Saturday, August 1, 2015

WeeklyUpdate- August 1, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies:  Last Saturday kicked off a month of stripper fun - no we did not start "pole dancing" - we started looking at cutting, sewing, pressing, and finishing up projects using strips and strips sets.   Next month - September - we'll be doing some of the same fun only using squares - all size - make is small - make it big - still doing the same stuff.  One of the good tips to learn and use when working with squares is how to get those "4-way intersections" just right - again, simply good 1/4 inch seam, proper pressing, and easing "pining" gets that flat intersection every time.  What that you say - yes, it will be an easy Foot Book exercise and page!   

Along with this ongoing fun - ladies feel free to join in with your own projects and demos to show and share.  Becky Chinese is showing us a "one hour basket" the 2nd Sat. in September!  We love all the fabric basket and bowl patterns we've tried over the years, and I'm sure this one from Becky will become a favorite.  And just in time for holiday gift sewing!  

Thinking ahead, and considering a couple projects for October and November - we'll take on Snippets and Paper Piecing  - both project lots of fun to do stuff.  For instance, want to make a one of a kind Christmas Tree - do it using snippets!  I've got one to show you.  And holiday gifts are quick and easy to make using paper piecing - cards, potholders, gift bags, etc.  No worries, there's a few Foot Book pages and exercises to go with these ideas, too!!

Again - this is just my game plan for sewing up some fun for you (and me), share ideas, share and learn together to make our sewing crafting time as pleasant as possible.  But I love it when you join in to give ideas and share your projects and ideas with the group. 

Couple of those things that we'll be scheduling - Snap Purses (Carol Riggs) and Wing Needle "heirloon" sewing (Audrey Philips) - don't panic ladies, I'm not going anywhere and will be happy to provide you all the moral support you want for these!!  You've shown them and now we want to see how they are made.  

Before show & tell recap gotta say how great it was to see some ladies back, looking fabrulous, and seeing their smiles and what they are doing!!  I'm talking about Sue Campbell (knee woos), Audrey Philips (her heart scare), Janey Westra (travel), Kathy Nichols (travel) and Lois Rose (her surgery)!!  Feels like I'm missing someone.... oh yeah - Lu Kazatzas (back from the north)!!  Now maybe I can get on track a bit better -  ha ha!!

Show & Tell:

Sue Campbell - Pillowcases to donate and Fidget Quilt - big fishy - so terrific to see
 Lu Kazatzas - she's still working on learning crochet stitches and makes a wash cloth with each one of her sample stitchouts - that's pretty cool use of time and material - she crocheted up a slew of scarves for friends and family ladies - made crochet purses by designing her own pattern.

 Eileen DiSanto - shared 3 snap purses - yes, Eileen & Carol got together to sew again this week!!

Audrey Philips - showed her completed row by row tote bag and shared some beautiful heirloom pillows and wedding hankie she makes up using wing needle - this stuff is just gorgeous and maybe it's not so popular sewing with today's Modern Ladies and Millenials - but one day they will again want to embrace and cherish these heirloom items and sewing - wait & see!!  And adorable "Flat Squirrel"

Pat Pipa - besides my being challenged saying Pat's very easy last name right again - as always whatever the need, Pat is willing to make and donate - and this week it is a Man's Fidget Quilt.  Side note here - we'll be scheduling a separate sewing crafting social time soon to focus and make up a bunch of man's fidget quilts.

She also completed a charity quilt from blocks leftover from our charity quilt challenge last year. Pat's got a jump on our September project.

Janey Westra - Whole bunch of charitable sewing - pillowcases and rag quilts - Janey has done something that makes it very special, for each one of the pillowcases, Janey found a $1 store little golden (time) book to put with one.  For instance, for a pillowcase with cars and trucks, that one had a book about those,    Really great, great idea!!!  And Janey shared a couple snap purses made with very beautiful Alzheimer material.  I've never seem that fabric before, and hope that I can look it up and find a piece to have.  It's gorgeous purple fabric.

Jane Swafford - back to pillowcases - Jane sewed up a few for this week to donate!!

Nancy Cartlidge - shared an adorable Puppy Raincoat - made from a real man's raincoat - Talk about taking a negative and turn it around for positive - this is just what Nancy did.  Her hubby had a serious motorcycle accident wearing the raincoat.  The EMT's had to cut the raincoat off him.  Long story short - hubby is better and better, even back to motorcycling.  And Nancy took the cut off raincoat scraps and fashioned up something for their puppy - who rides in a side seat on the new motorcycle.

Carol Riggs - Snap Purses - Carol seems to be the ringleader here with the snap purse sewing - so we're going to have Carol lead us thru this fun use of those metal tapemeasures!!

Bev Minnerly - card hold for triple play card decks - that's taking her fun sewing talent to make a item for another club's fun - great!!

Kathy Nichols - Finished a couple of pillow cases and sewed up a quilt using Lois Rose charitable squares - Kathy did a beautiful job and turned it into an "I Spy" fun quilt for a little one.  

Lois Rose - shared her completed Row by Row Tote bag jammed packs with zippered pockets galore and that she has taken to 45 Shops!!  Yes, surgery and recovery - nothing keeps our energizer Rose down - and hubby Ray loves to drive (and even pick out fabric - now doesn't that make each of us just darn jealous - I know I am!)  And Lois embroidered up a whole huge bunch of tissue holders during her home recovery time - check out the picture.  She's got one for every holiday, every occasion!!

Ladies - this week some of the debates begin to get to know and hear answers from the men and women who are campaigning to be the next POTUS - 2016 Elections will come and be at hand before we know it - it is not to early to get involved and learn and hear from all these men and women.  And the perils ahead for this great nation demands that we take time to be informed and vote for a man or woman who will be trustworthy of each and every one of our votes and absolute be of character to uphold our Constitution and Rule of Law.  This Thursday on Fox News Channel there will be a debate with the GOP front runners and a separate debate for those who do not make the cut as a "front" runner.  So it is a chance to hear from ALL on the right (so far).   Regardless of your political leaning or affiliation, I urge you as an American Citizen, to watch, listen, verify,for yourself and urge your friends, family and neighbors to do the same.  We need to do lots of background work this election cycle - this country deserves our attention.  We cannot continue to let Washington run rampant and take our country down anymore.
God bless each of  you and God bless America
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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