  Special Treat Start - 3 members of"Aloha Friends of Hula" came and danced two songs for us.  Hula is storytelling with movement to beautiful Hawaiian music.  3 brave ladies even joined in with the Hula dancers for the 2nd song - Audrey Philips, Suzanne Brown and BJ Herter - hips, arms and hands swaying!!  Please check out pictures on BlogSpot.  The club presented the 3 Hula Dancers each a set of wine glass coasters made with real Hawaiian made fabrics.   And pretty much the luau fare was fresh and yummy.   

Learn was a brief demo for making the easy wine glass coasters.  I've attached the club's handout.   And I showed a follow up demo of the fusible grid interfacing.  (Please remember ladies, that the practice grid interfacing uses scant 2 inch squares and the Midi Bag Project will need scant 2 1/2 inch squares.)  And then there was follow-up for the texturized fabric and eyeglass case project.  Snowbirds, after the first of new year, we'll look at doing these eyeglass case projects again.   Please remind me in Jan.!

Pat Pipa - Eyeglass Case!  - Wahoo!!  Pat shared her shapely creation and on BlogSpot you'll see picture of Pat and me holding up our finished cases - Fun!!  And Pat discovered a No-English-Paper-Piecing way to make Hexagon "squares".  These are hugely popular pieces for projects, especially the "Grandmothers Flower Garden".  Pat saw the no-paper technique on a Quilting Arts TV show that uses circle of fabric, needle and thread and sew up in a jiffy - I think that it's a demo planned for fall!! Yea!!

Carol Planck - Ladies, Carol is still being processed thru all the "hoops" preparing for a Lung Transplant, and has to make daily trips to/from Tampa hospital during the evaluation and testing.  Everyone, please keep Carol in your prayers for completion of this evaluation time and that she receives good placement on the list to receive a transplant.  Carol shared a follow-up purse made using an Anita Goodesign project pattern and this is a matching piece to the totebag made earlier this month.  Stunning leather and embroidery work.
Marty Rhyne - made and donated a fidget quilt that she uniquely finished with a rectangle of anti-slide "fabric" on the back!  That is a great idea for these lap-sitters - anti-slide seams pretty useful!  Next Marty shared a cooling neck "tie" that can be made up easily with a tube of fabric and polymer crystals (water-absorbing crystals).  Marty plans to show everybody how in an upcoming demo!! Yea!!  FYI for fun, attached are two different pdf versions of making these patterns.  Marty has a good gameplan and will lead you thru and she has purchased a big bag of these crystals to share already!  Here is where a real little goes a really long way - truth!
Susan Morris - made a fantastic rag quilt for her son and printed pictures from her son's growing up years throughout the top and it is really a great quilted memory and made in our fun "faux chenille rag quilting" way. 

Donna Pachy - shared the August Sunflower wallhanging she made to send to Mom & Dad who will also receive some of Donna's culinary sweet delights.  Donna brought back memories of a Fabric Fun fall project of couple or more years ago... remember the Sunflower Wallhangings - project made included 3 large sunflowers with very embellished centers and some ladies made a smaller/beginner version of one sunflowers.  All of them turned out gorgeous!  Donna got "so far" and decided not to finish her version - but!  Now this August wallhanging made for her parents has one of the beautiful beaded centers Donna made during the project.  See - all in good time!!

Judy Johnston - made and donated a patriotic fidget quilt. 
Linda Parr shows the start of her practice grid.
Audrey Philips showed some quilt blocks for a quilt she is working on.
Edie Cave - made and donated military fidget quilts - very Air Force looking!  This week Mix's front page has picture of Edie standing proudly next to her daughter Angie who is a Master Chief in the U.S. Air Force!

Donna Risman shared an interesting calendar she found.


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