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Weekly Update - July 11, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies:

Short show and tell list this week, but not short on fun information.  I'm not going to linger long on my Pintuck demo because basically it was another one where I showed what not to do... But for sure this kind of demo really nails the reason(s) for doing practice squares and exercises, especially with your various sewing machine and machine feet, including the different kinds of needles and threads we can use today. 
I really miss my Bernina 150QE that was my "go to" machine for any and every demo with machine feet and techniques.  I pledge to get that machine back because I absolutely give up on trying to demo with the Viking Sapphire 875.  I gave the 150QE to my daughter-in-law because she wanted to make a t-shirt quilt, but... 2 years or so later... still no time with active career and two boys (and a hubby makes 3) undertow... she's never been easy sewing with it, still prefers the little Janome Gem... so when Scott drives here to pick up grandsons later this month... yes, I'm going to ask him to bring my machine on back to me, so I can "borrow" it back for demos.  I'm really tired of embarrassing myself and botching the fun techniques I'm trying to show you ladies.  None of this FOOT BOOK stuff is "rocket science" and most is just simply doing a couple steps to achieve max results, some of it can be considered "advanced sewing" work... but always when you work thru the practice ideas, you can achieve your own results that can be used in any of your sewing crafting fun. 

Dues suspended for summer... I forgot to mention that with our smaller groups, and with all the "supplies" currently on hand, there's no need to collect our $1 dues-week-you-come at least for the summer.  Maybe when things get into full swing in the winter and we see a need for supplies or whatever, we'll reinstitute the $1 dues, but I'll give you "fair warning" about that. 

Show & Tell:

Jane Swafford - two more pillowcases - let's see. this is starting to add up for me... Jane brings in at least 2 new pillowcases a week, she's been doing this for months... maybe a year now... 2 per week, 4 wks per month amounts to just under 100 pillowcases for charity!!  By any estimation, that's pretty awesome, Jane!!!

Pat Pipa - another lady tireless with charity sewing - shared an assortment, of course, starting with a finished doggie bed.  WOW item is completed - quilt - with the handstitched blocks and quilting, just lovely.  And near and dear to my heart, Pat shared some of her finished Foot Book practice samples and stitch outs.  Thanks, Pat - WOW (for me) I'm so glad you are back!!

Suzanne Brown - yes, everyone, we know she exists, she lives here, she works at Sharky's - and she still has time to visit our club!!  Yeah.... Suzanne shared her version of Row by Row Tote Bag.  I say "her version" because honestly, I've not seen two of these tote bags exactly the same.  The fabric is fun and fantastic, the pattern itself is a challenge and therefore everyone does their own thing with it - but the result is your very own very fun beachy, sunny, traveling, type tote bag to use.  Sharky's keeps the wonderful Timeless Treasures Row by Row fabric in stock, and as always... Sharky's is fun, reputable, and give FFAC ladies a 10% discount!!!

Eileen Navikas - shared a fun quilt she whipped up this week - "Casting Shadows".  This is the shadow box quilt pattern, sometimes called Attic Windows or version thereof.  Eileen with her art theory expertise made a version with solid blue fabric shadow in a baby quilt size.  This is a wonderful quilt block and pattern to use when you want to really highlight a featured fabric or theme.  It offers a "stunning" effect with very easy piecing of straight seams.  The actual "Shadow Box" pattern used by Eileen is from "Mountain Peak Creations".  put those in your "google search" to see variations and the actual patterns.

Thanks again to Marty Rhyne taking pictures for Lois Rose!!   We all know that Marty is inquisitive and not shy... Praise to you Marty!  This week... #1 Marty's inquisitive mind wanted to know how to square up a couple pieces of fabric she has on hand and wants to work with.  #1 easy peasy, fold in half, fold in half again - thus fabric is in "quarter" size, use a square ruler to square that up, or "rectangle" up, whatever size you're going for just ruler, rotary cut, mat and you even up the sides with two easy cuts - KEY here is 90 degrees (straight) edge in one corner.  

 #2 Marty's inquisitive mind asked how to ideas to repair shorts zipper so she could still wear the shorts.  Little background... these pretty in pink plaid shorts are Marty's favorites but to her friends they are "why are you always wearing those shorts?"  -  Reason being... Marty likes these shorts so much, she bought two!!  Her friends don't know she's got two pairs - thus why she always has on her pretty-in-pink plaids.  BUT #2 not easy peasy - no fix for this shot zipper - it's a gonner!!  We came up with a couple very complicated suggestions but all agreed upon only option - go VELCRO.  Okay, so now our inquisitive minds are thinking... what's Marty going to come up with and will this Velcro fix do the trick?? 

Change of pace... Prayer Requests going out for hubbies... Ladies, I forgot to mention last week terrible news we got from Hilary and Barry when they got back to England from their vacation trip here in June... Barry has a growth on his neck that Hilary showed us then... yes, you know where this is going... they get back home, see doctor, scans, x-rays... it is cancerous tumor.   We are all holding our breath waiting for doctors to make their determinations, decide on a gameplan, and get Barry on best road to quick recovery as possible.  He has more tests this week and the doctors are even scaring the heck out of them that there may be spread to his liver... let's send out prayers quick to say - NO - let's not got there, God!  Each year when Barry and Hilary make their way over to The Villages for fun in the sun - we share many many laughs over good food eating out, Barry and Mac golf up a "storm" (literally this year that's how it went!) and Hilary blows me away with her stitching and creativity expertise.  I can't tell you how sweet this couple is to know (and love), and so as I've shared this information with you and asked for your prayers for Barry, it is with sadness and tears in my eyes.  I have to do the tears to get to the smiles... I need some of Lois Rose's "brilliant" spirits!!

Please continue to pray along for Eileen Navikas's hubby and his dialysis regimen now which seems to be going well and that's so good to hear.  And we should be hearing good reports back about Nancy Cartlidge's husband soon again.  These men... where would they be without their strong, loving wives!!   

I  have yet another prayer request for all of you... Please join me in praying for a very hard animal rescue worker - Kathy Peacock - director of Suncoast Basset Rescue over near Bradenton, FL.  Her story is the opposite of Lois Rose - had the operation - but the cancer had made it to lymph nodes - she's going to need chemo, radiation and it's going to be a full blown battle ahead.  I know of her because my neice who lives in Bradenton works with SBR, and Mac and I are right now in process of adopting a 5-year old black Lab Mix who was rescued with a basset hound a month or so back.  So I've known about SBR for couple years hearing and seeing my niece's involvement, and the endless and self-less love and work the rescue workers and families invest to care for what they fondly call "fur babies".  I'm going to add a photo to this email of a rescue from this weekend in Miami Dade going to SBR - a mother and her puppy - Mama Bailey and Baby Oliver.   I know there's plenty of this rescue stuff going on closer to "home" here in The Villages, but this is what I've seen kind of firsthand... please prayer for Kathy and her good fight ahead. 

 God bless everyone and God bless the USA,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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