Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekly Update - March 26, 2016

Please see end of this email for the supply list for next week's project.

We had a great turnout for our lunch and learn this week, and lots of delicious food. 
After lunch I began the meeting by bringing the group up to date on this week's donations.  Since we have been generating so many dog beds, I thought it was time to find the Sumter and Lake county shelters, so Ray & I took a ride last Thursday.  We found both facilities and donated 17 doggie beds to each.  In the future I plan to rotate between the 3 county facilities so they all get some of our many doggie beds.

We also delivered 14 quilts and 38 pillowcases to the Ocala Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Shelter, 10 fidget quilts to Brookdale Place at Freedom Point, and 20 fidget quilts to Hawthorne Village in Ocala. 
I still have unfulfilled requests from several memory care facilities totaling 72 women's fidgets and 40 men's.  I am filling the requests in the order they were received.  I currently have 30 women's quilts, 8 men's, and 4 patriotic.  That will allow me to take care of one more facility this week.  Thanks to all of you who continue to make fidget quilts for us to provide a little peace and comfort to those suffering from the many forms of Dementia.

Show & Tell:
Pat Pipa brought in 2 fidget quilts, one a man's and 1 a woman's.

Linda Parr started with 2 Easter "quilt as you go" place mats and a quilt top showcasing her first try at adding sashing.  Great job Linda!   But the item that brought tears to a few eyes was a knit afghan that she and her Mom, Helen Foxx, made together.   She has now donated this to one of the shelters we support.

Joan Thomas made a lovely crocheted red, white and blue lap blanket.

Donna Rissman showed a fidget quilt made into a U.S. flag. Beautiful!  Then she showed us 2 of her quick, easy Easter projects.The first was an egg shell decorated with a face and flowers in it's head and the second was a cute little draw string bag with bunny ears.  She had directions for the bunny bag available for anyone who wanted to make one.

Eileen DiSanto made a lovely patriotic fidget quilt

Mary Kondrad showed 2 cross-stitch Christmas stocking she is working on.

 JoAnn Colin was very busy this week!  She finished a charity blanket, a pile of little soft toys, and her own version of a twisty-turby hair towel.  The ones you can buy are always too small for anyone with any significant amount of hair, so she made her own, enlarged pattern. Nice work JoAnn.

Nancy Cartlidge came with a fidget quilt and a table runner


Ellen Hein brought 2 filled doggy beds and a fidget quilt.

MaryAnn Berlin brought a fidget quilt


Lois Rose brought 2 fidget quilts and 2 machine embroidered lace Easter baskets.

After show & tell, Lois gave out patterns and white felt to anyone who wanted to make a little polar bear.  Those who opted not to make a bear made fidget quilts, cat hammocks, or doggie beds. Everyone had a good time.
Next week B.J. is going to show everyone how to make a chenille potholder. To do this, you will need to bring the following supplies:
Note: This is a REVISED list to what BJ gave out last Saturday.
4 - 8" squares
1 - 7" square cotton batting
1 - 7.5" square
Sharp pointed scissors or a chenille cutter
Sewing machine
Walking foot if you have one.
See you all next Saturday.


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