Saturday, August 3, 2013

Show & Tell, August 3, 2013

 Lois Rose started by showing one fidget quilt and a photo of another she made during the week and already gave away.  The one given away was in response to a call received requesting a quilt for a man who loved dogs and deserts.  The second was actually selected my a woman who came in later in the afternoon to pick one for a friend.

Eileen Navikas made some lovely leaf bowls and explained how she used a bowl to mold them.  She also showed a potholder she made for her brother to go with the placemats she showed last week.

Linda McIntyre showed a leaf bowl that she made, as well as a camera case and a flat bottomed  tote bag.

Kathy Jones showed her latest fidget quilt.

Helen Foxx showed a rack of cloth bead bracelets that she had made.  After Show and Tell she showed a group of ladies how to make these beads.  This seemed like a very popular demonstration, as most of the women in the room were crowded around the table to see and many left with finished beads.

Cheryl Minieri showed her latest fidget quilt.  I think she must have made at least a dozen by now.

 Donna Rissman Showed her latest fidget quilt, pillowcase, and a lovely animal print quilt.

Kathy Nichols brought a sweet ginger bread man fidget quilt.

She also showed a little jacket she and Donna Rissman made out of a pair of her jeans.  It was very cute but way too small for either of them, so they will have to find a little girl to give it to.

 Suzanne Brown prefaced her display with the fact that she and a friend she travels with like to bring their own pillows when they travel.  The problem is, making sure they don't forget and leave their pillows behind.  To solve this problem, Suzanne made 2 bright colored pillow cases so they would always recognize their own pillows.

Eileen DiSanto showed her latest fidget quilt.

 Donna Chaffe joined our group for the first time and came prepared for Show and Tell with 2 fidget quilts and a lovely tote bag she made.

Karen Cowie showed her lovely black and white table runner.

Evelyn Emmons completed her name tag doll with a pretty paisley dress and multi-colored hair. She also made a lovely red purse

 Pat Pepa brought a fidget quilt, pillow cases and her completed cloth flower.

Joan Galantha brought her latest artistic creation, a wall hanging  she created from a photo she took of a banana tree.

 Edie Cave was busy this week.  She brought 3 fidget quilts and her completed block carrier.

It was pouring rain, so we had a few late arrivals.
Jill Smithson came with a lovely quilt made from one solid piece of printed fabric, the first time she has made a quilt like this. She just had to add the batting, backing, binding and quilting.

Our last late arrival was Lodema Osborne.  She showed a two-handed, one piece potholder she made.  It looked perfect for getting large baking dishes or pans out of the oven.

We then moved on to the great Cloth Bead making lesson by Helen Foxx.


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