Saturday, August 10, 2013

Show & Tell August 10, 2013

 Helen Lawrie - our unofficial Doggie Bed Club Coordinator - bought in more of the fluff/puff filled snuggle mats.  And she donated 3 little cute children dresses for the forest families.  Very cute!!!  Helen does not use patterns and "just sews".  Incredible.  Hubby helps by carrying in the doggie beds each week, and this week Helen and Hubby were dressed alike - no kidding - matching outfits - that (yes!) Helen sewed up herself, a beautiful matching man's and woman's shirts and pants to complete Helen's outfit.  No kidding - check the scrapbook picture!  Very chic!!!

 Debbie Founce - Fabric Cards - OK - our inspiration for CARD-A-RAMA Demo Day!  Debbie shared the cards she makes with bits and pieces of fabric and double bonding and heat fusing.  These are great cards and Debbie really makes pretty ones. 

 Carol Riggs - shared and donated a beautiful paisley print eating vest for Claire Bridge unit.  We will be giving Claire Bridge the additional supply of these wonderful eating vests on Monday.  Ladies, you've done great!

 Donna Cheffee - WOW! took one of the patterns from our Purse/Totes Binder last week and came back with 3 gorgeous purses this week.  She used one of the easiest patterns in the binder, added her very obvious talents and artistry, and each one is positively beautiful.  Please see the pictures in our scrapbook, they are worth a second look!  And on top of that Donna shared and donated two equally gorgeous Fidget Quilts - one beautiful manly version in fishing motif complete with a man sitting in a boat fishing the day away and the other a red/white/blue treat for sure!

 Lois Rose - Busy lady keeps busy - Lois finished her first quilt and showed us all - nice start!!!  Lois made a pretty cover for FFAC scrapbook - what can I say... the embellishment bug takes seed, buds and grows!  And Lois made a couple more Fidget Quilts - one is beautiful red satin background.  ADDitional Note:  Lois made an awesome custom FQ and lady who requested it came to pick up at our meeting.  Please see this one in the scrapbook.  It is going to a lady who is deeply religious who has 10 children and 26 grandchildren and Lois found beautiful fabric to depict these, added lace, cross fabric, and pouch with Rosary

attached.   Lois, you are a woman of great strength and insight for sure because you knew exactly what to do with this special request.
 Gay Harris - always fun - Gay has the perfect first name.  Gay shared a heart pillow she makes for ladies who have had mastectomy surgery.  One of her neighbors had stopped wearing her seat belt after having this surgery, and Gay remembered these heart pillows that perfectly fit and snuggle in for comfort.  So she made one for her neighbor and a couple other ladies.  We're getting the pattern from Gay and hopefully we'll make a day in the future so we can make some up and donate to a local organization.  Thanks, Gay, this is truly a good deed and inspiring, too.

 Carol Planck - loves her little 4 year old grandson and continues to make him stuff - this week a "Chalkboard Book" for his plane rides to see Grandma.  Carol gave us the pattern to copy.  There are 4 projects in the pattern, the book is the biggest, and we'll have that in the binder on our shelf.  Carol does beautiful work and makes everything special!

 BJ Herter - Ms Sunshine herself - shared the 4 beautiful one-inch twister tool wallhangings she has made for Christmas presents this year.  They are BJ's usual excellent sewing and complete with her trademark butterflies.  Cheryl Minieri shared this reminder for us, "Butterflies stand for Life".  How true... and BJ brings butterflies artfully to life all the time!

 Evelyn Emmons - didn't miss a week yet... shared and donated yes another fidget quilt.  I absolutely love seeing Evelyn's piecing and creativity in each one of these comfort quilts each week.  Thank you!

 Edie Cave - Even when Edie has a week of not feeling well, she still manages to use her creativity, too, and brings another fidget quilt completed to donate into our club's stash.  Please feel better this week Edie because we want you to not have a bad week.  Edie did smile though when I asked, "so you're really liking your new sewing machine?"  Yippers, she got herself a little cutie and it shows in her work!!

 Kathy Jones - shared and donated pillowcases for Case for Smiles.  Kathy made a couple flannel ones - great idea!!  And, I nominating Kathy for The Villages Wife of the Week Award... she made her hubby a "lap quilt".  No kidding... hubby feeling a bit jealous of all the fidget quilts going out the door... wanted his own lap quilt for TV time... Kathy made him a satiny, softie, smooth, and manly version.  What a hoot!!

 Delaine Knoonse continues to do fun work in "all her spare time".  Delaine shared and donated pillowcases and a baby blanket.  Since we can't bug Delaine anymore about her golf cart upholstery project, we'll have to come up with something because she just so much fun to "kid with" not to be bugging her about something... HMMMMMMmmmmm?


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