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Weekly Update - Septembe 12, 2015

Becky gave a great demo on making a fabric basket.
Hi Fabric Fun Ladies - especially our seasonal ladies who'll be making their journeys back to The Villages soon - be safe in your journeys and be careful of your health.  One of our club members, Audrey Philips, over did and pushed herself getting here in a move over from the coast, found that very detrimental to her health - thankfully is recovering very well and getting stronger better than ever - but she's getting ready to "move" again within The Villages, and this time around she's letting others do the heavy work!!  It's one of the things we seniors have to learn - let go - don't do it all - and we learn it in increments... don't we!!  Talking about health - September Lunch & Learn - will be September Salads!!  September 26th bring a salad to share and learn/re-learn a wonderful tablerunner pattern to make.  Last week's email had the fabric requirements needed.  And with some of our new techniques and machine feet, there are many and fun, easy ways to embellish and take these tablerunners "up a step"!!  Pat Pipa will get us all started with this easy holiday gift making idea.  

Reminder - this Saturday - Sept. 19th - No Club Meeting

Attached are a few recipes - our club comes across some of these yummy things from time to time - really we ought to do a cookbook - I know we've talked about it from time to time - sorry, I'm just not organized enough to get that done.  I have started a Recipe folder in Fabric Fun's computer file now.  In the Show & Tell for last week, you'll see pictures of Lu K's terrific Recipe Pot Holder gifts she's making for family and friends this year.  When she talked about "Mystery Quiche" one all ears perked up - who doesn't like quiche!  It is the perfect family breakfast, and for every holiday gathering our family has at least two or three quiches in the morning.  Then, we're able to eat on them all morning and early afternoon until time for the main meal.  Works like a charm usually.  Lu's recipe is one I've not seen any like before, so yeah - thanks for a new take!!  I've attached Lu's Mystery Quiche along with two other pretty good ideas for fall cooking - Cabbage Rolls and Calico Beans Casserole.  There's several other fun recipes from Lunch & Learn meetings over the years, and I'll get them "sorted out" to send along over next couple months - while it's "on the radar screen". 

Congratulations to Lois Rose who won Second Place Prize in Quilting Hub's Shop Hop Contest for visiting the most shops during the required time frame.  Talk about lady with a plan... Lois saw it, made it, did it, and all during a horrific time of adversity for her!!  My take... she really was the First Place Winner!!! 

Faux Piping Binding - this is a previous demo and attachment.  Some of us are finishing up couple projects and using this very technique that is a very easy WOW! factor maker.   There are two tutorials attached - both have very good pictures with the step-by-step descriptions, though the colors used (contrast) in the doc titled "Faux Piping Binding" are not so "Wow" to me.   I more often use the pdf document called "Faux Piped Binding" and only ever print out the first page of that document.  

Show & Tell - be sure to click on link below so you can see all the wonderful pictures that Lois takes each week.  She certainly makes sure we stop, hold our project, and smile pretty "for the birdie"!!

Micki showed some of her examples of quilt tops made from simple blocks. (It's not easy to make Micki stop talking long enough for a photo smile!!)  There are still precut blocks available for anyone willing to take our charity quilts for Chistmas challenge.  Easy project and plenty of time to finish one before Thanksgiving- see Lois for blocks and backings.

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In-the-hoop mini purse

Lois Rose - quilts, book (awesome fabric one for the charity quilts) embroidery purse.

soft book

Quilt for great-niece

Charity quilt top

Carol Riggs - scrappy squares top!! Yeah!!

Recipe potholders
Yin Yang pillow
Lu Karatzas - recipe pot holders, Yin & Yang pillow.  Cute story about squares Lu using for these potholder gifts.  As part of scrappy squares, Lu donated in some squares she cleaned out of her sewing room supplies.  Then she started making the potholder gifts - leftover fabric and scrappy squares perfect for these - Lu remembered couple squares leftover from quilt she made for love one 15 years ago for wedding - yes, she had donated the squares in for our use in the scrappy charity projects.  Lu looked back for them - thankfully, they were still on table the next week - so now Lu is able to use these perfect size quilt blocks for recipe pot holders to give to the married couple 15 years after the quilt!!

Donation pillowcases

Jane Swafford - Pillowcases - I think it was 4 more this week - perfectly made for young children to adore.    Ladies, I'd like to challenge us - check your fabric stashes, flea markets, or just use our coupons to gather up some children's fabrics to use for the pillowcases for the childrens groups we donate to.  We've ran out of the kids novelty fabrics on the shelves, so even if we just find pieces that are 9" X 42" that's the size need for the pillowcase bands. 

Sample Table runners
Pat Pipa - Shared example of tablerunner she'll demo for Lunch & Learn on Sept. 26th.  Please remember that Pat said get your two fabrics cut to size - 1/2 yard for back and outside border and 1/3 yard for front/main.

tissue box cover
in-the-hoop mini purse

 Audrey Philips - Christmas purse - embroidered beautiful and tissue box finished from the easy project a few weeks ago.

Folded Fabric Star block

Linda Parr - shared a pretty block that someone gave to her wonderful Mom, Helen Foxx who we all remember so fondly for her love of fun, life and especially sharing sewing crafting fun with us on Saturdays at SeaBreeze.  Linda asked about how the block was made.   It looks like some of the Christmas blocks made using Origami Fabric Folding Technique.  If anyone specifically knows about this particular block or pattern, please be sure to email me back.  Be happy to hear from you!

One note:  About those beautifully made and embroidered purses Lois and Audrey shared that they made with their wonderful embroidered sewing computer machines.  These are made "in the hoop" projects and they are digitized designs created, patented and sold - specifically for Lois and Audrey - Anita Goodesigns.  BUT!  Ladies, we have looked at making "flowers" in several fun, easy, various sewing ways just using our "vanilla sewing machines" or even just using some of the fusible interfacings and battings available to us today.  Use similar flower petals shapes, fabric, fusing, sew satin stitches along the edges, stack petals together, stitch up the same size zippered purse (we've made these before, too) add on (EMBELLISH) the front of the purse with your made flower and you will have pretty much the exact same project completed!!  Use novelty fabrics, use Christmas color fabrics, whatever season, etc., and you can be pretty on target for the same Anita Goodesign projects. 

Last Hint - comes from Audrey Philips - Fabric she used for her Christmas Purse came from THE DOLLAR STORE!!  Audrey suggests using the Damask Napkins sold 2 for $1 at The Dollar Store.  She shared one in package for us to see.  These napkins are 100% Polyester - so yes, they are washable.  That, ladies, is what I call "A HOOT!"

Glad I mentioned The Dollar Store - Reminder on Sept. 26 Lunch & Learn week, Audrey will be distributing the owls for our October 3rd Owl Crafting fun.  The owl bases are $1 - this is going to be sew or just plain SO much fun!! 

Last Sunday I was able to go with Joy Stanton to visit Kay Flanagan over at Citrus Rehab Nursing Home.  Kay is comfortable and her family makes sure she has daily visitors.  Her room is beautifully set up and maintained for her to keep her "up to date" on friends and family.  Kay continues to love cards - so BJ will have a card out for us to sign on Sept. 26th! - and she'll get it promptly mailed for us.  I'm going to try to make another visit over before end of month, but I'm definitely scheduled to go on Oct. 6th.  Her son Bob has a detailed schedule of visitors to cover all the days that he will be away during early October for a family wedding.  Please keep Kay in your thoughts and prayers.  Citrus is very easy to drive to, just under an hour I think easy access right across 44. 

Time to sew... God bless all,

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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