Sunday, December 21, 2014

Show & Tell - December 20, 2014

First, an update on completed projects.  This week I took 12 doggie beds to the Marion County Animal shelter.  They were very happy to receive them.  When I asked what else they need, they said they always need old towels and newspapers.  They also have a request on their web site for cat hammocks.  Directions for these can be found at  If anyone would like to make these, I would be glad to deliver them.

I also delivered 16 quilts to the Samaritan Inn in Leesburg.  Before I took them I made a drawstring bag for each quilt, red for the girl's quilts and blue for the boys.  The monitor who received them was very grateful as well.

We were expecting a light turnout this week since so many of our members are away for Christmas. Instead we were pleasantly surprised when not only about 20 regular members showed up, but 8 new ladies checking us out.  We want to welcome all of them. We hope you had a good time making a Cathedral Christmas Ornament, and that you will come back and join the fun again in the New Year.

 Our show & tell was light this week, with only 2 ladies bringing something to show.

Suzanne Brown brought in a collection of ornaments she has made.

The first was a Minnie Mouse applique.

The second was a decoupage ornament made with scraps of fabric over a clear ball.

The third was also a clear ball, but the fabric scraps were placed on the inside.

Her last 2 were fabric ornaments made in the same way a fabric postcard would be done.

One of the new ladies to our group, Cookie Clifford, brought a wall hanging to show us.  It was made with a panel depicting her home state as a stamp, and just the right amount of embellisment.  
She explained that she did this for her husband, who is a stamp collector.

 She also found a fabric with lots of stamps in the design to use for the backing.  And our leader Micki would definitely approve of the label on the bottom, in the form of an envelope.

Cookie also showed a table mat made with the 60 degree triangle method.  Beautiful work Cookie.  We ca see you will fit right in with our club.

After show & tell, Pat Pipa showed us how to made a cathedral ornament.  This was lots of fun.

There will be no meeting on December 27th.  See you all for the first meeting of the new year on January 3, 2015.


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