Saturday, July 27, 2013

Show & Tell July 27, 2013

Annette Reddy - First Time Member - started the show off with a va-va-boom!  2 quilts - one Judy Hansen's fabric line and pattern (that says gorgeous already) done beautifully and professional quilt - (Our club needs to take a road trip to Quilt Shop of Deland sometime - maybe we'll even get Judy to teach us something special).  Other quilt is block of month sampler from Stitch N Craft in Boca Raton.  Annette also shared a complete banner of month wool felt patterns of Lilianna Stitches by Lori Kabat. 

Eileen DiSanto - shared and donated 2 more eating vests for Claire Bridge and a Fidget Q.  It is so amazing to see each new Fidget Q and all your creative goodness that goes into each one.  They are in my opinion Works of Art.

Lois Rose - who heads of Fidget Quilt Central - came bob-bob-bobbin-along with her awesome earrings and necklace matching set made from - yippers - metal machine bobbins!  Her sewing machine only uses plastic bobbins, and waste-not-want-not Lois said what will I do with these metal bobbins now and answered her own challenge question with these pretty & fun pieces of jewelry!  Good show!!  And Lois shared her latest Fidget Qs and gave Kudos justly to Kay Flanagan for her help with these.  Kay sat and sewed several green strip sets together a couple weeks ago and Lois used those pretty pieces for foundations for Fidget Q's - Very cool Kay and Lois!   We love the teamwork!!
Lois also finished a 3rd fidget quilt and a purple and yellow midi bag this

(Little FYI - during the meeting and show n tell, there was Kay Flanagan, Helen Lawrie and crew keeping busy cutting fabric straps small enough to stuff in doggie beds ... that group is never idle and we love their teamwork - awesome!!)

Liz Evans - shared her foot book crazy patch sample blocks.  We're seeing Liz get back into crafting and sewing more and more each week, and we are so happy that she's joined our club.  Liz was a Girl Scout leader at one time and shares some of those insights with us as well.  (sorry, I missed the picture of this.)

Eileen Navikas - shared placemats she made for (I think) her brother, so they have a manly touch, but each fabric and piecing done in Eileen's perfect style we've come to admire so much.  Eileen sews projects together like a composer writes classical music -- each stitch is as each note on the sheet music that comes together for the completed piece.    Great to see and hear!!

Edie Cave - my my goodness we love the Fidget Q's she makes each week.  Edie always builds the scene/theme around a piece of fabric, embellishment!! She also completed several pillowcases.

The next two gals tried to trick me yesterday, but I was too sharp for them - no they did not tongue tie me and have me in a name calamity melt-down.  But good try anyway!!
 Kathy Jones (sitting right next to #8) - shared and donated Fidget Quilts - one so pretty with roses and one so manly in darker colors.  Kathy has help from her granddaughter with appliqueing the roses on and that's always fun time for sure.  Great idea!  Kathy creativity sparked and she used thrift store purchased towels for backing for these Fidget Qs.  Terrific suggestion and the towels work terrific.  She got them at Thrift Shop near Log Cabin on 441 that proceeds benefit Villages Hospital.  And she picked up for $1 a beautiful little blue & white afghan which she donated for our club's Infants & Toddlers Pantry of Lady Lake future donation.

Kathy Nichols - (yes the flip side of these two neat ladies who I screw up their names all the time but not yesterday!!  Ha ha ) - shared some pretty Christmas gifts made well in advance coaster sets.  Some were made using squares as original pattern works, and some made using triangle version.  (FYI, both patterns/instructions are attached for ya'all)  And Kathy made to donate four eating vests - so thank you!

Donna Rissman - It is not the "Summer of Donna" but the UFO's in her closets are happy to make completion status.  Donna completed a beautiful pink twister heart wallhanging and made pillowcases she is donating to Busy Hands Pillowcase for Forrest People effort.

   Gay Harris - shared a number of quilts made teaming up with her mother.  Gay cuts out squares, gives to her mom who sews them together in rows and rows to form quilts, mom gives back to Gay who then adds borders, batting, backing and binding.  I envy you the treasures of doing those projects with your Mom, Gay!  But in same breath, very happy to hear about your teamwork!!  Gay made and donated eating vests (Wow - this club comes thru!!!) and a knitted sweater top she received from a friend that is very pretty.

Delaine - did not disappoint - Finished Golf Cart is now a picture in Club Scrapbook - Yippers!  Delaine drove her golf cart with all new pretty slipcovers assembled, most of us viewed from the windows, but Lois and a bunch of gals went out to see the finished golf cart up close.  That is JOB WELL DONE, GIRL!  Just deserves CAPS for your hard work and fun work.  Delaine also shared pillowcases she's made for Conn Kerr, and a quilt bag that she made with the binding samples she was supposed to make for the binding exercises.  She had so much fun with that little piecing exercise and liked the fancy stitches splattered all over the seams so much, she put them together with sashing and made a (I'll say it) great little pretty tote/purse.  However, you still  need binding sample pieces - you know!  Just kidding with you - Your work is beautiful & fun!

Evelyn Emmons - Absolutely amazing Hot Air Balloon them Fidget Quilt, fuzzy fur zig zag for mountains and I think she had a couple other Fidget Qs she donated yesterday, but to tell you the truth I could not take my eyes off the Balloon Artwork and took a "mental moment" thinking thru her project.

Ellen Noon - Here is my Wow gal for the week! Because... Ellen looked through FFAC books, picked out a pattern for a bag, took it home, READ the pattern, followed the directions, made an awesome scrap bag purse/tote and bought back extra copies for the binder in case other ladies want to do one up!  That's very impressive to me, Ellen, and just the kind of thing I like to do myself!

Suzanne Brown - Hallelujah this lady knows how to finish a program!  Suzanne (and thank you!) made a label to add to awesome T-shirt quilt made for her friend in MD.  Suzanne did not do much by way of word embellishment but she did add clip art!  Even without the clip art, we would have all been very, very impressed and happy, so over-the-top again, Suzanne!  And, she made and donated her first Fidget Quilt!  How about that, she's got the bug now.  Suzanne actually made two Fidgets, but one she is taking to MD to enter in the County Fair up there. 
We hope she wins, of course, but she'll be a winner already in our eyes just for sharing the wonderful project of Fidget Quilts with her county fair entry.

And to finish, she showed the label she will add to the special quilt she showed last week.


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