Saturday, August 17, 2013

Show & Tell August 17, 2013

Linda Parr and Helen Foxx (the prettiest and nicest Daughter-Mom duo of Fabric Fun Regulars) both made and donated Fidget Quilts.  This was Linda's 1st (she said "only" but I'm counting that meant only 1 this week!) and Helen's 3rd which was a beautiful Panda - arama with soft fleece on reverse side in piano motif.

Linda McIntyre - showed her bowl recently made using the clothesline fabric wrapped technique and two colors of fabric, and the tea cozies she's making for her Sunday Tea Club meeting upcoming.


Pat Pipa - one of our original Fidget Quilt sample ladies, and back from her long trip westward ho!... made a Fidget Quilt to share and donate.

Carol Riggs - one-liner phenom - shared a fun, fun poem reading named "Addicted to Quilting".  Copy is attached - it's so cute and worth sharing!
Evelyn Emmons - shared and donated her latest Fidget Quilt creation.   Evelyn made a customized quilt request that came in from the newspaper article.  Evelyn and Edie Cave have offered to be on call-up list to make the custom/special requested Fidget Quilts.  Creation is the word for these individual masterpieces.  Each one is more inspiring for sure!!!
Eileen Navikas - our 1st lady of Fidget Quilt Samples - made a couple new wonderful ones to share and donate - awesome and thank you!  Eileen also bought in an assortment of her pretty cards made with fusing fabric, too.  Eileen's technique is unique to her artistry and one worth trying as well.  Eileen's shared her process with us before and maybe we'll have another demo for newer members soon.

Cheryl Minieri - shared her latest (and last) topiary wallhanging that still needs a little tweaking but already is very pretty, close up or far away!!
Helen Lawrie - shared and donated two items - first a heart-shaped doggie bed!  That's loving and giving together!!  Palm Tree Landscaped Fidget Quilt that is worthy of gallery art!  Short story about Helen:  On Thurs. at New Covenant UMC meeting, when Lois talked about Fabric Fun's other charitable works like making doggie beds, one of the meeting attendees said that he just got a dog from Lake Sumter Humane Society and was given a nice doggie bed to bring home with his new pet.  We smiled and said, "We know who had a hand in making that doggie bed"... Helen!

  Edie Cave - good luck when you go back north this week, lady.  We'll miss you.  Edie shared and donated 10 pillowcases (all done in baggies) to go to Pillowcase for Smiles of ConnKerr Cancer support for kids and Fishy themed Fidget Quilts - I think 2 of those - Edie just continues to care and give.  Edie made it to BOTH Homewood and Mission Oaks visits this month.  I honestly have grown to depend on Edie's support so much and think we all need to put her in our prayers and thoughts as she attends to business matters and health matters on her trip north.  We sent Edie off with a good hug, but hope she brings it back very soon to us again.

Liz Evans - our little challenged energizer bunny - shared a bunch of fun stuff and explanations about each - her completed Foot Book Binding Exercises sample squares -- that's more than a lot of other ladies have to show for those exercises so far!!  Liz also shared a beautiful fabric frame with an adorable 4 year old in the frame, a cute wooden reindeer ornament painted so cute.  Liz made two of these herself even using the wood saw, one she keeps next to her bed on the lamp and the other is safely stored in with holiday decorations.  Lastly, Liz shared a quilt she has started and after show n tell a few of us gathered to help get Liz started with making the batting/backing sandwich and how to quilt the top.  Keep going little energizer bunny, you help us all smile brighter!

Sandy Pawlowski - we'll I can't talk about this sweet lady right now because I'm still too sad about her moving away from The Villages.   Sandy was up to her usual antics, this morning made two 10-minute blocks - matching - put both side by side on her chest (you can imagine the picture - sort of blocks-on-point pasteeeses) and that's how the picture was taken by Lois Rose for the scrapbook.  I asked Sandy if she realized that was going into the Fabric Fun history books forever.  She giggled and very satisfactorily said YEP!  Sandy shared her 10-minth block square purse and blanket made last (or was it 2 years ago) when we did this fun block.  Sandy, what are we going to do without you???!

Gay Harris - Big thank you to Gay from me - she took home 4 of these quilted flannel pieces, and bought back 3 beautifully decorated and made into Fidget Quilts and 4th on its way to completion.  Gay used flower theme and fun uses of chennile techniques to make these WOW pieces!

Lois Rose - I've said a lot about Lois but it's not even near enough - how sincere this lady's approach to Fabric & Fun goes.  She's got expertise at so many things; and she's a fast learner with her sewing machine and what she do, she's so creative and lots of sweet, fun, smiles - she's always good for a great smile.  Lois and her hubby are getting ready to go on one of their fearless travel adventures down some river over there on another continent somewhere - Bon Voyage & have lots of fun!  I think that is where so many of her animal themed Fidget Quilts come from some of her adventurous travels.  Lois made fabric purchases and has cut out motifs and themed fabrics for ladies to use in their fidget quilts.   We definitely hear constant request and thoughts around animals, golf, cats, dogs, farms, cards, and food. 


Little Eileen #2 DiSantos - held up her item to share and donate - a beautiful pillowcase - all washed, ironed, and folded in a plastic baggie ready to go to ConnKerr.  Thank you!

Last but never least, Mickie showed her latest Fidget quilt.  She has been creating and delivering special order quilts that we haven’t seen, so Lois made sure to get  a photo of this rare one that made it to the meeting before heading out to someone in need.


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