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Weekly Update, Charity Work, Kay Flanagan - January 17, 2015

Kay Flanagan - I read a brief update on Kay to members on Saturday, and yes, she is doing a lot of hard work, in therapy, improving some, but she has a long ways to go.  Please keep Kay continually in your prayers because ladies, you and our club is in her heart.  She lights up and smiles when we talk about the fun we've shared on Saturday afternoons, and she immediately remembers each one mentioned by name and so many have touched her life as she has ours. 

I got over to see Kay finishing up her lunch today, and then we shared a brief time in her room looking over all her beautiful cards lining the window, bulletin board, furniture, wall, on and on.  Shortly after we were back in the room, a young orderly came and asked if Kay wanted to attend the church service to begin about 2 pm, so that's what Kay and I did.  It was a wonderful little service given by a couple Chuck & Mary from Lady Lake Baptist Church just down from the Center on 466.  We sang a few hymns and then Chuck presented a Bible Study talk from 1 Thessalonians 5: 12-18.  Chuck's goal was to do versus 12-28, but he will continue his talk next week.  I'll just say this, as always, when studying scriptures there is new meaning, new insight, and new inspiration.  Kay and I held hands during the service which will be inspiration strength for me all week.  I've included the last 3 versus from today's bible study at the bottom of this email, because these are words to read, learn, and live by whether we are young or old, happy or sad, well or sick, they have meaning and a true. 

To our members who are Jewish or other religions, please do not be offended by my including that final phrase referring to Christ Jesus.  I did not include with any intent to offend, but merely believe that for those of us who are of Christian religions, this phrase is very important as part of the final instructions.  Exclude (don't read) the last three words if they are not your belief, and those 3 verses will still be as meaningful, inspiring, and truthful for you.

To visit or send cards to Kay, her address right now is Kay Flanagan, c/o The Villages Rehab & Nursing Center, 900 Country Road 466, Lady Lake, FL 32159 - Room 101.  Kay says they are very wonderful to her there but she longs to get home, lay in her bed, and see the big fan on her ceiling.  I pray for that day for Kay, too.

Dryer Sheets - those amazing 2 words... now used for foundation piecing to construct what is lovingly referred to a crazy quilt blocks.  I think of it as foundation patchwork, i.e., patching pieces of fabric together using seams on a foundation - sometimes this is muslin, sometimes water soluble stabilizer, and now in this case - dryer sheets.  And, your work has a very pleasant, almost breezy, smell, TOO!   All kidding aside - Lois's demo was very fun, she came with many dryer sheets and passed out lots of fabric scraps, so I'm sure we'll be seeing pictures on the blog in no time of many of these little squares.  Thank you very much, Lois, you're super!

What to do with the squares - Lois showed several examples of these and one was where a sewing crafter made a beautiful strippy quilt all with these dryer sheet blocks - what a hoot, hey...  I say!  Our club has several options for you, too, because this is very similar to the "out of the box" crazy patchwork piecing we have done in the past and lovingly called our "initiation piece or project".  So from the finished block, you can go on to make a small tote bag, an I-Pad cover, or a needlecase that is always handy in our sewing arsenals.  So have fun with this and need any suggestions, please just ask - we have a few for you.

Pillowcase Patterns - in addition to the club's 3 patterns attached last week, I'm including a pdf this week from All People Quilt website.  It is called Roll It Up and the pattern is almost a combination of my personal favorite very simple pillowcase pattern and the pattern charmingly named Burrito.  This All People Quilt pattern truly makes a beautiful pillowcase where the seam between the band and main fabric does not show and includes a very finished inside seam known as "French Seam".  I've included this pdf for you because page 4 of the pattern is an excellent visual on making a French Seam enclosure.  Ladies, this is a very good seaming method to learn and can be used in many other sewing pattern and patching situations.  It's almost worth trying for creating a very unique, sturdy and attractive quilt edge.  I might do that sometime on a small piece next. 

Charity Work - has continued to dominate the meetings this month with the inclusion of pillowcase construction for ConKerr (Tampa Chapter) Case for Smiles Campaign.  The room was abuzzzzzzz! yesterday with sewing after the three pillowcase demonstrations.  Yes - all three!!!

Next week is Lunch & Learn!!  Please bring a heart healthy pot luck item to share and we'll look at fun and easy Valentine and St. Pat's Day Postcards.  You can do make & take with these if you want to bring you machines - they work up fast and free!!    As always, no reservations necessary, so don't worry if you did not sign a sign-up sheet - no one pays attention to that thing anyway (ha ha) me included.  Just come for fun.

January 31st -- Very specific charity sew day - making chair pockets for Kandie Stedman son's classroom in North Carolina.  We're supplying the fabric, Kandie will lead the construction process, and with a bunch of machines and some fun sewing social time, we'll crank out enough for every child's chair in one easy afternoon.  This will be fun practice - and girls, I'll bring some ice tea from McAllisters in Brownwood - which is the best in The Villages!!  It'll be great way to spend our time at SeaBreeze.

