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Show & Tell - January 3, 2015

Our leader Micki is back!!!  We are off to a great start for 2015. This blog will now go back to using Micki's wonderful notes from her emails.

Hi Ladies, still a little shaky being at the helm again, but here goes:

Show & Tell: - Some things change and some things stay the same - Thank God for that, Amen.  I loved seeing long time and new time members all joining in this weekly start to our meetings.  Here is where inspiration and creativity soars like no other sewing crafting club I've seen.  From new sewers to our experienced artists, you all make this the most fun each week.  And we had to give our blogmaster Lois Rose her just desserts - a grand round of applause - to say thanks for that terrific BlogSpot she maintains for the club. 

One of our experts starts us off - expert of creativity and technigue - Kathy Jones shared her newly made pillow highlighting a Route 66 motif panel she found.  We all have our Route 66 memories and it always sparks aaahhhs!
Little Eileen DiSanto next shared a gorgeous - advanced pattern purse she made that she picked up last year during the shop hop.  See Shop Hop Note below.  FYI Eileen and group did the complete shop hop circuit last year - that's an accomplishment!!  Hats off to you!!  This is a great purse pattern and Eileen's finished product is well worth the time and effort she did to make it!

Carol Riggs - never disappointing and always helping others - share Carosel miniatures donated by Audry Philips who is now back home in the east coast - gosh! I'm sorry I missed most of your time over here in TV!!  These little horsies are cute - and see picture below.  If someone is a collector, you will want to buy these very reasonable little cuties and proceeds go to the young high school girl in Wildwood who has multiple diseases she is battling. 


 Shining Fun Star Lu Karatzas - it's great to have you here full time! shared her name tag - very You! - magnet tip - which is a good one

and baby quilt that she completed during the meeting after making a cat hammock!!  Now that's getting stuff done in our little 3-hr timeframe!  She just has binding to do (and I bet that is already done at this writing time, too).  If you plan to use Minkee (I call it Slinky Minkee) as a backing material, please spend a minute or two getting Lu's perspective on how to work with it.  Minkee is very tough to control - but it makes a stunning, warm, rich baby quilt - hands down!

Nancy Cartlidge - shared table runner she completed using the braid quilting pattern she learned from Cheryl Minieri.  That is the perfect pattern for a table runner size project.  Awesome! 
 And Nancy shared the golf cart quilt she made for herself - waa - hoo!!  What a great idea.  I just throw anything in the back of mine - I think it is high time for our club to create some golf cart accessories like a small quilt.  There a fun new ruler that is out that makes curves very easy and I picked that ruler up while I was in VA.  I think there's a class offered thru the college or quilt guild on this same ruler - but it is just so easy to work with that we could easily do a demo one Saturday in about 1/2 hr.   And a small quilt like for the golf cart would be just about big enough to decide if it is a quilting pattern you want to work with for a larger project or not.  I'll set up the demo for in a couple weeks. 

Nancy also showed the Cathedral ornament she completed after Pat Pipa's lesson during our last meeting of 2014.
Linda Lynch - Oh Baby, you are looking very healthy!!! - shared another one of her brainstorms - a bag holder that is the size you can just let it sit in the bottom of the trash can to keep new "liners" handy on trash day.  Linda, we always love your charming ideas. 

Linda Parr - Wow! Always stunning work from this lady - she has learned how to plan, create and piece together beautiful rag quilts - this one is really pretty!  What can I say, you are a "teacher's" dream, always have been and still are.  You take the inspirations and ideas each week to heart and produce your own versions to use and share.  You come from good stock!!  Linda shared good tip - Kia Rag Quilt Scissors - she says makes the "faux ragging part" very easy.  And Kia has lifetime sharpening free on their scissors - just pay for postage to/from.  Not bad.  It is a very good brand, usually found in quilt shops, and Linda got hers directly from Kia on Internet. 

Lois Rose - shared a gorgeous window pane quilt she made from kit she bought at Rutledge quilt store.  I've never been to Rutledge but know ladies who go there and think it is the best shop in FL.  Lois has become quite a quilting expert in her own right and she loves sharing her fun.  Lois also shared the prototype cat hammocks she made to demo for our charity work.

Speaking of Cat Hammocks - I think Lois said we made 30 hammocks in our short couple hours we worked on them after show and tell.  FYI, several newbies ladies sat and cut up the webbing needed and squares -- that was really Very, Very Nice of you to jump right in to help us out.  You're going to love being in the fun of this club.   

