Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekly Update - January 9, 2016

Hi Ladies, This time of the year is always so energizing around here... yes, it has a lot to do with all our friends and neighbors coming back in for the "high season",, but I got to say that for our club, it is so much fun to meet and greet new ladies coming in for the first time, hearing and seeing what they find most fun to spend their creative sewing time on, and the new learning, sharing and social sewing!

Terrific to see Bonnie Meyer, Joyce Snyder and even Suzanne Brown stopped in the drop off a couple doggie beds and come ribbon goodies.  Don't forget - Suzanne works at Sharkys just across 466A at 301  where Al Lawson has excellent supply of all Floriani products and beautiful selection of fabrics and as always reasonably priced - for sure Al's prices will be $'s lower than other quilt shops.

We've started this year off working on a critical need for Marion County Animal Shelter - Cat Hammocks.  Lois was able to deliver several dozen last week, and this week many of you brought your machines and continued our quest to get the shelter a supply for the new year.  It's a good cause, and we sure have a LOT of jersey knit and fleece on our shelves, so I'm saying that we'll continue this month each week sewing on the Cat Hammocks.  I'm hoping we can all sew several up and together we'll give Marion County a boost, and of course, the cute furry ones, too.  

This coming Saturday - Jan. 16th - Sit & Sew Cat Hammocks.  If you have a machine, please bring it along and join in.  We can even sew these goodies up using sergers - I'll gladly show that demo with our club's machine.  As I said, we have a lot of fabric on hand for these, we will need to get it cut into 21/22 inch squares - so (sew!) don't want to bring a machine to set, please consider bringing a cutting mat to cut up squares.  That would be a big huge help!!!  We'll set up two tables on the "risers" to make them good cutting table height and 3 - 4 ladies working there could make a big impact on the process for sure. 

So as normal, we'll start our meeting off officially about 1:00 pm with Show & Tell, few short demos and then get down to Cat Hammocks.  Reminder that room at SeaBreeze is ours starting 12:15 pm, so come early and get your fun started.  I'm going to demo two items that come in so handy.  1 - Block Carrier and 2 - Reversible Ironing TV Tray Cover.  The second one is especially handy for ladies who do not have a sewing room or lot of space to alot to sewing.  It can double as cutting surface, ironing surface or sewing table when needed.   I'm not sure that I have both of these in pdf form to send out the instructions.   If you want to sew up a Block Carrier or TV Tray Ironing Cover during the meeting - and it's possible, come with fabric and we'll be happy to work you thru the process.

Fabric Requirements:

Block Carrier - 1 yard of cotton and 1 yard of flannel or fleece.  Ribbon & Button or velcro for closure.

Reversible Ironing TV Tray Cover - 2/3 yard Teflon coated fabric, 2/3 yard insulbrite 2/3 yard fabric, 1 yard of 1/2 inch elastic.  And, of course, Wood TV Tray.

Saturday - January 25th - Lunch & Learn - Happy New Year Healthy - No Desserts - can we do it???  How about try for healthy finger foods, low sugar, low carbs, but yummy!  As usual, no sign up necessary, no RSVP, come as you are, bring something, don't have time, don't bring something, there's always lots to share.  Learn - Fun fabric technique and finishing up Cat Hammocks.   

I'm thinking that if we get all the Cat Hammocks designated fabrics cut up ready to sew, we'll make an extra sew day during the month where we can spend 2 or 3 hours to finish them up.  I'll make it a late morning or early afternoon, hopefully at SeaBreeze, too.

Show & Tell:

Bonnie Meyer - Monk cloth quilt beautiful Swedish weave technique - way out of my league to even describe.  Use the link and check out the picture of Bonnie with her lovely handwork.

Mary Ann Emrick - dogbeds - wonderful!

Bev Minerly - Bags, passport holder, and doll clothes - really pretty, too!

Eileen DiSanto - completed charity quilt in a sea turtles colorful motif - very nice work on the appliques!!!  

 Pat Pipa - completed charity quilt in beautiful Hawaiian fabrics, and a churn dash block she has been learning.

Jane Swafford - a very coordinated array of pillowcases!

Lu Karatzas - quilt for her sister - Go Team Go - though not "my team" still terrific fleece quilt for her Patriot's sister/neice.  Lu needed to come up with a quick quilt project and used two different fleeces in alternate blocks - one layer - and made  using rag quilt piecing and fringing - ingenius - check out the picture!! And then using the Go Team Go fleece, Lu fashioned a quick vest for herself to wear to the playoff game party!    That deserves a win!!

Mary Nazgiewicz (say that in one breath!) - 3 pillowcases, 2 dog beds and 1 table runner adorned with one of the fun fancy stitches on Mary's new sewing machine!!

Audrey Philips' Daughter Lynne - always so much fun to see Lynne here - and since she has moved her mom & dad now 3 times here in The Villages - yes, we've gotten to know Lynne sewing expertise and friendly ways - shared an embroidery machine in the hoop project - beautiful purse!!  Nice work!!!

Helen Lawrie - shared her gorgeous hat that she embellished with a fabric made flower.  Helen said she embellished a jacket to match, too.  And Helen bought in several of what I call "guicci" dog beds because she makes these so unique, that she and Eileen Navikas created together.

Eileen Navikas - Cat Hammock and Pretty in Pink baby blanket with lovely top stitching and quilting done with pink threads, too.

Nancy Cartlidge - Blanket, rag quilt and dog bed - nice work!!

JoAnn Colin - 2 memory pillows - both uniquely styled, too. 

Patty Cooke - shared baby quilt for new grandchild to be born in April.  It is so cute in ducks motif.  Beautiful stitching by Patty.

 Me - I shared pictures of completed UFO #1 Travel quilt for sister-in-law Liz that got mailed away and received last week!  UFO #2 is a tablerunner finally completed with my new favorite "faux piping binding" technique - love, love, love how easily the corners miter up with this binding, and the accent affect adds a "wow" factor to projects.  And I did a quick demo of the "fabric texturizing" accomplished with Texture Magic or Bosal Stitch & Steam.  UFO #3 is a long-sleeve tee shirt to jacket conversion made using pretty fabric motifis appliqued on and sewing around, adding yarn at bottom and binding down front. 

And we briefly looked at some tablerunner patterns - it's the beginning of the year when we all think about changing up things around the house, and sometimes just a new tablerunner or placemats can really do the trick.  

For anyone out there who have family members or friends who are in the police and fire department professions, our prayers go out to them and their families.  It is truly a time of peril and their jobs are so very important to all of us.  They are our first responders and they make our lives safer and easier.  Please take time ladies during your week to say a prayer for all our first responders and military men and women.  They need to know we are appreciate and support them.

As always, please write if you have any questions during the week.  We are definitely looking for ladies to fill our weeks with demos.  Don't hesitate to ask for a special project or group project that we could possibly take on.  We do have a couple special sewing opportunities ahead with Fabric Books and Heirloom Baby Quilt.  More about them in next couple weeks.  The baby quilt will be started in February for sure, with a goal of working thru it over a 2-3 month span.  I'm waiting to know "boy or girl" for new grandbaby coming in June... then I'll be able to pick a color theme to go with.  

One last item - The Villages Quilting Guild is hosting a Vendor Show next weekend, Fri. and Sat. at LaHacienda Rec. Center.  The flyer attached has times and a $1 off coupon of the $10 admission price.  I never make it to these vendor shows, they are a little too jammed up for me to take in, and I overspend anyway. So if you are able to go, have fun, and I hope it's not during 1-4 on Saturday!!  

Take care, have a good week, and God bless all of you,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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