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Show & Tell February 22, 2014

Left to right: Lois Rose, Donna Pachy, Kathy Nichols, Lu Karatzas, Phyllis Rice
Five ladies took up the challenge to finish their shawl/scarf/wrap (honestly all three names apply).
Donna Pachy started the parade with her shawl/scarf/wrap (honestly all three names apply) and Donna use narrow ribbon in the yarn to give the flower more definition.  That is a great idea!!  Like, I wish I had thought of it!!!  Donna did tell how she ironed the yarn around the outside edge and that was very tedious to do.  But it sure looked pretty.

Lois Rose shared her own version of the wrap/shawl/scarf, adding some bling to her flowers 

Kathy Nichols her wrap/shawl/scarf version which I love, love, love because she used extra yarns to embellish hers and made a yarn fringe.  And, of course, the yarn she used is some of my favorite.  Pretty cool, Kathy!  I'm going to be a copy cat!

Lu Karatzas - adorned her beautiful shawl/wrap/scarf and showed how she did an additional sew line down middle yarn that created a faux piping effect and helped the two outside yarn edges fan out better.  Lu is all about efficiency in sewing and her additional step accomplishes exactly that. 

Phyllis Rice - and last week was her first week! - shared her own completed scarf/wrap/shawl - now we're impressed with this newbie!!  Great job, lady!  And way to jump right in to the fun this club is all about.

Then Donna shared her completed March wall hanging that she beautifully free motion quilted, too.  Donna is right on track with the year-long monthly calendar wall hangings.  And she's so sweet because she makes these to send to her parents along with a homemade batch of cookies or other baked item.  That's doubly sweet!  And last but not least, Donna shared her completed "Cotton Theory" placemat which she did in a class during the week.  Donna used pretty batiks for hers.

Kathy Nichols - shared an adorable fidget quilt she made and her wrap/shawl/scarf version (see page 1)

 Pat O'Connor - not to be confused with Pat Cooper - shared a couple bags she made this week.  One is a great floppy stylish off the shoulder bag made from pattern called Fat Quarter Bag that uses 6 fat quarter fabric cuts (fat quarter as you'll see in the pre-cut fabric information is a piece of fabric that is 18 inches by 22 inches = a half yard of fabric cut in half = thus equals a fat quarter).  I love this pattern and made it years ago, so I'll attach it to this email and try to dig out my bag.  These bags hold tons of stuff I might add. 
The other bag Pat shared was a cute small tote/purse made using Quiltsmart's "Smart Bag Fun Pack".   When my first grandson Anthony was in daycare/nursery school and went up from infants to toddlers room where he had two sweet and nice young ladies.  I had the Smart Bag Fun Pack that makes two bags at one time and one trip up to CT made the two bags up and gave to the young daycare workers to care their lunch to and from home.  They absolutely loved the little totes.  I really wish I would have made template of the pattern pieces because it really goes together so nicely.  Thanks, Pat, for sharing both those bags this week because yours are made beautifully - terrific fabric choices - and I was able to call up a couple of fun memories doing the same ones.

Eileen DiSanto (the little one) - shared her same bag as Pat's - Fat Quarter Bag - and yes, the bag was almost as big as Eileen!!  Ha ha just kidding!!! 

And Eileen shared 2 fidget quilts in the making.  I love seeing the creative styles each of you develop and use for your process to make Fidget Quilts.  I'm glad that we don't have any contests or judging because it would be impossible to choose one winner out of all your uniquely made pieces. 

Suzanne Brown - really had a productive week and shared that with us.  First she shared a great doggie bed she made using two of the decorator fabrics we have stored on big rolls in corner.  They made up a terrific doggie bed!  And Suzanne shared some of the potholders and microwave bowl covers she's making for the craft sale that will be in couple weeks (see info below).

Lois Rose - This lady really is blossoming with her sewing growth!  Lois shared Fidget Quilts she made up, and her own version of the wrap/shawl/ (page 1)  Then, Lois shared what I think is a very special, rare opportunity that some let pass by, but not our Rose.  Over Thanksgiving and visiting her sister, Lois found a quilt top that was started by her mother at some time.  Lois went over the top and got it ready to add batting and backing, and she made the backing just perfect.

Lois' mom's name was Daisy, so she used daisy fabric and embroidered alternating Roses and Daises along the edges.  Then, Lois labeled the quilt in a special way, too.  She made two labels, one for her Mother's starting portion and one for her finishing portion.  Very appropriate and definitely very wonderful daughter honoring her mother.

Kathy Norquist - shared the progress she made on Folk Art Quilt she is making - by hand! - with beautiful felted wool pieces using Sue Spargo's lovely quilting pattern.  She'll now be gone until next year this time, but Kathy promises to keep us up-to-date on progress and plans to show us the finished quilt when she returns.  Awesome!  We will patiently wait for that treat!!

Bonnie Meyer - continuing her Plarn work - shared her St. Patrick's Day styled plarn bag in green and white.  Now, I'm jealous!

Cheryl Minieri - styling in with a gorgeous pair of sandals she got at Merle Norman in Colony Plaza - congratulations Cheryl on getting your foot lots better, too!! - shared the four (4) Fidget Quilts she made this week.  Now, that's our gal Cheryl... she's back!!  I love Cheryl's focus on Fidget Quilts and how she puts such thought and care into each add on and makes sure the front and back totally complement one another.  And, special to Cheryl's Fidget Quilts, the backs have texture and pockets, or something that fidgeting hands will discover.  Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing your inspiration with us.

Last but not least - our special Helen Lawrie - back from cruising with her hubby - Helen shared the Fidget Quilt - she made while on cruise! (How's that for devotion to her sewing crafting fun) and another loving doggie bed with Helen's artistic hallmark heart shaped center spot for doggie's resting.  We know for certain Helen was working on Fidget Quilt while on cruise because she brought in a picture taken of her doing just that!!  Lady, we love you!!  And doggies all over Sumter County in no-kill Humane Society shelters love you as well!!  You are a driving force behind the
doggie bed effort!!  Ruff-ruff!!


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