Saturday, October 18, 2014

Show & Tell - October 18, 2014

We had a small but enthusiastic group attend on Saturday. That was to be expected since there were craft sales going on at three of the rec centers and many of our regulars were working at booths there.

Pat Pipa started our show and tell with 3 items this week. She made a cute placemat with coffee cup fabric, a doggie bed, and a great tote bag made of 2.5 inch wide fabric strips wrapped around batting.  She said the bag was tedious work, but the result (in my opinion) was definitely worth it.


Eileen DeSanto showed her completed zen tangle art.   Even the back of this looks beautiful!


Becky Chianese attended a class on how to make an ironing board cover, given by one of the quilting guild chapters, and showed her lovely result.

Donna Risman was next, showing her latest table runners.  She was very excited about the new design she found using border fabrics and gave us a quick demo on how easy one of these can be put together in about an hour.

The method involves cutting a yard of border fabric into 14 equilateral triangles, then rearranging them into the pattern as shown in the photos here.

One yard of fabric is enough to make a runner and a hexagon mat.

Eileen Navikas was next. Her show and tell item was a little different. Since her other hobby is painting, she has a lot of paper scraps with watercolor tests. The mat she showed us was a paper "quilt", made of square painted paper pieces.

After show & tell it was time for our scheduled demo by Cheryl Minieri.  Cheryl showed us how to make a braid quilt using 2.5 inch wide strips of our leftover fabrics. This is an easy, fun way to make a quilt, placemats, a table runner, or whatever else your imagination leads you to design.  Cheryl did a great job and we are looking forward to seeing completed projects come back in the next few weeks.


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