Saturday, August 2, 2014

Show & Tell - August 2, 2014

Edie Cave started our show & tell with 3 fidget quilts she created.  Thank you for using patriotic and masculine themes.  We never have enough of these when the requests come in.

Lois Rose brought a little hand embroidery along to work on during down-time on her cruise.  She completed this cross-stitched Humpty Dumpty baby bib, which will be donated to one of our charities.

She also brought in 3 completed doggy beds.

Jane Swafford finished a cheerful pillow case for the Con-Care kids.

 Linda Lynch showed her craft organization solution.   She hangs this organizer in her closet, and uses a shelf for each of her UFO projects.  That keeps everything together and makes it all easy to find when she's ready for the next step.

 Carol Riggs began by showing a couple of the purses she makes for sale.  The ones she brought are her discontinued patterns that she is offering at reduced prices.

She then showed that she has been very busy making baby bibs for the grandchild she is expecting.

After show and tell, Lois led the group in the first steps of creating midi bags.  These are purse-size bags made with pre-printed interfacing from  The club purchased the interfacing for members so all each lady had to supply was the fabric.  Everyone who participated in this project made great progress on their bags.  Those who did not finish all the steps to get to the half-way point will complete a few steps at home so they will be ready to complete the bags next week.

For those who were not with us this week but would like to join in next week, see Mickie's email for the full instructions.  Here are the steps we covered this week:

1. Cut interfacing pattern on scissor lines, resulting in 4 separate panels and 2 handle strips.
2. Lay 2.5 inch fabric squares on rough side of interfacing panels in a design pleasing to you.
3. Fuse each fabric square to the interfacing with a light pressing.
4. Cover panel with an ironing cloth or freezer paper and press again so all squares are flat and secure.
5. Sew short seams of each panel with 1/4 inch seams.
6. Clip short seams at the intersections between each block, being careful not to cut through stitches.
7. Iron seams in the direction shown by the arrows printed on the end of the interfacing panels.
8. Sew long seams, making sure seams ironed in previous step stay in the direction they were ironed, so they "nest".

Next week we will show how to put the bag together.  Requirements for next week will be in the weekly email.  Ladies, you are all doing great and we can't wait to see the finished bags!


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