Saturday, July 20, 2013

Show & Tell July 20, 2013

Carol Planck - shared finished quilt made for little grandson that has the Super Heroes embroidered in blocks, his name in blocks, Alex, and his real superheroes in blocks, both grandfathers, his Dad and Alex in his Batman costume, too!!  Carol designed and made this beautiful quilt herself!!

Linda McIntyre - shared her bezazzled tank top - "WALK" pretty in pink and glittering crystals she'll be a very stylish morning walker!!

Eileen DiSanto - Little one made has made more than several Fidget Quilts and this week made her first one with handles.  Baby steps march on -- Eileen was not sure about sewing on handles, but made that next step!!  Great job!!

Delaine Koonse - shared a couple quilts she just whipped up during the week - one a Bargello - well not all the strips and piecing Bargello - but a piece of fabric that is Bargello design.  Delaine skillfully quilted squares and honestly it looked like a "from scratch" creation.  The other quilt beautiful one color Purple of varying light to dark fabrics.  FYI Golf Cart is "coming along"!!  One of these weeks we will have an "outside" show n tell project to see.  Oh and Delaine teased us with some sort of treatment she is doing with her sample binding squares - curiosity is running rampant on this one!

Suzanne Brown - Shared a stunning finished T-Shirt Quilt she made for a very special person and friend she will be visiting.  Suzanne does not like to put labels on her quilted projects, but we all really encouraged her to do one for this gorgeous loving project.  Her friend will be so proud to show off his quilt and his friend's name/label made for him.

 Nancy Rausch - has been away a couple months but wow did she make a comeback!  Nancy shared a quilt she and Janis Osters worked on together after winning the squares at recent guild meeting.  It is a red-white-and blue cutie she is donating to Happy Stitchers for that club's "Blankets for Honor Flight" project.  That club meets 2nd and 4th Mondays and are gathering quilts to donate in October.  The quilts are given to the WWII veterans when they are flown to Wash, DC on their "Honor Flight"!  Happy Stitchers is not only honoring WWII Veterans, they are honoring this great country's Freedom that we all know has been fought and paid for by our Military. 

And Nancy also made and donated 10 pillowcases for ConnKerr Cash for Smiles.  That deserves 10 !'s but not sure my computer would compute that!  FYI Nancy turned in the pillowcases each one washed, ironed, and bagged in a ziplock baggie.  That is how we need to present these to the charity when we make our club's donation.  Thank you!!

Donna Rissman - shared a finished UFO!  Yea for you, Donna!  and we are very happy that you are feeling a little better, too. 
Then Donna shared another stunning picture memory quilt she made for her dear neighbor husband.  Donna took copies of pictures from their walls, printed the pictures on "Printed Treasures" prepared photo-fabric, and pieced together an incredibly beautiful, loving story of this couple's life, focusing on the ailing husband's treasures!

Cheryl Minieri - shared her topiary project, not quite done, but very good work!  Cheryl's creativity takes baby steps each and every week to reach new plateaus.  Pretty good stuff, Cheryl.  PS - Thank you again for your very timely and nice help setting up front table, and putting away supplies after meeting!!  I truly appreciate your extra time and help a lot!!

 Jill Smithson - shared a hopping frog quilt that BJ's frog sewing catcher hopped right over to embrace.  It was frog meet frog love at first sight!!  And Jill made another cute doll quilt for Loving Dolls Club.

 Edie Cave - shared her first ever made pillowcases, her first machine couching sample work and a Handy and perfectly manicured Fidget Quilt.  Seriously, it is a Wow! one.  Edie's thoughtful creation had two hands centered and each hand's wrists and fingertips are fluffy, cute, yarnworks pompoms that just stand out beautifully.  It's truly one of a kind and Edie's creativity is awesome!  This is so amazing to see, too, because a few months ago, Edie did not sew.  Now she has a cute machine that she has obviously already bonded with and they will be crafting and sewing up fun, fun, fun!!

Lois Rose - keeps busy and just continues to grow in her creativity and workmanship, too.!  Lois has had her machine for a few years, but never did much with it, no projects like we do.  That's all changed!  She and her machine have dived head first into Fabric Fun Frolicking!  This week Lois whipped up another couple Eating Vests for Claire Bridge, Fidget Quilts - using her husband ties again (these are incredible - each one she takes the tie in a different direction that finishes up amazing!), and Lois even found time to do her very own quilt piece carrier.   And she dutifully took every single picture of today's festivities that we are confident will suddenly appear in our club scrapbook next week.  I've not mentioned that Lois prints out and includes these little "blurbs" with each picture.  Ladies, that memorable!!    God definitely gave our little club one of his sweet winks when Lois came to her first meeting.  God decided it was definitely time to document all this club's fun (and I was dragging my feet), so He made an "executive" decision and sent us our own special Rose!


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