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Show & Tell - January 31, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies, couple special hellos - one from last week actually when I forgot to mention that Carol Planck was able to come to our meeting.  We were all happy to see Carol be able to get out of the house for something other than a doctor's visit, and we were very happy she got to attend a Saturday afternoon at SeaBreeze.  Keep improving, Carol, get your strength back because we need our "Queen of Bling" back in the house.  And it's great to see Kathryn Jeter looking terrific as always back at Fabric Fun and Joyce Snyder - who as always - came with her enthusiastic spirit of helping and sharing.  Update and this one is tough to give, Kay Flanagan has not been able to recover strength and mobility enough from the hip fracture and 2nd whammy stroke that paralyzed her left side to return home.  They knew it would be a lot to as of a 100+ year old body.  So the family is now searching for a nearby nursing home for Kay.  Please say a prayer that just the right spot opens up for her.  And of course as soon as I mentioned Kay's going to a nursing home, Joyce Snyder and Marie Bray immediately said that sounds like perfect opportunity for Fabric Fun Ladies to take our sewing crafting fun for a visit, i.e. like our Homewood and Mission Oaks days of visiting to share crafting time with the assisted living and wheelchair bound residents.  That will be our hope and prayer to have opportunity to again share some of our Fabric Fun time with Kay in her new residence in the future.  We'll keep you posted for sure.  In the meantime, Kay is still at The Villages Rehab but now in room 201.   Last Sunday, I took Kay a card which we all signed on Saturday, and she cherished each and every name as I read the sentiments and names to her.  She just says, "I'm so glad you found me."  I said of course we would!  That's how we feel about our members, we care and we share. 

And great to see Helen Lawrie who popped in to drop off a couple doggie beds and a fidget quilt - do not miss seeing these pictures on the blog!!  It is the cutest doggie rendition ever!!  Please pray for Helen as she continues to recover from the hand skin condition and now she has an added problem with her eyelashes that may require surgery.  I'm not quite sure of the exact name but it is a condition where your eyelashes grow inward.   Helen says it is not fun and just thinking about it makes me "see" what she means.  Get all better Helen because we want you back for every Saturday and that you can come and stay the whole meeting - you are so much fun to be around!! 

Suzanne Brown was able to come Saturday - she works every other Sat. at Sharkys Vac and Sew in Wildwood.  Suzanne said that Sharkys is planning a one-day end of bolt sale soon and she'll give us a heads up.  For sewing crafters and quilters, end of bolt is "golden" because that means you usually get a nice chunk of fabric for an excellent (better than discount) price.  I personally love end of bolts because it is usually just a little more fabric than I need or would have purchased (since my usual amount is 1 and 1/4 yard cut) and so I can count on having the same fabric to use in for more than one project.  And Sharkys has expanded his line of fabrics and we all know that he sells some excellent lines for $'s less than the "full size" quilting shops we visit.  Great example is his prices for Moda and Timeless Treasures - you can beat his discount even with a coupon.   What I admire most about Sharkys is its reputation for honesty and that comes the owner.

Attachments this week include the 2 patterns for Microwave Bowl Buddies that we will be making on Saturday.  Lois Rose will lead this demonstration and she is very good at these goodies.  Some of you have made them in the past, so please feel free to bring your creations to show off and chime in with your own "tips" and ideas.  We always learn something!  Ladies who have not made these before, they go together super duper easy - fun - and they are so useful in this modern age of microwave ovens.  No special cutting, no special seaming, just straight stitching up some square cuts of cotton fabric.  Key word - cotton - cotton fabric, cotton thread, cotton batting.  No polyester or nylon - even in the bobbin and no metallic accents on the fabric printing either.  It's not as complicated as it sounds.  There will be lots of samples and lots of fabrics, threads and batting to go around if you don't already have some. 

