Saturday, September 13, 2014

Show & Tell - September 13, 2014

We had lots of great show & tell this week.

Jane Swafford Started us off by showing her completed midi bag.  I continue to be impressed by how many of the ladies have finished this project and I know more are on the way.

 Lois Rose brought a doggie bed and 2 lap quilts with biblical quote blocks she made for relatives.

Pauline Nizza finished her foot mop from last week's project by adding a cute face on top.

Marty Rhyne made a variety of neck coolers to show the possibilities of this week's project.  After show & tell she led the group in making these nice additions to a golfer's essentials while out in the Florida heat.

 Edie Cave continues to thrill us with her fidget quilt creations.  This week she brought 3 military/patriotic themed fidgets and 1with baby birds and a garden.  Lovely.

 Kathy Jones finished her foot mop and modeled it for us.  She also showed us an old button doll she had, to give us some ideas of what can be done with spare buttons.


 Pat O'Connor made the rounds of the quilt shops in New York while she was away and showed us the results - an 8 panel quilt representing the New York shops she visited.

She also collected the shop license plates and showed us a few of them.

Linda Lynch finished her foot mop in a nice froggy green.
Pat Pipa made a great ruler tote.  This was from a pattern she bought, but she modified it to fit her rulers, which are larger than the pattern allowed.  This is a great, practical addition to a quilter's tools.

 Donna Pachy came in with her completed midi bag.  Please excuse the blur - I couldn't get her to hold still.  I think she was excited about her completed projects. :-))

Since there has been som discussion lately of microwave bowl potholders, Donna also brought her finger microwave holders to show.

 Joy Stanton completed not one, but three foot mops.  She's definitely ready to skate around her floors.

She also made a microwave bowl potholder for a large bowl.  Nice modification of the basic pattern.

Next week Pat Pipa will show us how to make Halloween pumpkins.  If you can make it, bring an orange fat quarter and join in the fun!


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