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Show & Tell - June 7, 2014

Hi All Y'all, Almost mid-June, it's like "time flies when you're having fun"... but down here in The Villages that can be like warp-speed, or speed-of-light.  I'm sure that's the same for our club's seasonal residents back in their fun homes across this beautiful U.S., and I know butterflies keep busy where you are always.   Hopefully, this weekly update will bring back the fun social sewing crafting time we share on Saturday afternoons at SeaBreeze. 

I'm starting with praise and thanks to Pat Pipa for her wonderful preparation and excellent demonstration and Cross Stitch project on Saturday.  Ladies sat around a couple tables to watch Pat's demo and then stitch thru the counted cross stitch pattern.  Pat will review the Scissor FOB finishing this week. 

Redwork Demo/Projects this coming Saturday - Pat's lesson plan is all set and well prepared to share the terrific basic stitches of Redwork.  This handwork gets its name because of the color of thread used - Red.  Use blue thread and thus the name is Bluework.  But if you use black thread, there is a tweak to the stitch in order to be named Blackwork.    What's so wonderful about knowing these stitches - they are terrific special touches to projects, and do not take a lot of extra time or cost to use and the embellishments/accents just give a "oooh" or "wow" factor.  And using the stitches alone can create beautiful artwork.   These stitches are timeless and used in projects from Heirloom to Crazy Quilting to including the modern patchwork made today.   Pat has all the supplies needed for you to learn the stitches and work thru a beginner pattern(s). 

Show & Tell:  Please be sure to look at the pictures on the club's BlogSpot!

Pat Pipa - Crazy Quilt and Fidget Quilt and 2 doggie bed forms to stuffs.  Pat's daughter Donna was visiting and attended our club meeting, too.  

BJ Herter - Shared a beautifully framed counted cross stitch wallhanging made by her daughter.  BJ has a very special Redwork project to share this week, too.

 Eileen DiSanto - two adorable fidget quilts - one with kitties, one with golf cart & keys.

Carol Riggs - rag quilt made so soft with flannel on both sides!

Donna Rissman - Poinsettia tablemat and green & yellow "petal" tablemats - both are gorgeous patterns and very beautifully made by Donna.  And she shared another gorgeous lavender fabric  triangle swirl pattern and then one in Green & Yellow which really sparked my interest because of the 60 degree triangle piecing.  Please see additional info about 60 degree angle uses and projects below.  

Marty Rhyne - ducky fabric rag quilt, name tag!


 Susan Morris - made herself a golf cart quilt rag style - super idea!

Linda Lynch - This is a wow - Linda loves to work on patterns and make them up on her own, too.  She combined reverse applique with rag quilt piecing and made a very unique, two-sided Wow quilt some little child will be very lucky to receive!  I'm going to ask Linda to document her circle rag quilt fun and do a demo for all of us - it's just too fun to not look at further. 


Ode to Joy Stanton made a fidget quilt with an old time car theme - very cool
Audrey Philips - shared a bunch - embroidery minky block, tissue pack holder made in embroidery hoop, memory game made by machine embroidery, and even the tee shirt with specially embroidered cowl neck collar. 

This will be a project we look at in upcoming weeks because it is quite easy and can be accomplished with techniques other than having to use embroidery machine.

Suzanne Brown - updated us on all the fabric goings on at Sharkys, and shared a lap quilt and big doggie bed.  Please see Suzanne's info on Rainbow's End bus trip available but ladies need to let her know and pay by June 21st.  And please see attached flyer with class Suzanne is teaching at Sharkys, too.

 Alice Meunier - shared three adorable bags she made, big, medium and small with zippers and gave us copy of the pattern.  We'll definitely work that into our upcoming projects.  The pattern and fabrics came from which is an excellent online resource for free information and wonderful fabrics at reasonable prices to purchase.  And all their fabrics are made right here in our great USA!!!  3 Cheers to that!!!  And Alice turned in a blanket for our club's donations going to Lady Lake Pantry.

Mary Nazgiewicz - shared 3 adorable fidget quilts she's made and her finished name tag.

Cheryl Minieri - made another doggie bed - Yippers - that same bolt of fabric she's still using up!  Ladies, I gotta share this - pretty much Cheryl hangs around with me every single Sat. while I clean up and pack up my stuff, and she pretty much makes sure everything Is all back on our storage shelves.  Donna does a lot always before she heads out on Sat., too.  But Cheryl's company and other ladies from time to time who are able to stick around, makes it very pleasant for me to finish up - and we get to talk some!!!  Just want to say thanks, Cheryl, because I really appreciate you helping to get me out the door!
Linda Parr - oops - I can't read my scribbling - now I gotta check the pictures on BlogSpot - can't wait, too, because whatever Linda Parr shares is always tops!  Wait now I remember (thanks to Edie's share) - Linda shared her patchwork rectangle which she plans to use to use to fashion up snazzy placemat - cool!

Edie Cave - shared her name tag and her stitch and turn crazy patchwork. 

