Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekly Update- July 25, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies - per requests, two attachments - snap purses and cat hammocks.  I'm also adding more pdf documents that are part of demos on Foot Book starting this Sat.    They offer good information to learn or refresh your understanding of fabric grain, basic rotary cutter tips, piecing tips, press vs. iron,  and scrappy strips.  These documents have been created from websites and blogs of quilting and sewing artists who have "been there, done that" and offer up and share their tutorials and tips.  I admire these artists, just copy/paste/edit/re-size/print so that information can be sized to fit onto one or two sheets of paper.   That way, we can then use and reference their helpful information in our sewing crafting social time at SeaBreeze.  It's up to you if you want to print out one/two/none/all, etc. of documents to keep in your own Foot Book for future reference.    No need to bring your sewing machine this week unless you want to cut strips and start sewing them together.  However, I will need to leave at 3:00.  I will demo sewing the strips, but do not plan to sit and sew strips at SeaBreeze this week.   FYI - I really like this strip piecing pattern that creates a big wow looking project.

August - using strips - starting off this first Sat. of August with basic fabric information, color wheel, rotary cutting strips, sewing strips accurately, pressing the tops/projects we make.  Weeks 2 and 3, we'll take our pieced together tops and look at machine feet and machine sewing techniques to finish  up our wallhangings and/or small quilts. 

September - using squares - we'll be having fun creating little/big masterpieces with little/big squares - patterns and info to follow.  And guess what - Lois Rose has been doing a lot of prepping for us while recovering from her recent surgery and health ordeal.  (Big thank you! in order!)   We'll be making a push for charity quilts to make from the squares.  Sept. 12th - Becky Chianese will demo a one-hour basket!  Becky's demo's are always fun - we're able to "crank" out a bunch of the goodies in no time, and enjoy some pretty good instant gratification!

Wow when getting into Aug/Sept. timeframe then we now that fall/winter ahead, all the holiday sewing and gift projects get jammed into our time.  If any of you ladies have easy/hard/medium/or-just-plain-fun-terrific holiday projects/gifts you want to share with the club, please don't hesitate to email me back, I'll be very happy to set up with a specific week convenient to and for you to demo,   Most of what we'll be doing for August and September projects, the sewing will go fast, and probably would be easiest to accomplish at home in your "own sewing place".  I say "place" because I still like just setting a machine at my dining room table and sewing for a couple hours in front of the TV out in the living room.  It's just something about it that contents me rather than being "stuck" in my sewing room. 
Additional sewing days - starting in August and running thru the winter months, I'm going to set up additional day(s)/time(s) each week for our club, to offer ladies working thru Foot Book pages, charitable sewing, holiday projects, etc., etc., extra time for sewing/sharing/helping.  For instance in August, we'll need to have a separate day to make up Fidget Quilts - especially for men - since our supply is getting low. These extra days will just be week by week, and one of those things that if you're here, have the time and want to attend - great - but we all experience the same time here in The Villages - time deficit daily/weekly. 

Show & Tell:
Marty Rhyne - embroidery additions to old & worn shorts 1 - to cover a hole - that's the ghecko, and then 2 - ladybug embroidery added to cover new hole created while adding 1st design.  Who says we can get created and then create some more!!
Jane Swafford - FIDGET QUILT!  Jane - girl, you are really branching out with your sewing each week - thank you!!

 Eileen DiSanto - mens and ladies eating bibs for Busy Hands Happy Hearts charity sewing, snap purses

Carol Riggs - Snap purses - okay, Carol & Eileen has a sewial time!!
Susan Morris - Zippered pouches - love these!!  great pattern

Nancy Cartlidge - quilt with binding, fidget quilts and a quick project using washcloth to make a sewing notion holder from web

 Joan Thomas - Questions about embroidering - mainly adding name/initials for pocket of tote bag - suggestion made to do some fun applique work to add her name/initials - end result the same without the use of hand stitches or an expensive embroidery machine.

Want to see more on snap bags construction - here are a couple of tutorials to check out:

As always, have a good day, have a good week and God bless to all,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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