Saturday, May 24, 2014

Show & Tell May 24, 2014

We had a blast celebrating Kay Flangan's 100th Birthday on Saturday.  Kay, thank you for the privilege to know you and share your momentous birthday with us.  You, lady, are a real fun gal to know!!

In other awesome good member news... Helen Lawrie's hubby Jim came in the room on Saturday, yes, smiling and feeling better, and of course, carrying armloads of stuff in for Helen.  Jim thanked our club for good prayers and wishes for his health and we thank Jim for getting better and his support!
Edie Cave's Daughter, a Master Chief in US Air Force, Angie has returned home safely from her 6th deployment to Afghan/Iraq.  Angie even stopped in to say hi to the club and that was very special moment for Edie.  We all gave big cheer and applause in honor and appreciation to Angie for her service.
Audrey Philips proudly announced the birth of her first great grandchild, a beautiful baby girl.  With Audrey's embroidering talents and Audrey's daughter Lynn who is a professional seamstress and embroidery artist, this little baby is decked out in high fashion onsies like you've never seen before - !!  I've got to get one or two of the pictures to share with you all!!
Suzanne Brown who is now working at Sharkys several days a week filled us in on all the quality beautiful fabrics ad threads the shop is getting in each week.  The bolts of fabrics are very nicely arranged in shelving along the walls.  It is amazing how far this little vac & sew right in our neighborhood has advanced more to looking like a real-deal quilting store.  I personally encourage you to take time to visit the store and let that be your first choice to find the extra piece of fabric you need to complete a project.  The owners are very reputable and very open to requests for new items or suggestions of items you'd like to see carried.  If it is possible, I'm sure the store will carry them.  FYI, too, Al Lawson is forever grateful for our prayers and support during his recent health scare.  Also, Sharkys has an A1 reputation for their expertise as sewing machine repair shop.  Just saying... We support our local businesses and they in turn support our community. 
There were questions about how many 5x5, 6x6, and other cuts can be made out of a yard of fabric.  There are fabric calculators on the market and some free.  However, I do caution and most quilters will say the same thing... always buy 1/4 yard more than what you need.  Like if the pattern calls for 1 yard of fabric, it is wise to purchase 1 and 1/4 yard cut.  There are several tables in magazines and books, and I'm attaching a couple ones that come in handy in the sewing room. provides the first one centered around the "pre-cut" fabric packs available that are very handy.  The other is a chart just on square cuts out of a yard of fabric that is just one piece of information provided by artist Bonnie Hunter on her BlogSpot and website.  Please let me know if there is other information you are looking for and we'll be happy to get that in the weekly information.  I will have copies of both these documents available at meetings in our "copies binder".  
Show & Tell:

Pat Pipa - Started off with triple sharing - 1 - Fidget Quilts, 2 - Doggie Beds and 3 - Rag Quilts - This lady is hard to keep up with, don't you think?!  Thanks, Pat!  FYI - Please remember Pat is leading us thru June with handwork fun - and she has beautiful samples and projects to fill the entire month


Annette Reddy - Pillow and Wool Quilt Wall Hanging made with beautiful felted wool pieces and her beautiful hand stitching.  Annette shared a really wonderful story for us.  She's one of our butterflies right now, and lives in West Palm Beach where she is a middle school teacher.  Pat took the idea of fidget quilts back to share with her 15 co-workers and they all put their fabrics and adornments together and worked during breaks, lunches and afterschool, and made over 50 fidget quilts for the assisted living/memory care facility closeby their school.  They made enough for everyone in the facility to have their own.  Really cool!!  Very inspiring to all of us!!

Carol Riggs - showed us a nice iron carrier she made that opens to use as an ironing surface - these are great for ladies who go to classes (and clubs!).  In fact, our club has the pattern for this great notion item.  If enough ladies are interested, maybe we could make this a monthly project in the near/far term future.  You only need fabric for outside and the insulated fabric for ironing surface side.  As usual, Carol shared a beautifully made project that is inspiring!

Marty Rhyne - proudly shared her 1st sewing project made since high school - a beautiful bay rag quilt!  Good Job!!

 Cheryl Minieri - bought in a bunch of finished doggie beds - all in the same beautiful fabric that Cheryl's been using for project after project about two months now.   That was some big cut of fabric and Cheryl made use of every thread.

Joyce Yarborough - shared a beautiful article about a quilt made by others and donated to an awesome cause.  

Linda Parr - yummy meatballs - thank you!!  Made an adorable rag quilt for the Women's Pantry - cute doggies and stripes and more cute animals all over the back. 

  Joy Stanton - made a rag quilt - terrific! with flannels on both sides and a purse - that got a lot of wows and oohs!!! 

 Alice Meunier - shared a bunch of quilt tops she's got in the works.  These are not UFO's (unfinished objects), they are indeed beautiful WIP's (works in progress). 


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