Rainbow's End Bus Trip opportunity.  Allamanda Chapter of quilt guild is taking a bus trip to Rainbow's End Quilting Shop on Tuesday, August 26th.  Bus will leave early morning for a day of shopping at this prestigious quilt shop, there is a group project planned for ladies at the shop, and then ladies will have lunch choices in Tarpon Springs before boarding bus to return.  Cost to go is $20 which pays for the bus.  Lunch cost is not included.  If you are interested and have questions, or want to make reservation to go with the group, please contact Suzanne.

60 Degrees Triangle quilting rulers and patterns are very versatile. Watching the very popular Kaye Wood's Quilting Friends shows back in 90's was where I first got interested in the various angles and especially 60's.  Kaye Wood approached quilting as an engineer and everything purely math and geometry, she broke every intricate pattern down that she could cut strips of fabric, piece them together to make strip sets/stratas that she then cut apart using one of her specialized rulers - that was always a triangle or circle or hexagon, or - etc. etc. 

Then border fabrics came into popularity again and wow not just to be used as borders but sliced and diced with these speciality rulers on the market, patterns were formed that looked like intricate pieces of seams and stitching, when in fact they were the shapes fussy cut out of the beautiful fabrics, precisely pieced back together to create kaleidoscopes, pyramids, tumbling blocks, and hundreds of other terrific ways.  In fact, the 60 degrees equilateral triangle's popular pattern was called 1000 Pyramid Quilt.  Equilateral Triangle is fancy way to say all 3 sides of triangle are same length which creates the 3 60 degrees angles that form the shape. 

Another big name in uses of specialty rulers and creating patterns to accompany their uses is Marti Mitchell who is a very awesome quilting artist.  Her website offers tons of free information that is easy to follow and so useful.

Donna's gorgeous lavender table runner is a fabric made by Northcott by designer Deborah Edwards and the fabric line is called "Lavender Markket" and "Lavender Frenzy Swirl" is one of the special patterns created especially for the fabric line.  It really is stunning, and Donna's finished project is really beautiful.  Thank you for sharing this inspiring project with the club.   

60 degrees coaster pattern - I kid you not!!  As usual when I wander around google searches, there's always a bonus to find... You know how we have our fun coaster patters - squares, triangles, circles - here's a new take that the coaster becomes 60 degrees shape.    Very fun idea!!    So if you're planning a math party - you can have coasters in just about any geometric shape - for fun!

Please see the flyer about Suzanne's class Scrappy Diamonds in Rectangles.  (attached to Micki's email)

Don't know if you saw article in today's Daily Sun about extra burden put on animal shelters this time of year with kitty cats, but here is information from newsletter received from Sumter County's Humane Society. 
URGENT NEED BY HUMANE SOCIETY:  During these dog days of summer we find ourselves very low on cat food. We use this donated cat food for our Kibbles on Wheels program which helps feed the pets of low income citizens of our county, and also the cats here at our facility. If you feel you would like to help you can drop off bags of dry cat food at the following locations.
Humane Society/SPCA  994 CR 529A   Lake Panasoffkee
The Villages Locations:  Whole Earth Pet Supply, PAWS Animal Hospital, PAWS for a Moment Natural Pet Food Market, Buffalo Ridge Animal Hospital (both locations) & High Five Frozen Yogurt

Please send up special thoughts and prayers for Alice Meunier who has just completed her chemo treatments and is now at Mayo Clinic for testing and doctor appointments.  Alice, please now that you are in our prayers for good testing and best results. 
July preview - We'll be making Midi Bags - specifically, the club is buying the Quiltsmart's fusible interfacing panels needed to complete these bags.  We are purchasing extra panels to have them available for ladies not in town who want to make this project.  
And this fall we will be making a project with Bosal's Stitch & Seam product that creates texturized fabric and the pattern will be adorable eye glass holders in the form of ladies corsets.  It's just so cute and made with the textured fabrics (silks, etc.) will be even fancier - terrific gift items for girls young and old.   
Quilt Shop of Deland sells both the Quiltsmart and Bosal products and is giving our club a discount for the larger quantities we are purchasing.  That's a deal and we want to acknowledge this offer by Judy Hansen of Deland.  You can see the shop's website at the following link.  
4th of July coming - There's a beautiful new song on ITunes that is awesome... A 17 year old girl named Abby Anderson made a rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee" that is amazing... simply beautiful... and her version is now on ITunes called "Let Freedom Ring".  This young girl is very talented and will be a huge star, but all the proceeds - Every Single Penny - from the 99 cents ITunes download will go to Mercury One's Active Military and Veterans Fund.  Not one cent of profit will go to Abby, her family, or Glenn Beck's Mercury One, not even to pay for office space, bricks, mortar, not anything other than straight into the fund that is distributed straight to the recipients - our military men and women and their families.  Mercury One holds other sales and events which fund other charities and monies are provided from other sources to cover any bricks and mortar expenses.  I truly believe this song can be as big as Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American".  I hope so, too!    

As always, you ladies are all the tops in my opinion.  This club is so inspiring for me and I just hope that each of you have as much fun creating and making the fantastic projects you share and I have seeing and being inspired by them and You!   Have a good week, take care, be good and God bless all of you,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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