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Weekly Update - August 15, 2015

Hi All Y'All - Fun day Saturday with pretty faces, new faces, and the Audrey Phililps family reunion spending their afternoon with us.  Talk about our club's sister duo's - Audrey's group is a trio of girls who came to sew together and a grand-daughter came along, too!!  You know how we start meetings by acknowledging and saying hello to "New Today" ladies.  When I looked down at the slip of paper, I saw Juanita known as Nita, Hand her last name, then next line Hannah and next line Anita and Vick last name of those two... it was like okay... hans and itas and what???  So!  Juanita "Nita" Hand came with Eileen DiSanto who are both members of Busy Hands Happy Hearts.  Hannah Vick is Audrey's grand-daughter and daughter of Anita Vick!  I had the "Philips" girls straight for about a whole a minute on Saturday and I think one more time, and I'll have it. 

I went over a bunch of stuff after show and tell that includes couple of small-quick projects and a fun strip piecing technique called "tube quilting" that creates pretty quilt blocks very easily and fast.  We looked at bindings and beyond for our double panel "double vision" wallhangings and bindings for projects in general.  Attached are pdfs that go along with what was shown.  Tube Quilting is in the "Just Sew It - Piece by Piece" pdf from Bernina page3.  Unfortunately, I don't have tissue box cover or "on-point" placemats in pdf form yet, so I need to get those done and then can send them out.  I'll have a couple copies at the meeting on Saturday for ladies. 

Then after demos, some ladies actually sat and sewed up the quick tissue box covers from some of the pieces of fabrics on hand that had been cut to size.  It was especially fun to see some of the variations already created and sewn up.   The variations all came from the Philips Trio + grand-daughter table and I think they were just getting started thinking up how to personalize the project.  Hannah Vick for sure is an artistic young lady and she attached the side buttons in off-set fashion that added a "flare" for sure.  And the sisters preferred a smaller opening for the tissue and made it more of a long rectangle one with satin stitch edges, almost looking like very long buttonholes. 

Lois Rose reported delivering doggies beds and 40 cat hammocks to Marion County along with quilts and pillowcases to the Ocala shelter for women and children.  Good stuff ladies - your good talents and time well spent - delivered right to needy organizations in our community!  FYI, Lois and Rose are on the road again to make the swing to all the rest of the quilt shops in FL part of the Row by Row Quilt Shop Hop!  Congratulations to Lois for her many recent victories, but I'm very envious for her hubby who is her quilt shop hop chauffeur!! 

BJ Herter tells me that Judy Hansen has posted a great picture of Lois Rose to her blog on Facebook for Quilt Shop of Deland.  Way to go Lois and Bobbin Robin on your Row to Row quest this summer!!  Kudos!!!

Show & Tell:

Eileen DiSanto - Busy Hands Happy Hearts Doll!  and Double Vision birdie quilt finished for charity!!

Pat Pipa - Double Vision wallhanging quilt - beautifully made with the flowers jumping out into the borders - !!!

Nita Hand - lots to share - stuff from Busy Hands Happy Hearts - I'm going to get the "cap" pattern for us to give these worthwhile ladies a "hand" one day by devoting a special day for us to use up and sew up a bunch for their charitable effort!  Travel basket with ties instead of snaps or velcro, and a book jacket for when youdon't want the cover to get dirty or when you don't want people to know what you are reading. ;-)

Anita Vick - necklace beautifully made with bubbly cap, little glue, etc - lovely jewelry!

Hannah Vick - Spiderman Afgan - her own pattern, her beautiful crochet stitches, and lucky boy-friends!!  FYI, friend loved it so much he reciprocated by giving Hannah a whole set of crochet hooks - thoughtful, right?!  Yes!!

Audrey Philips - Double Vision quilt coming along - on to more borders - and it will be a wonderful charity quilt, too!
Lynne Delgado - Lynne was sharing pictures of the beautiful pillows and bags made in heirloom fashion that Audrey shared with us.  Truly beautiful sewing, Ladies!!
Linda Parr - almost finished quilt for one of her neighbors becoming a grandmom for the first time - Good stuff!  Linda and her wonderful Mom, RIP sweet Helen Foxx, always using their talents and sewing fun to share with their neighbors and family.  
Lu Karatzas - Lu was allowed to go FIRST before all else of meeting started because she was needing to get to URGENT CARE to have a sliced right thumb looked after - hope that turned out well!!!  Lu stopped in to share the tape measure tote purses she made after Carol's demo last week!  Nice straps added to the bags!!

Lois Rose - beautiful wreath, sewing turtle and another tissue box cover  - we think Lois actually took time out for sleeping this week ha ha!!

Carol Riggs - double vision birds - good stuff - now she'll be adding on in a very unique way - to create a little larger quilt blanket for charity.  Carol and I brainstormed - yippers we both have brains and used them - to figure best and very efficient way for her to make and add on quilted borders to the "base quilt" - - RAG quilting technique - WOW what a terrific alternative came out of our talking thru some options.  We went from hard, less hard, a bit easy to dang this is going to be easy!!

Susie Pindry - another stack of cat hammocks (and Bev Minnerly made it an bakers "double dozen" by adding another one onto the stack!). 

Busy Hands Happy Hearts are participating in the Oct. 17 Craft Fair and will be in the Laurel Manor Rec. location.  I mention them because we know that their clubs participation is their club's fundraiser to have funds for their charitable sewing projects.   So when you purchase one of these lovely goodies at the fair, you know that the money will be going to a good cause for sure!  It's a great idea and one that we've thought about doing with FFAC thru the years.  So, we'll see and talk about this maybe sometime in the winter months.  We could pick 3 or 4 projects/items we love to make, see what supplies we have on hand, see if we have enough ladies willing to "crank out a whole lot of them" so we could price them right and sell them at a craft fair.  We could then turnaround that effort to use Joann coupons and buy lots of fleece, supplies, batting, childrens fabrics!!!, the stuff we are always using and running out of - and we would be able to stop "begging"!

Next Sat. is Lunch & Learn - it's August Appetizers!!  As always, no RSVPs required, come as you are, hope to see you. 

September Squares - please see pdf attached that is breakdown of "How Many Squares in a Yard?!"  In case you have a 1/2 or whole yard around that you don't plan to use, consider cutting up some squares to add to the stacks Lois Rose has already created.  Then join in sewing up one or more of the fun patterns - they are easy - it's SQUARES - and what do squares make - ROWS - and what do rows make - QUILTS... just like that... DONE.  Of course, can't resist looking at some of the fun and sew (SO) creative patterns "out there" in the world wide web and in the books and magazines galore.  Pick a pattern, pick a color, pick a theme, pick a collage of all - simple piecing and you'll be amazed. 

Reminder - August does have a 5th Saturday-August 29th and that will be a Sit & Sew day for Fabric Fun - men's fidget quilts is one idea - there are quite a few "fidget bases" on hand that just needs the choosing and embellishing done that we can do together in the 3 hours.  We'll suspend show and tell for August 29th so we can sit down at 1 pm and sew together.  It's always a lot of fun when we do just that!   Hope you have the week available to come!

 As always, God bless America,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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