Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekly Update - July 3, 2015

Hi Ladies, Happy July!  Meetings for July will be Show & Tell, followed by Foot Book & Sewing Technique Demo, and then sewing time - to stitch out your sample or join in charitable sewing.  This month's Foot Book will be 1-Bobbin Work, 2-Pintucks and 3-Couching.  Pdf handout pages are attached (to email) that explain and illustrate the special sewing machine feet that can be used.  However, each of these techniques can be sewn without the special feet attachments.    For those of you playing along... Goal is to create a binder/book/sampler special to you that contains the pdf handouts along with your very own stitched up example.  Mine will be in ABC order but your very own can be organized how best for you.  I'm going to use a regular 3-ring binder for my book this time so that I can keep handout pages and stitch examples together in plastic sheets.   And, it always fun to look at ways these sewing techniques improve and embellish our various projects.   The foot book exercises are meant to inspire, learn and share all our various levels of sewing enthusiasm and "expertise".  I hope that it will be fun for everyone.

Charity Sewing - Each week for July and August we'll have Male Fidget Quilts, cat hammocks, doggie beds and pillowcases to sew during meetings along with any small blankets and quilts, too.  We all really have fun joining in the charitable sewing.  We have the supplies needed for all these on hand to sew up in hour or so at meeting.   Sounds like a lot - well sure - but one by one, it'll all add up pretty quickly.  

Projects - We've been having lots of fun with the Row by Row Tote Bag and Bobbin Robin projects - both are still ongoing and we have such fun seeing the finished projects as they show up.  Ice-me-nicely (covered ice pack in two sizes) is a project from first
year of club - and it is a quick,  useful project to look at - see pdf attached - It will be laid out in stages for ladies to see/do either at meetings or at home.  ??? - what's next - let us know if you have a project to share, or there's something you want to look at - we'll make that happen.  This club is for all sewers - beginners to advanced - don't be shy.  
Show & Tell:

Nancy Cartlidge - pillowcases, dog bed, finished Row by Row Tote Bag - with designer outside pocket made with elastic to expand and Nancy's initials, and lots of inside pockets including the large zippered pocket.  

Joan Thomas - Row by Row bag with pockets inside and outside

Audrey Philips - Pretty Pockets that are made for breast cancer ladies to give comfort and aide, and Row by Row bag 

Rita Burrows (new lady, lives in Orange Blossoms Hills) - Beautifully made throw pillows

Eileen DiSanto - 2 quilts - made using middle panels to embellish and border, 2 pillowcases

Pat Pipa - Welcome Back!!  and Get well - over that cold you ended up with on your trip - Quilt top made using hand stitched squares (the ones Lois Rose handed out a few months back!)  Beautiful stitching by Pat who is an expert with Redwork and other hand embroidery stitching.

Donna Pachy - (Coasters?)

Marty Rhyne - Thank you for taking pictures for Lois Rose - shared a very nice Thank you to everyone for prayers for her son who was deployed in Middle East - he's back now and wedding happened and all is well.  

Next Saturday - You can bring machines if  you want to help with charity sewing and after machine foot/technique demo if you want to sew up your sample during meeting time.  Attached are the pdfs - helpful you print out copies and bring with you to take notes and follow along demonstration.  I have Bernina and Viking machines, but these feet - whether brand machine name or universal - all work the same way and achieve similar results.  And as always, I'll demo how to achieve similar results without the special machine foot with just your regular pressure foot and regular stitches.  And, always you have option to watch demo and then work on your samples at home.  We  have supplies already on hand to use for making sample pages - no need to make any special purchases - scrap pieces of fabrics are great to use up for these.

Please continue to keep Lois Rose in  your prayers.  Several members have hubbies going thru health problems, prayers to those as well.  And just everyone, please have a good week and stay safe in the sun, 

As always, God bless to all, 
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Ed note:  Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers and for the great edible arrangements basket.  I am doing good, but it will take a few weeks for me to get back to the point where I can join you again.  In the meantime, my hubby is taking good care of me and I am able to do some light sewing to keep me busy.  I have follow up doctor appointments on 7/9 and 7/13, so I hope to know more about the path forward soon.


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