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Weekly Update - February 27, 2016

Hi Ladies:  bear with me this week... lots of information to share.  We had a wonderful Lunch & Learn.  Thank you to Janey Westra for her demo on the Origami Bag.  Two patterns are attached for this kind of bag... one from Janey's demo has two "petals" and the other one we did previously has four "petals".  Pattern from Janey's demo is the easier, faster version to make.  Thank you to Susie Pendry for the bunny demo - these are adorable and we have the easy pattern copies available.  I don't have it in pdf form yet.  Lunch... ladies if you like Greek Yogurt and you like Honey... try them together... it's better than Caramel topped Ice Cream!!  Thank Lu!  Oh, and big huge hug and thanks again to Susie Pendry and Kathy Franklin for wonderfully setting up the entire room - perfectly!!!  You two ladies made my day when I walked into the room and saw everything and the two of you setting there with smiles on your faces.  Your are true dears and I appreciate you very much.

Two Demos for next Saturday - 1 - String Quilt Block with Secondary Pattern by Brenda Severa and 2 - Tube Quilting.  You can plan to watch both demos, or watch Brenda's and go back to your table and do some string foundation sewing.  The Tube Quilting demo will not be that long because it is a refresher one, and can be ongoing during the month.

If you bring your sewing machines and want to do some sewing from the demos, there will be time.  These are straight seam sewing...nothing too complicated.  Once you see the technique you can sew yourself a sample block for reference.  I strongly urge anyone starting a project, to sew a sample or two up first, before you start cutting and sewing on your expensive and good fabric choices.  Supplies needed to do either String Quilt Block or Tube Quilting is Fabric Strips, sewing machine, thread.  We've got the rest.  String Quilt Block needs "strappy strips in varying widths say 1 inch to 2 1/2 inches.  Tube Quilting needs 2 1/2 inch strips - and you need 4 different fabric strips for each tube.  You've heard me say "Jelly Rolls" so that what they are 2 1/2 inch strips, usually around 40 strips in a roll.

STRING QUILT BLOCK with secondary pattern - Brenda has created an excellent pattern instruction sheet for your reference.  It is attached.  Please print this out to bring on Saturday.  Brenda will have a few copies for ladies who are not able to print at home.  Brenda plans to demo sewing a block together with the various "foundation" options, especially the telephone book pages that she used to make her recent quilt completed.  She's going to explain the other options and I have some examples for ladies to use if that is your choice.  Hey, why not try making "one of each" for your samples!!!  A block can be sewn together fairly quickly - and if you are doing strappy!! than it goes very quickly because you don't need to worry alot with all the matching of colors, prints, etc. etc. - the less you do then the better your STRAPPY!!

TUBE QUILTING - Demo on Saturday.  This sewing technique commonly uses 2 1/2 inch strips, sewn into strip sets of two, then two strip sets sewn together with a "top" and "bottom" seam lines - thus the tube created to sub-cut into the components that make up your blocks.  From each and every tube set you will get two different blocks, approximately 9 inch squares.
Attached is a free pattern from Cozy Quilts where Tube Quilting originated.   I created a Demo note page, and that is attached.  Also attached is the original document where I saw Tube Quilting.  It is We All Sew Piece by Piece, and Tube Quilting is Page 3.    There  is also a good tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company website with Jenny Doan that creates a block called "Double Hourglass on Point" using tube quilting.  Cozy Quilts is and Missouri SQC is
Here is a link for Pinterest page for Tube Quilting.
REMINDER:  No meeting on Saturday, March 12-the Senior Games will be going on at SeaBreeze

 SHOW & TELL:  Correction - last week I forgot to add BJ Herter's beautiful finished Jump Start Sampler quilt pattern done as a Calendar Family Quilt - Gorgeous BJ!

 Nancy Cartlidge - 2 placemats with beautifully embroidered names - these are done in same beautiful Easter fabrics as tablerunner

And a great doggie bed.

JoAnn Colin - made 2 tablerunners and another terrific fleece charity quilt


Pat Pipa - Finished Fractured Art piece - please look on the blog - awesome picture of giraffes.

Eileen DiSanto - quilt for charity - it is the "Around the World" pattern


Lois Rose - beautiful crochet afghan (it's her "car" project), embroidered shirts, and a little polar bear. 



 (Lois will be leading a project day in March for anyone who would like to make one of these.  It can be made as a child's toy or as a pincushion)

Ellen Hein & MaryAnn Berlin - STACK of PJ - Done!!  I think it is 41 all total that the two of them sewed up.  Yes, we all cut them out, but Ellen did the serging and MaryAnn did the hemming, waistline with elastic and ironing!!!
 Ellen Hein - T-Shirts - WOW WOW WOW I'm impressed.  She took a ready made T-Shirt, made a paper pattern, cut out some donated jersey knit and sewed up 3 beautiful pink T-shirts you can't tell from the store brought ones!!!  Honest, that takes talent ladies. 

Jane Swafford - yes... more pillowcases beautifully made the Burrito way
Linda Parr - Loopy scarves she makes for Busy Hands Happy Hearts 
 Carol McCullough - Finished the square rag quilt she graciously took on sewing up the perfectly cut out flannel squares Marge MacCulay did.

Nina Miceli - shared the dish scrungies she crochets up using netting strips. 
Lu Karatzas - shared Family quilting in progress - next steps... all hands coming together!!

Me - I shared UFO mother goose hand stitched squares finished into a 45 inch square blanket for my granddaughter-to-be-born-June.
  The backing square is the dotted minky fabric.  I also shared the start of I spy quilts making for a bunch of little ones - 6 all total.  

RAG QUILTING - someone asked me to send out the rag quilt block information again.  I'm attaching two of the pdfs we've used with the club demos.  There are others, but these two get you started with either blocks or strips - and the blocks can be any size, same for strips, too.  

Ladies, please send good thoughts and prayers out for Alice Muenier's husband who had to be airlifted to Orlando for emergency open heart surgery.  Alice says he is doing well but has a long way to go, and she is making daily trips to Orlando.  We're praying for you too Alice.  God bless you and hubby.

And I want to send a prayer of Thanksgiving around for dear Lois Rose who came in the room last Saturday all smiling, happy, and anxious to share he projects with us and stories.  Lois, we know that  you "been thru the mill" this past year but you constantly inspire us with your attitude and faith.  And you have become a sewing inspiration for sure.  Thank you for all your hard work to get well and all the time and effort you give our club to make sure our donations make it to their locations always timely.  We are so happy to see you looking very well again.  God's blessings to you and Ray.

I said it last Saturday and I'm writing it today.  I'm not endorsing a candidate or a party.  But I am endorsing The U.S. Constitution and our Rule of Law.  They give us our freedom, our safety, and choice. Without those foundations, we would not be America.  If the balance is gone, we will lose those foundations.  It is imperative that we make sure when we vote this year that we are voting for a candidate who is the strongest Constitutional candidate on the ticket. We can't vote for looks, for the best speech, etc. because they all say what they think we want to hear because they are selling themselves to get elected.  We need to investigate look at their history, what they used to say, who are their friends, what are their Tax Returns!!

And I said on Saturday that I always end every Weekly email update with God bless you and your family.  In that way, I'm hoping that each of you read that and it is as if a prayer chain of good thoughts are going around to each and everyone.  I sincerely meant that.  So this one got really long... all the info to share on Demos.  I just try to give you all the prep possible so we can "hit the ground running" on Saturday!!  As always, take care, have a good week and God bless each of you and your family, 
·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'      Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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