Saturday, February 15, 2014

Show & Tell February 15, 2014

 Linda Parr started this week in a Very Gracious way - capital V & G on purpose - in describing her Mom, Helen Foxx, on Caring Bridge website, Linda succinctly wrote "Mom is always so gracious".   All of us fortunate to share time with Helen wholeheartedly agree that to be a perfect description of Helen.  What's that saying... Like Mother, Like Daughter - yes, it is perfectly applicable now to say.  Linda brought in to share the beautifully made memory quilt so club members could see up close the love it radiates.  Memory quilts are very special and are just always guaranteed hits, and they should be.  This one is so significant to our club because 1) each picture is Helen's awesome (radiant) smile and from our show-n-tells, 2) Donna, Kathy and Carol who made the quilt so lovingly, and 3) Linda's happiness to have been given these memorable pictures beautifully set and stitched in quilt.  Linda, you came yesterday very bravely and very graciously.  No doubt, Helen is smiling down from heavenly skies and very pleased with you. 

 Carol Planck - Perseverance describes our official queen of "bling" making it to meeting yesterday.  Carol - glad to see you gaining strength!!  Ladies, please continue keeping Carol in your thoughts and prayers because she is "not out of the woods" yet, and we don't want any more relapses occurring.  But for sure, Carol was on her game yesterday! sharing a backpack she fashioned for herself to hold the oxygen bottle - it's pretty heavy and the carrier they provide are hung off one shoulder.  By making a backpack pattern, Carol is more comfortable by distributing the weight of the bottle better.  Of course, Carol made a full-bling-fashion backpack!  Carol aslo shared her Jump Start Sampler Quilt that is complete with label, too.  As teacher of the 12-block beginner quilt class, I really enjoyed (with lots of pride) seeing Carol's masterpiece.  (Thank you very much, Carol!!)  And, last but not least, Carol shared a gorgeous tote bag she made for Edie Cave as thank you for Edie's very thoughtful visits and help during Carol's homebound days.  Ladies, you two are so nice to know!!

 Lu Karatzas - Lu updated that her brother received and hung immediately the beautiful organza wall art she made.  Lu also shared some of the patriotic I-Pad holders she made and gave Edie Cave one to send to her daughter who is currently in Afghan region on mission for Air Force.  Lu shared FYI that one of her friends thinks the I-Pad size covers are perfect for holding needlework patterns at angle to easily stitch by.   Another good use!!

 Sharon Ross - very styling new hairdo! - shared a super fun Fidget Quilt in usual Sharon creating fashion, including fuzzy soft bunny and beautifully stitched Sun Bonnet Sue.  Big Wow!!  And Sharon shared the tote bag she made with Plarn and purse in progress.  Plarn is Plastic Yarn!  Sharon's bags are really great as she's patterned the bags to create Plarn fabric combo of gray and tan by using Walmart and Publix bags for the Plarn.  Is that not a Hoot!  I tell you... that's a total Hoot!!  Plarn bags are so soft, too.  They are sturdy (we all know how much those plastic bags hold because we can stuff then so full they are too heavy to carry) - they are waterproof because let's face it - rain isn't going to ruin or shrink the Plarn.  I'm seriously considering trying to make one of these things.  Couple summers ago, one of the gals who came to Hemingway Pool everyday sat in the lounge chair and crocheted her plarn bags.  She said that it wasn't like fabric that could get ruined with suntan lotion, etc.   I'm thinking that might be an idea for this year for Miss Micki who wants to do everything to give a try... For now, I'm going to just be very envious of Sharon's combo bags because they're a Hoot!   Just a side note... Linda Parr is who first shared with Sharon the fun of Plarn, so those two had fun talking over the projects.  Linda offered couple tips that plarn should be cut 3/4" wide that makes nice width for crocheting and if plastic sticks at all, just use a bit of powder and softens and takes any of that away.  Sharon's tip is that she used a K needle and had no problem with strain on wrists.  Thanks ladies!!    I'm attaching the Plarn demo document from 2-3-4 (?) years ago.  I really should date those things I print out. 

Pat Pipa - shared an adorable Fidget Quilt - quite different from Pat's usual creations but nevertheless very nicely styled to comfort fidgety hands.

Lois Rose - shared one of the two mushroom baskets she made from Linda Lynch's demo last Sat.  Lois added some extra adornments including a handle.  Lois attended the respite day for Alzheimer caregivers sponsored by Carol McCarthy's organization.  She said that 26 Fidget Quilts were taken by attendees.  Lois said that the themes most wanted are patriotic and animals, and manly-like Fidgets are very appreciated, so ones geared to men themes really are helpful. 

Note from Lois: this photo shows both baskets made this week, including the one that tried to escape from my bag en-route to FFA&C.  Must have been the butterflies I put on it.


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