Thursday, February 11, 2016

Weekly Update - February 6, 2016

Hi Ladies, in advance - Happy Valentines to all my sweetheart members - each and every one of you! - who make this club a joy to be associated with - I'm so proud of all you do - all the fun we have together - and constantly amazed and delighted with your creativity, skill and sharing of each.  

Newspaper article is in The Daily Sun today - great picture of sweetheart Cathy Franklin and the slew of cat hammocks you've been whipping up for Marion County.  It always amazes me how these news articles end up being written, pictured and printed and it is never how I think it is going to happen.  That does not mean I don't like the article - quite the opposite - this is a good one and highlights so much of FFAC's ambition and accomplishments - that's terrific - because it is meant to show off your wonderful work and membership in our little club and how much you accomplish each and every week!!  (sorry they spelled Susie's last name incorrectly! that doesn't happen often - but I can relate ha ha) 

PJ Construction - Since the "Tweens PJ" bottoms pattern is one purchased in pdf form for the club to use, I cannot send it out to you in our weekly update, so I went to the WWW and found a tutorial that describes how these easy bottom pieces come together.  I've attached that pdf for you - just open and see the easy process - no need to print these pages out because the pattern pieces are not included - and it is describing sewing PJ pants for 4-7 size and we sew up 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16 size.  But this pdf does depict a cute picture of how we pair the tee shirts to pj bottoms and embellish to match.  I think the way we put on pockets really add on to the cuteness!!

This Saturday:  Cutting and Serging PJ bottoms!  We have $190 worth of fabric on the shelf, so this week we will be cutting out the PJ bottoms - as many as we can get - that then can be constructed by ladies at meetings or at home.  We are not in a flurry or hurry because these are for next December's Girl Scout's Christmas Drive.  Sew... relax - I'm not asking you to fit something else into your busy schedule right away - which is what we did last November/December heh!  And you all stepped up to the plate and we made 3 dozen in a snap!!  I think that we can TRIPLE that for this coming year!!   Hope you are with me.  

FYI - these pajamas made up beautifully for our own family members - big and small!!  Can do them for big people and little people alike.  Some of us did this for Christmas presents for grandchildren this year, but I'm thinking of doing the whole family PJ's sets for next Christmas because they were so well received.  PajamaGram would have nothing on us!!

Elastic - please clean out your notions bin or drawer and set aside any unused elastic, even just smaller pieces - we can use them for the PJs!

Show & Tell:

Lois Rose - my words would not do justice here - Please - go to the blogspot using link below and see how beautiful Lois family state by state quilt - row by row - is and her beautiful workmanship, creativity and WOW!

 (Still a work in progress - I'll bring it back when it's quilted and the binding is on.)

Pat Pipa - Fractured Art, a flower one completed and girafe art in progress - Congratulations - beautiful work on this project!

Lu Karatzas - doggie beds - and Demo - Lu gave her Key Chain Purse Demo - she had a large group of ladies gathered around the demo tables!  Can't wait to see the projects come back on this one!  Thank you Lu!!!

Jane Motrinec - Placemats - these are fun - Jew Sew It pdf attached.

Also a couple of fun bunny dolls. (Jope we get to make these one Saturday, they look like fun.)


Carol Riggs - Carriers and Quilt (old like me) ha ha - our one-liner lady had an antique quilt that she was wondering about - we'll we gave opinions but nothing definitive for her.  Carol makes beautiful totes and purses for sure!

JoAnn Colin - charity quilt and bunny - always great stuff from this gal!

 Ellen Hein - Fidget Dream one - perfectly made! and pillowcases.

Donna Rissman - tablerunner, table mats, bag and cute  Burlap/Fleece/Cotton Bunnies -  we're going to have the Burlap/Fleece/Cotton Bunny demo from Donna soon!

Marie Bray - Bibs - these are wonderful - and Marie is creative and personalizes each one she makes (but she's stll camera shy!)

Bonnie Meyer - quilt - made with Bonnie's usual perfection.  She did this one in sections, with an interesting quilt as you go technique.

Eileen DiSanto - pillowcases!!

Mary Naz - cat hammocks!

I always use !! so much because I'm sitting here typing line after line, item after item, and the amazement just builds and builds and I can't control myself... honest!!!

Sorry for letting my week get away and not getting this weekly update out until Thursday... schedules get jammed and days just whiz by and by here!!  There's a saying here (and everywhere) that "When you are retired, you don't get a day off".  It is very true, so we just have to put on the calendar - down time!!  

Everyone, have a excellent week... please, pretty please stop-look-listen how important this year is to our country - AMERICA! - we've been on a downward highway - this is the pivotal year - there are no more "off ramps" before the long, dark tunnel... We must vote for our U.S. Constitution and Rule of Law - period!!!  God bless you and God bless America,  

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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