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Show & Tell - May 31, 2014

Hi Club Members here and everywhere - Happy June to all!

For June's focus, I've attached some of the basic information in the club's arsenal of techniques and projects.  We're going to look at, learn and practice some of the stitches described in the information.  Pat Pipa will start us off with Cross Stitch and a Scissor FOB project.  We'll be able to send out the pattern pdf with next week's update.  Definitely, if you're able to attend, and you've done cross stitching previously, bring in your show & tell to share. 
Stonehenge Fabric enthusiasts... remember the beautiful Christmas tree panels "Starry Nigh" that made up beautiful lighted wallhangings last year... Stonehenge is following up with another new panel this year called "Starry Night 2" and this one is a beautiful wreath that can be lighted up pretty much like the Christmas tree projects.  The new Northcott Holiday advertisement is on the back of McCall's Quilting July/August 2014 issue.  One project using the panel is called Winter Lace by Jean Boyd designer.  You can see the 48"x48" wallhanding at  There's a smaller bonus table topper pattern included that is 31"x31".  This year's Starry Night 2 comes in three color - cranberry, evergree and starlight.  It's very blingy because of the metallic accents in the beautiful, high quality fabric.  check out for lots of more information.
In this issue of McCall's there is also a really pretty tea cozy pattern along with tea cup coasters.  I'll try to get it scanned into pdf form because I'm sure our British ladies will enjoy seeing this one. 
Hey sewing crafters, do you have a project that you reached a standstill... just put it away and it's in the closet to finish sometime?  These are projects lovingly referred to as UFO's, but in my closet(s) I've got tons of WIP's because I truly do intend to finish each and every one... Ha Ha  Sometimes, it just takes a little to get the project finished and sometimes that can just come in the form of critique from someone else.  Critiques can jump start the creativity or just put an idea out there that is the helpful tip or plan of attack to finish up.  I'm thinking about designating an upcoming month to UFO's and WIP's.  Maybe you've got project(s) around your sewing room that you never plan to finish due to lack of interest, change of decor, whatever.  What's the saying about one person's trash is another's treasure... well just think about maybe the UFO or WIP would be just the project another person would love to take up and finish.  So we could even include that in the meetings a "project swap" table or just plan "project give away" table.  During the summer months is usually when we think about setting up projects to make for fall holidays and as Christmas presents.  Someone's WIP might just be the thing another lady could finish and give as perfect gift for someone. 
You all have heard me mention Quilting Arts TV shows before and the club even owns two seasons of the QA TV series.  About 3 or 4 years ago, QA TV series included segments called "Save my U.F.O."   Believe it or not listening to the suggestions and critiques were very inspiring.  I'm hoping that will be the case for some of us.  Creativity gets a boost!
Show & Tell:

BJ Herter - iron tote, 2 tote bags for Ad Litem project to help foster children have bags for their belongings as they go to their new foster care facilities and homes.   And BJ turned in the very first finished handwork square Lois Rose distributed a few weeks ago.  BJ did the giraffe - very nice work!!
 (Note from Lois: I'd like to see these all back by the end of July so I can create a quilt for the Women & Children's pantry from them.)

Donna Pachy - shared "June" wallhanging finished and ready to send with cookies to her mom and dad in Michigan - nice daughter!

Pat Pipa - fidget quilt

Alice Muenier - great red-white-blue pillow - Bargello style!

Carol Riggs - beautiful red and green shades rag quilt

Kathy Nichols - rag quilt nicely created as all of Kathy's projects are made

Eileen DiSanto - and she received the "frozen" member award last week - even with a sweater on, poor Eileen got colder and colder as the afternoon meeting went on - come to think of it, we should have wrapped her up in one of the rag quilts!  Eileen shared a new fidget quilt she made. 


Lois Rose - welcome back - shared a rag quilt she made and cross stitch

Ode to Joy Stanton - made two fidget quilts.

Joyce Yarborough - made her first #1 fidget quilt - of course, we've heard this before from others, she wasn't sure it was "good enough".  What's the reply... It's great!  There are no mistakes, no wrong way to make these loving, soothing comforts that bring joy and contentment to Alzheimer and Dementia patients - every fidget quilt turns out a masterpiece.

Carol Lynch - shared a gorgeous table topper that she found the pattern and fabrics at a quilt shop in Las Vegas.  Please look this one up on the blogspot because it is stunning.  The fabric looks shiny like a lame. 

and... Thanks to Dorothy Levera of Allamanda Chapter of the quilting guild who brought us 4 boxes of donations of laces and trims and other embellishments last Saturday.  We'll really make very good use of these donations.    


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