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Weekly Update - August 22, 2015

Ed Note: I haven't received any photos yet, for last week, so I am just posting Micki's text.  If I get any I'll update this later.
Hi Fabric Fun Ladies, hope that you are having a good weekend.  I've been so happy since last Wednesday nothing can spoil my day... at therapy for hand I was able to fold in my fist and have all 4 fingers reach the palm - I was like a kid learning some new fantastic trick.  Those little things... don't we cherish them.  But then on Thursday, I lost my voice - yippers, it's only a squeak at the present time.  Thankfully, BJ Herter came to our aide and took over the meeting on Saturday and did a wonderful job leading everyone thru the show & tell.    BJ only had one persistent annoyance to deal with... the picture taker for the meeting kept forgetting her job - - that be me - - Lois Rose, you were greatly missed but we know you & hubby Ray are off traveling the FL highways and byways and just about wrapping up your Row By Row Shop Hop hopping.   Can't wait to hear all about it!

3 new nice ladies came in to our meeting on Saturday and though I didn't get to talk with them personally, I want to say (as loudly as possible) in this weekly up welcome to them and we look forward to learning and sharing our sewing crafting fun with you at future meetings. 

I had a request to re-send the Double Vision EZ cutting document information.  Let me emphasize couple things.  1.  These instructions can be altered to make a double vision wallhanging or quilt with any size panel or fabric pieces.  2.  Main Panel/Focus Fabric is cut in varying widths WOF (see document) and those widths do not need to be the exact measurements in directions, i.e., there might be a flower or part of motif you want to leave "in tact" so make the width of that strip accordingly given the fact that you need 1/4" on both sides of strips for seam allowance.  3.  Second Panel/Background Fabric strips are ALL cut the same width except for the left and right wider border strips.  4.  When using accent fabrics to add to top and bottom of main panel and background fabric, be sure to make those cuts, sew them to the panel and fabric pieces BEFORE cutting the strips to create Double Vision effect.  The accent pieces create the top and bottom borders in essence. 

Some of us are finishing up Double Vision projects, and some of us are just beginning their projects.  I still have the two projects planned for my sons/daughters-in-law which I'm planning to cut out the rest tonight and begin again.  I've got my own creation - that I did finish but have forgotten to bring with me 2 weeks in a row now... Micki, Micki!! where is your brain... and we have done several charitable quilts using the technique.  I have a few more panels to use for charity quilts if anyone wants to work along with us using the "double vision" effect strip piecing.  I'll supply the panels, accent pieces, backing, binding and batting to complete the charity quilt in a toddler/child size (smaller than a twin) to go to the Ocala shelter families.  I'll have the pieces with me this coming Saturday.

YES - 5th SATURDAY this month!!  That means a bonus week of our club fun, so let's put it to good use.  It will be SIT & SEW! only.  We won't do Show & Tell.  So bring your machines, and let's make that room buzz.  I'll do quick demo for anyone wanting to work on Double Vision - newbies this is a great project for a beginner - easy cutting - easy 1/4 inch seaming - and easy piecing together.  We'll be there for you all the way.  There will be FIDGET Quilt work going on - We need to get a supply of men's quilt together again.  And there will be plenty of help with that for newbies just wanting to get into doing these small - NO MISTAKES - projects that help the fidgeting hands of Alzheimer and Dementia patients.  We've got the "bases" ready to go, you have fun picking out the "stuff" to embellish and add on, and like we say - creativity is your game - and you cannot make a mistake - every one turns out perfect and precious to the beholders.  Fidget Quilts are the single most rewarding sewing I have ever done in my entire life, the most fun, and the most proud.  I kid you not, it is just too good, like potato chips you can't eat one, Fidgets, you can't just make one!!

One of our new members is Juanita "Nit-A" Hand who is a member of Busy Hands, Happy Hearts (BHHH) club here in The Villages.  In fact, over the years, several FFAC have been members of both clubs at the same time - imagine that - here in The Villages, we have so many options and the more the merrier, we say!  Nita keeps pointing out how so much of what we do goes hand-in-hand with what they do, and I know that's true because over the years you all have shared and taken supplies back and forth when the occasion presents itself.  I'm just very proud and happy about that.  We are in this for the fun, social, sewing crafting time together and doing good to boot.  Sew, I'm going to be getting a few of that club's patterns to show Fabric Fun Ladies over the next few months.  We can't always get to a meeting, cut sometimes we still like to sew and add to the giving.  BHHH meets this Monday at Coconut Grove Rec at 1PM.  I'm really hoping to finally make it to one of their meetings.

Show & Tell:  (taking pictures, and not very good at that either, I really did not take good notes - in fact, no notes - so sorry for brief descriptions this week because in no way does that mean the projects weren't noteworthy - in fact, just the contrary!!  They were ALL your usual terrific work and I kept getting caught up in looking and forgot to do the picture taking gig!

Sue Campbell - brought in two more pillowcases - ABC's for back to school theme - how nice is that - if anyone gets to WalMart or Joann's and picks up some fabric with coupon or on sale racks that are juvenile/kids themes, please don't hesitate - the club will reimburse you.  Each pillowcase takes about 1 yard of fabric. 

Audrey Philips - Crafty Owls - CHECK OUT THE PICTURES - this will be a fun sewing crafting day for our club in the future - We all were head-over-heals over these owls and so we have Audrey tasked to secure a supply for us to have a Sit & Sew Owl Day - these owl bases are just $1 each at the dollar store - so look for more info on this.  Honestly, unless you want to buy your own embellishing stuff, there's plenty of crafting "stuff" on the shelves to create up a bunch of hoot owls in all varieties.  Going to be fun!!   We'll let you know - I'm thinking 1st Sat. of Oct. for now. 

Jane Swafford - Tissue Box Cover - love it, Jane - thank you for doing one!

Nita Hand - Hot Roll Cover - gong to get this pattern written up by her - it's easy but terrific project to sew up, handy, too.

Suzanne Brown - Kitchen Towel project she's doing with her fun embroidery machines.

Donna Rissman - Cuter than cute Pot Minions - made using cans.  I would love to do these for my grandsons.  We saw the movie together when they were here, so gotta do these for their pencils, scissors, etc.  Donna said it is a free internet project, so I'll go to WWW and find it.

Eileen Navikas - always brings in such beautiful work and this time another little quilt.  This lady knows how to put fabrics together!!

I know I still owe you all the Fabric Tissue Box Holder and On-Point Square Placemats for round/rectangular tables.  I'll figure out the pdf deficit with my printer one of these days.  

Remember... it's not too early to start watching, listening and learning what all the candidates are doing and saying about all the vital issues confronting our country today and for the future... we all like to think that we leave this a better place for our grandchildren and future generations... but that's not the future for America if it stays on the slippery slope of the last 40 or so years.  And as with technology that advances so tremendously with leaps and bounds... so do the world wide problems and internal struggles here in America are accelerated.  2016 is pivotal and just around the corner... we, our families, friends and neighbors better be paying attention and get the right candidates elected so they will pick and choose the absolute best and brightest to be in charge and run our country.  World Wide economic jitters yes are happening, but for sure it is the moral fabric of our nation that is the greatest concern for all of us. 

God bless you and God bless America,  

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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