Also attached are pillow basics.  Couple weeks ago I included the "How to make a Valentine Wreath" pillow pattern (and it is attached again here).  So I'm including an excellent tutorial pattern how to sew together a basic pillow cover that works whether you are covering a 12", 14", 16" and so on size.  And another attachment "Coolest Trick Ever" is really just that - cool - and quick - read thru and you'll understand and then say... "Duh!"  So I showed how just making a "blank pillow cover" and using 3-4 pieces of felt, you could take the idea of the Valentine wreath, and change up for St. Pat's Day with Shamrocks, Easter with bunnies or colored eggs, 4th of July with stars, Summer flowers, Halloween, etc. etc.  In fact, attached is another pattern by one of the young artist's of today, Vanessa Christenson, with same idea using fall leaves.  FYI, she has a terrific website with lots of fun and easy sewing tutorials she shares.  It is said that the easiest way to change up or spice up your décor is by adding/changing pillows.  Here's how.

Show & Tell - great list this week - you all amaze...!

Cinda Asp - visiting us this week and shared her yoyo quilt - these are the really little yo yo's - so this is one lady who can do a perfect yo yo!!  And Cinda shared a rough edge (we sometimes call it faux chenille or raw edge) bag - it is a great tote size bag - made using charm squares (5" squares of fabric).  She created her bag pattern which is beautiful.   There are a couple raw edge tote bag patterns from various blogs and so we'll get a couple together and share in the future. 
Nancy Cartlidge - shared her done Midi Bag Project - Awesome work!!

JoAnn Colin - finished to donate a cat hammock (her very first project!) and shared her scissor holder made from potholder.  JoAnn said to use the cheaper potholders because the thicker ones are just too bulky to work with.   See, Lady, you are already on your way to creating and sharing tips!  That what we do!!   We are very proud of you!!!

BJ Herter - finished up the kitty cat pillowcase to turn in for Case for Smiles - fyi BJ is very allergic to kitties, so this was opportunity for her to have the fur-ball producers around (in fabric) without causing her allergic distress.  And thank you BJ, Sunshine Lady, for circulating card we signed for Kay!

Pat Pipa - finished up 3 pillowcases for Case for Smiles ConKerr!

Lu Karatzas - shared a quilt she made up using up all her batiks pieces and it is a terrific masterpiece with a beautifully contrasting border and binding fabric and nicely positioned fancy stitching to boot!

Brenda Severa shared a gorgeous in-the-hoop embroidered wallhanging she's made. 

Ruth Campbell - turned in another cat hammock!  Pretty impressive how many of these wonderful goodies for felines that you've made each week! 

Elaine Krise - had her sewing organizer to share - with her machine all set up nicely and her sewing utensils handy and organized - great job! 

Suzanne Brown - shared her infinity scarf and she did model it but her outfit didn't match well so we could not get the full effect - but lets just say with Suzanne's height and long neck, the longer version infinity scarf style is perfect on her.    Shorties like me with no necks just look on in envy...

Lois Rose did tell me that Alzheimer Support Group did stop by to pick up a couple more Fidget Quilts this week.  I'm still hoping that we somehow get the word out to facilities in and around FL about these wonderful comfort quilts we make and love to give.  Lois has a large supply of Fidget Quilts for women but is running low on ones for men and patriotic.  So I'm thinking of holding a special Saturday or Thursday morning so we can put together Fidget Quilts with themes for men (like sports, fishing, cars, tools, etc.) and maybe make a few extra patriotic ones which in the past have been requested especially, too.  There's a few new ladies looking to make these for the first time which is I will tell you a fun and rewarding project to make.

Ladies, the list of Demonstrators is empty!!  No kidding - I encourage and urge you to consider dusting off one of the projects  you've done in the past and sign up to lead a meeting in the future with your demonstration. 

Feb. 14th - we'll be looking at making the wreaths using small squares/strips of fabrics - can be done with Styrofoam, straw or wire rim wreath forms in any size/shape.  I'll be posting the fabric requirements in next week's email.  The hardest part, or at least the part that takes the longest, is cutting up all the small pieces of fabric you'll be using. 

Special Prayer Request goes out for the husband of our member Eileen Navikas'.  He is now battling Kidney cancer and so we ask for strength and recovery for him as quickly as possible.  We miss you, Eileen, please know you will be in our thoughts and prayers. 

That's all the news to print for this week.   As always, be good, take care and God bless,  

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee
Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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