Saturday, February 7, 2015

Micki's Meeting Notes - February 7, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies, we had some fun with fabric on Saturday for sure because we looked at making these microwave bowl buddies from left-right-up-down-round-square-rectangle-and even splatter lids with iron-on vinyl.  If you missed our meeting and still interested in these useful kitchen softies, I'm sure we can easily go over the process with you.  The patterns are very easy to follow as long as you do each step in order.  Lois Rose led the demonstration explaining the steps and even showed how to customize the sizing to fit our "very favorite heating bowls".   After going thru basic patterns used previously, we looked at a new bowl buddy version that could create both square and rounded edge bowls using template with dart placement, and those darts are cut out.  The new version includes splatter lid construction in small, medium and large made with or without binding.  These splatter lids can be made with one side protected with iron-on vinyl.  This is a very good product available for crafters now that is a substitute for laminated fabrics.  I made my lids using two layers of the iron-on vinyl as the pattern calls for, but I believe that one layer of the vinyl would suffice as well.  I've not had to launder my lids yet, but I'll let you know if a problem comes up.  None so far.   One further point about the batting for the bowls and lids.  The two basic patterns were written before the "Tater batting" came on the market.  Warm & Natural or Dream Cotton are excellent examples of the cotton batting to use.  Lois did her demonstration using the Tater batting which is made specifically for these microwave projects like the potato bags (and other vegetables) and bowl buddies. The Tater batting looks very similar to Warm & Natural but softer and fluffier.  When I was making bowls during the week with the new version pattern I ran out of cotton batting and substituted flannel layer for batting which I was very happy with the construction finish.  Today I picked up a package of the Tater batting at JoAnn's that I'm excited about trying after seeing how nice it worked during Lois' demos.  Thank you very much, Lois, for leading us thru the fun afternoon at SeaBreeze.

Next Saturday - Feb. 14th - Happy Valentine's!   I have 3 demonstrations planned 1 - Fabric Wreaths, 2 - Zipper Pouches (easy peasy honest!) and 3 - Surprise Surprise!!  I will have copies of the patterns to hand out for the demos and you can follow along and take notes.  Ladies, it's your choice if you want to bring your machines for the meeting, for instance to give a try to doing the easy peasy zipper process.  Honest girls, after you've done one of these, you will see that it can take less than 10 minutes to sew in a zipper this way.  This is a basic sewing crafting zipper insertion, not a hidden dress zipper, but it does take away the fear of working with zippers.   

For the wreath construction, there are options for foam, styrofoam and straw wreath forms.  

Fabrics for pouches - I'll bring along several of the fabric sample "books" that are excellent to use for the pouches - coordinated and pretty close to size needed.  These are free!!!!  Please consider taking some - I've got to get our garage under control this spring.  That means clearing out several large boxes full of these sample books.

Feb. 21st and 28th will be Sit & Sew Weeks - We'll work on projects, finish up the ongoing charitable efforts of cat hammocks and pillowcases for Case for Smiles, and as usual there's always the unexpected creativity stuff and tips.  

Show & Tell:  This is what makes our club fun-fun-fun - all the stuff!

Brenda Severa - showed off her stack of microwave bowls made at her quilting chapter when Donna Pachy led the demo there.  Just as we recycle fabric here at Fabric Fun, we also recycle these patterns and demos again and again!!  


Lu (not Lu Lu!!) K - Made several more chair book racks for Kandie's charitable effort and then shared a gorgeous array of pillowcases she's made for family by picking and choosing personal fabrics for each one.  Beautiful work, Lu.


Ellen Hein - shared and donated a bunch of nice - perfect - cat hammocks

Kathy Jones - showed off her completed beginner class quilt made in Amish color scheme, pillowcases in Downton Abbey inspired fabrics - see note below.

 Jane Swafford - shared and donated beautifully made pillowcases for Case For Smiles - lovely fabrics for kids!!  Jane reported that her sis Sue Campbell is doing better - Yea!

Joyce Snyder - pillows and purses for homes - Joyce continues to inspire that this club get back to our assisted living crafting visits and we are working to get something set up soon!!  We'll give you information on when/what as soon as we get one or two arranged. 


Patty Cooke - shared and donated a soccer theme fabric pillowcase.

 Lois Rose - shared an afghan she's just crocheted up! and embroidery projects made during her weekend retreat last weekend in Plant City.


Phyllis Czerkies - Showed off an adorable Grandmom & Granddaughter vest combo she sewed up using the faux chenille techniques.  Phyllis was wearing her vest and held up one sized for grandchild - these were so cute, just awesome idea.  

JoAnn Colin - Gets the Wow! Award for the week - This gal is cranking out in fearless fashion for a beginner.  JoAnn whipped up 7 chair pockets and 2 cat hammocks and then made up some microwave bowl holders on her own - good work, Lady!!

Linda Parr - shared a gorgeous, lovingly made afghan quilt in very patriotic red-white&blue yarns for the next Honor Flight.  It is a beautiful pattern that Linda called the "orginal dish cloth".   Makes me want to get a crochet hook, yarns and get started on one.   Linda also shared her completed beginner quilt from the class at the college.  

Downton Abbey Note - now I saw the amazement on many faces as you turned and looked at me when I asked "what is downtown abbey".  No, I've not been in outer space, yes, I'm still a resident of this planet, but I never heard of this TV show prior to Saturday.  I did go home and Google it, read the reviews mostly raves, read the Wikipedia summary, and I still don't get the fascination with it and still don't plan to watch it.  Just like I've not used any brain cells reading one of the 50 Shades of Gray books and will not waste any $'s to watch the big screen porn movie Hollywood is releasing on Valentine's Day.  I'm not comparing the TV and movie projects because that would be apples and oranges thing.  But it does amaze me how some items become big news, get rave reviews, people spend time and money pursuing, and how Hollywood gets away with lowering the bar yet again.    And what shockingly amazes me this week is how some of this country's leaders can get away with anti-christianity and other religion comments and borderline anti-patriotic remarks.  And how there are young people attending colleges who can't even name one of their state's two Senators.  So, yes, on Saturday I was surprised that this TV show had never made it to my radar screen but then it is what makes us all different, hey!  

As always, take care, be good and God bless, 
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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