Saturday, November 1, 2014

Show & Tell - November 1, 2014

Although a number of our regulars were missing this week, we had a good attendance with 4 new ladies checking us out and 3 returning snowbirds.   Alice Muenier (looking great with her new hairdo), Brenda Severa (did I get it right?), Lu Karatzas, and our English friend Maureen Wilson are back with us for a few months.

 Lu Karatzas started off the show & tell with a memory quilt she made for her mother years ago and regaled us with some of the stories that go along with it.

On the back, she has over the years sewn on the funeral cards for people whose photos are included on the front of the quilt.  This is a beautiful and touching family heirloom!

Lu also showed some placemats she made years ago with photos of trips she and her husband made.  Although these placemats have been used and washed repeatedly, they have held up well over time.

Audrey Philips brought us some fun bags of popcorn in thin plastic gloves, with candy corn fingernails at the tips.

Her 2nd show & tell was a cat and mat she picked up during the group road trip to Sew-Mini-Things a few weeks ago.  What a lovely completed project.

Her third item was a scarf she crocheted from the frilly lace we have been seeing.  She is looking for advice on how to finish this off, so those of you who have done these, please giver her a hand.

Marty Rhyme was next with a stripe quilt she made.  This is put together as a rag quilt, with matching front and back stripes.

Next, Marty showed a blanket her friend Cathie Shuort made for her. (Cathie came along and is seated to the left in the photo).

This is made with a single piece of anti-pill fleece.  The edges are cut like a rag quilt, then woven together in a style that intrigued many of us.

Although a bit shy, we convinced Cathie to stand and show a pillowcase she made.  We hope this sweet lady will come back and join our group in the future.

Kathy Jones was back with another apron made from a shirt, but this time it was a little girl's apron, made from a woman's size shirt.  This is definitely a fun, easy and versatile pattern.  She has discovered an even easier way to make these, and she showed a few ladies how at the end of the meeting.

Sue Campbell will be leading the group project next week, so she brought in a sample of what we will be working on.   She also showed how, if you want a reuse-able pattern, you can get a plastic cutting board from the dollar store and make a pattern out of that.  Pretty neat!

 Lois Rose started her show & tell with another completed doggie bed.  (We have plenty of empty ones available for anyone who would like to bring one home to fill.)
She then explained that 6 pre-quilted baby quilts had been donated to Happy Stitchers a few weeks ago, only needing the binding added to be finished.  Winnie DePastino, knowing that Lois does this, showed them to her and Lois subsequently took them home, added the binding from her leftover fabrics, and brought them back for the donation pile.

Next she showed the 2 table runners she made, inspired by Donna Rissman's quick demo 2 weeks ago.  Lois used the photos she took of Donna putting one of these together (see Oct 18 blog) as her guide and made one for herself and one to give to the niece she is having Thanksgiving dinner with.

Only the tops of these are finished so far.  Lois said she would bring them back when they are completed.

Eileen Navikas came a little late and didn't have an "official show and tell," but she showed us the quilt she is making based on Cheryl Minieri's demo.

She said the only thing she would do differently next time is to not cut off the ends of the strips, but instead, to add yellow triangles in between to integrate the 2 braided rows.  We look forward to seeing this as a completed project.

After show & tell we worked on making our felt Christmas ornaments (see pattern in last week's email from Donna).  This was fun and we hope to see a bunch of them completed for net week's meeting.


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