Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekly Update - June 6, 2015

Hi - This Saturday we'll have opportunity to sew together the cute little owls that Hiliary showed us last week.  These owls will be a HOOT!  I can just imagine right now the various creative touches and looks that will be made.  I've got some beautiful batik fabric scraps that are (I think) going to make a couple beautiful owls.  And I need to make a blue owl (for grandson Reed) and a red owl (for grandson Anthony).  Bring a few fabric scraps, your favorite needle (or sewing machine), thread - - we've got the rest of stuff  you'll need to made up these really quick cuties.

 BJ Herter started by showing a photo of Micki, her husband, and her grandsons that appeared in the Villages Magazine.

She then showed a mat she made.

BJ Herter - pumpkin wall hangings - one for daughter and one for son - it's the twister template tool pattern - beautifully pieced and quilted by BJ, too.  And her finished fractured art in wine bottle and grapes motif fabric!

Lois Rose - coasters, zip bag pouch, embroidery stuff, patriotic wreath, etc. etc. you know the drill... we're still wondering when Lois sleeps - I've given up and think she's turned into a "sewing zombie" of some sort.

Nancy Cartlidge - Travel cases and portable bowl and WOW! baby cacoon - she crocheted and knitted both!!

Jane Swafford - pillowcase - her special way of making enclosed seam - need to check this technique out further one of these days.

Marty Rhyne - story - valance idea for her tub area in master bath!
(The story included references to her choice of paint color, questioned by her hubby and later admired by everyone looking up at her matching valance. Ed.)

Joyce Yarborough - doggie bed and new product!

 Audrey Philips - A jelly roll quilt and a framed embroidery she made for Lois.

Hilary Miles - tons of her craftings using beautiful hand stitches and fabulous sewing.

June is spring cleaning for SeaBreeze clubs to clean up their areas in the storage room.  I'll need to spend time over the next few weeks getting our shelf space and area in front of our shelves in compliance with restrictions SeaBreeze and Rec. Dept. are requiring clubs to adhere to.  This will mean a HUGE reduction in what we are able to keep on our shelf space.  This Saturday what I pull out and off the shelves will NEED TO GO... so if ladies attending want to take it,, great! but if after the meeting is over and no one has claimed the fabric, fibers, threads, or yarns, they'll be thrown away in the trash.  I know  that is painful and not something I like to do, but my garage has no space whatsoever available, and several other ladies already "house" some of our supplies - Lois Rose and Pat Piper to name two.  If you are able to take a plastic bin home to store in  your garage - great, and that will be "greatly" appreciated.  But it's understandable if that's not something you can do.  So, Spring Cleaning at SeaBreeze will be going on.  That's rough on our club since we like to keep scraps on hand to fill doggie beds and we sure do produce a lot of them.

Proof of that was just yesterday's delivery to Marion County Animal Shelter - Lois's van was filled with doggie beds, cat hammocks and a few towels - I know because she let me come with her to help with the delivery this month.  What a terrific facility they have up there in Ocala.  It was busy, the personnel were all in uniform clothing, the building very well located, new, clean, pleasant atmosphere.  It is impressive to see how far progressed animal rescue work and efforts have developed.  Thank goodness!  

Lois and I also made delivery to the Ocala shelter for women and children of physical, mental and sexual abuse.  It was wonderful to see how secluded and secure the facility is - certainly a safe place for those who need.  There's a facebook for the facility and that link is here:

If you go to the link,  you'll see the wonderful work and needs that are there.  It is great that we are in a position here and have talents and time to do service and contribute to these charitable efforts.  

Ladies, please continue to pray for our wonderful club members and especially Lois Rose, Audrey Philips, Helen Lawrie, Sue Campbell and Kay Flanagan.  FYI, Kay is continuing to deal with a great deal of pain and lots of adjustment to being in a nursing home facility.  Her Son, Bob, keeps us uptodate on any happenings in her daily care and unfortunately, it has been mostly down with few ups lately.  Kay loves receiving cards from our club members, so please consider putting a "hi thinking of you" card or note in the mail to her today.  Here's the address:

Kay Flanagan- Room 212
c/o Citrus Health & Rehab Center
701 Medical Court East
Inverness, FL  34452

God bless all, as always, 

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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