Show & Tell - kitty hammocks and infinity scarves dominate - and that's a pretty cool thing for sure... here goes:
Carol Wolfhagen - made to donate 3 kitty hammocks - good job,lady
Lois Rose - shared her finished infinity scarf - very Rosie looking pink it is!
Pat Piper - who is mom to 2 very lucky pooches shared the dog coats she made special - knitted - for her two, that go on very easily.
Nancy Cartlidge - showed us a beautiful bright yellow fabric wreath and described its easy construction using 4" squares of fabric, a screwdriver and straw wreath.  (And instead of a straw wreath, it would be easy to use a white Styrofoam mold/form - so wreath or other shape would apply here.) We're going to make these wreaths one week in Feb. - see note below!
Linda Lynch - share a book cover and book she picked up at a craft fair and especially since she thinks this might be a good project for us to make at a future meeting - I agree (I'm including in note below beforementioned.)  Okay so the book was a cook book of sorts that is titled "50 Shades of Chicken" so I'll let you decide to pursue or not some of those recipes.
Alice Muenier - shared her 3 finished infinity scarves and one made using Minkee fabric purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  (Marty Rhyne helped by modeling the orange one.) Well, there was a little discussion about how Minkee Minky is spelled.  I remember (for quilters) when this fabric first came on the radar screens and instantly the rage, even for machine embroidery work... it was definitely spelled Minkee (and MSQC still spells is Minkee on their website).  Joann's and some other internet outlets have used another version as Minky and in fact, even call label it "soft and cuddly" now for people who can't remember the name Minkee Minky or whatever.  It is still great fabric that some people love and some people shudder over.  So one of Alice's infinity scarves is just perfect for her next Arctic or Antarctic cruise.
Whatsamacallitt herself, Jeri Cerullo - shared her completed cat hammock to donate - so she takes kidding, she does demo'ing, and she sews for charity to boot - Jeri, you fit right into the Fabric Fun Ladies club.
Marty Rhyne - Shared a Tell - and "blew me away" with it.  Marty shared various inspirations, projects and ideas like for her new house that she's received from all of you all each week.  I said she blew me away... so I didn't get it all down and could never repeat it as succinctly said as Marty, but her tell time was proof positive that we give and receive so much more than we realize in our sewing crafting social time each week.  Sincerely from me to you, on behalf of the whole club, thank you Marty for your membership and for putting to words how most of us feel.  Of very special note:  Martyy's son, Brian Desautels is deploying this week and so we all need to be grateful for his service and pray for his safe deployment and return to home as we need to thank and pray for all our men and women at home and deployed in our name preserving our safety and freedom.  See note below about Weeky Prayer Group that meets.
Carol Riggs - shared her best news of all - Welcoming grandbaby girl Tallulah on Jan. 15th weighing in at 7lbs 7oz - and Grandmom even had time to finish a cat hammock to donate - Congratulations, Grandmom Carol!
Edie Cave - didn't time herself but she did complete cat hammock construction on her own - in fact - 4 perfectly sewn ones!!!! 

February - Ladies, let's do project demonstrations for us, our homes, ourselves, gifts items, fun, easy, simple, quick, more fun, too.  That's my plan to share with you some fun stuff/patterns/demos each week and Lois Rose starts off on Feb. 7th demo'ing the very popular microwave bowls!  We'll still have emphasis on charity work - always - and in fact, I'll make arrangements for us to meet a couple weeks at least on the Thurs. morning time slot there in craft room at SeaBreeze.   And Saturdays always will still include all the charitable projects we keep ongoing all year long.  I'm a very firm believer in charity begins at home and we make a big impact with what we do.  Never ever hesitate to bring ideas and concerns to the table.

Weekly Prayer Group - Lastly, for those interested, there is a wonderful, faithful, friendly, unassuming group of men and women who meet weekly to pray for men and women of our American (and some Canadian) military forces, whether at home or deployed.  I made it to these weekly meetings for about 3 years but of last couple have not been to many because Mac now plays softball early Thursday mornings, so I can never get myself up and out that early to Spanish Springs, but it is a wonderful fellowship for freedom and our young volunteers who protect that freedom.  They keep a running list of all men and women deployed and to where, so for sure I'll be there next Thursday morning to add Brian Desautels' name to their faithful, prayerful list.  The group has no name, you just show up and you are welcome - Thursday's 8 AM at Veterans War Memorial Spanish Springs.  The names are read, prayers offered, sing the anthem and then head straight over to Perkins for warm coffee and other breakfast yummies!

One last note from me to our club treasurer, Donna Pachy, who is in her busiest season here as one of The Villages top real estate personnel and juggling emotional family situations that span across the whole country almost - We love you Donna, appreciate each and everything thing you do for us, love your talents, love your inspiration, and most of all that you keep me straight.  Please know many thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone you hold dear.

As promised earlier, these three scriptures provide true guidance as we all keep putting one foot in front of the get to where we want to go.

 1 Thessalonians 5: 16 Be joyful always; 17 pray continually; 18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

 God bless each of you and your loved ones this week,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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