Cat Hammocks are needed by Marion County Shelter and they also want old towels and newspapers donations.  Lois said she is willing to collect and take these to the shelter any time.  We will continue to make hammocks to get a nice reserve supply set up for this shelter.  Marion County does not receive donations as much as Sumter and Lake Counties do, so it is nice to have this new connection.  Years back when we first made doggie beds they used to be donated to Marion County until we lost our contact lady.  It's all good though wherever we are able to send our donations - isn't it!?!  Thank you everyone for freely and lovingly participating on behalf of our club. 

FYI - Operation Shoebox collects Christmas cards for sending to the troops.  We have several ladies who participate each week with OS sewers and they will gladly collect and take to the meetings if you bring your cards to Sat.

Absent from Show & Tell - Pat Pipa - that's surprising to me -- you're always on the list!  - Just kidding - so great to see you.  But I missed some of you "out there" - hope everyone's doing great, and please stop in when you get a chance. 

Couple editor notes:  Lu shared excellent tip of attaching the free magnets that we get in mail and around town to our sewing machine to be easy and convenient place for pins, scissors, un-sewers, etc.  These are terrific for regular sewing machines, but if you have a machine that is computerized, it is not a good idea to put magnets on or even near them.  Like my embroidery sewing machine Bernina 730 has a 64K computer in it and they told me to never put a magnet on my machine anywhere.  I was in class one day and another lady had attached a magnet for scissors on her model, and the instructor who was also one of the store employees and very knowledgeable on the machines, told her to remove that or risk damaging her machines computer.  Now I don't think this would be a problem for the smaller machines that do not process software programs. 

Shop Hop - The hugely successful and popular shop hop that ran last summer - Row By Row - will be repeated and expanded this year.  I'll gather some information to put in future emails and maybe have a flyer or something like that available at meetings.  There are other shop hops that take place during the year, but this one just puts so much into it and no fees and no passports required.  That's a plus plus.

Well, my fingers and wrist are screaming at me that I've typed long enough.  Darn, I want to share so much more.  I must tell you to keep our wonderful friends in thoughts and prayers - Kay Flanagan recovering from hip surgery and now a stroke, too.  Carol Planck still recovering from her fall few months back and still being evaluated to receive a lung transplant - good luck with the evaluation process this week again.  And, I heard Lois Rose's hubby is not feeling well, so put in a good word for him, too.  Lois does so much to help our fun club and we appreciate all that for sure.  And Ray gives Lois good moral support to do the extras she does!  Thanks, Ray, please get better soon.  And I'm thinking our good - great - club lady - Helen Lawrie is still nursing her hand problems back to good health.  And how about Edie Cave, too.  I heard that Edie is not feeling too terrific lately, and that's obvious in my mind because Edie was absent on Saturday and I know she never misses a chance to do charity work, even when she's not feeling great.  So, Edie, please let us know how you are doing, lady.  And one more from my notes - Cheryl Minieri - I missed seeing you, and I want to have chance to thank you personally for extra help to Donna, BJ and Lois keeping our meetings set up and closing work during my long term stay in VA. 

Big Happy New Year Welcome to the 8 ladies who visited for the first time on Saturday and the week or so before that there were 8 ladies on the "New Today" sign in sheet.  We'll get you on the roster and set up in the email group and that's about it for all it takes to register with our club.  We love sharing and creating together, we don't like a lot of rules, and most of all it is no stress fun. 

Over next couple weeks I'll have some easy Valentine fabric projects a going on - woven hearts - weaving fabric - heart peacock - fun, easy 3-d fusing technique - zipper projects - small decor wallhanging - and potholders

Lunch & Learn will be 4th Saturday - Lunch is Heart Healthy for 2015 Fare and Learn is easy, fast, make&take valentine postcards!!

Next Saturday - Demo by Jeri Cerullo - Infinity Scarf.  After demo, sew your own scarf up (see supply list needed) or continue helping with Cat Hammocks. 

Infinity Scarf Supply List:  (Ladies - there is some of this type fabric on our storage shelves available to use - if you don't want to make trip to purchase some.  Ours is free because it's been donated to us.)   
For those that intend to do the scarf they will need:  1/2 to 2/3 of a yard of lightweight fabric( chiffon, chameuse, rayon, etc) that is at least 54 inches wide.  sewing machine with matching thread for the chosen fabric.  hand sewing kneedle, scissors, pins

Speaking of Donations:  the club received a nice quantity of "fabric books" these are the decorator - high quality fabric - sample books that interior designers use.  These books are great for just the right uses.  I'll show you a couple patterns and projects that work so well with the fabric selections available in these books - they are color coordinated and designed for the WoW factors.  We received these from a Villager who is an interior designer and has a class she teachers thru the Lifelong Learning College - Vicky Coit - I'll have her cards on the front table on Sat.   The course she teaches is call "From Drab to Fab. 

As always, take care, be good and God bless,  
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee
Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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