Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekly Update - March 19, 2016

Hi Ladies - Next week is Lunch & Learn - Lois Rose will be leading the meeting with a demo "Little Bear Project".  All needed is a needle, thread and pins.  Lunch - bring something to share, just bring chips, whatever you choose, there is always plenty and terrific variety.

Fidget Quilts:  We made a bunch last Saturday, but fortunately or unfortunately (matter of perspective) there's a call for a bunch more.  Lois sent out letters to nearby memory care facilities, and requests for fidgets have been coming in.  Seems like the facilities are finally catching on to these comfort quilts.    Specifically, please see the separate email from Lois forwarded to you.

Please remember to ladies who took the Cornerstone Hospice Squares to make those special red, white and blue 36 inch square quilts, we should get those back by mid-April I'm thinking.  I don't think we were given a time frame, but let's make our own so that we don't let those 10 squares just hang out there a long time for them.

Thanks to Mary Ann Berlin and her sister visiting for sharing the wonder "Versatile Wave" purse and "French Kiss" tote.  The patterns call for using iron on (fusible) fleece, but the ladies have found that two products work better - Soft & Stable and Pellon Decor Bond.  Versatile Wave is a Susan Rooney pattern and French Kiss is Heritage Quilt Shop.

Fabric taking up too much room in a closet, or getting unfolded when you shift it all around??  Donna Rismann shared a quick tip with us on Saturday someone showed her recently.  It's folding up the yardage of fabric using a plastic quilting ruler - 5 inch, 6 inch - 8 inch - whatever is your choice.  Here are two you tube videos that show the quick tip - one is very short, the other goes into more depth.

Show & Tell:

BJ Herter - felt Easter bunnies

Pat Pipa - bunny & carrots baskets, fidget quilts, block made using Tube Quilting piecing method

Carol Riggs - diaper coverings - so adorable - Carol we want a demo!!!


Lois Rose - Her beautiful family row by row quilt completed, a charity quilt from donated blocks, wallet and a fidget quilt.

Mary Ann Berlin - quilt for charity

Nancy Cartlidge - little purses - a bunch! and travel pouch!


Mary Nazyeqicz - fidget quilt and cat hammock


Eileen DiSanto - little purse

Ruth Campbell - 2 place mats

Lu Karatzas - Hands Quilts for her son and family completed!

 Done with a quilt as you go method, this quilt looks just as beautiful from the back!


Marty Rhyne - quilt top, taggie green dog.



Me - I shared the 6 "I Spy" quilts made for some cute little ones we know.

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter and Spring Time ahead.  God bless to all and your families.  Special prayers for comfort are being sent out to Alice Meunier on the passing of her husband.  Everyone is saddened to hear about your loss. 
PS:  There are 3 bags full of scraps sitting in front of our shelves in the closet that need to be stuffed into doggie beds and sewn closed.  Yesterday was an incredible frenzy that produced about a dozen doggie beds!!  You ladies sure can stuff!!!


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